Azur Lane Tier List – Best Ships (July 2024)

Do you want to get the best Ships in the Azur lane? Well, then you have landed in the right place. Some time ago, I was also struggling with the same problem. As there are more than 250 Ships available in the Azur lane, it becomes very difficult to select the perfect Ship from this vast collection. So. I decided to create the Tier List for all the Ships available in Azur Lane to help everyone pick the perfect Ship based on their requirement and playstyle. 

In this tier list, I have categorized the Ships into 5 different tiers starting from S, A, B, C, to D, and listed them based on their performance, where the S tier has the best Ship, and the D tier has the worst Ship in the game. With the help of this tier list, you can pick your favourite Ship based on your requirements and playstyle. 

Azur Lane Tier List – Best Ships

Azur lane Tier List Image 2

You can choose the ships from this large selection that correspond to your current skill level with the help of this tier list, and if you are a new player, we advise that you start with the ships from the lower tiers and work your way up to the top. Now, if you are an experienced or pro player and have a solid understanding of the game, the selection process will be much more straightforward for you.

1. S-Tier Ships

There is a good reason why the S-Tier ships are at the top of the list. Players can easily defeat enemies by using these ships because they have high damage outputs and superior stats. Another benefit of the ships in this Tier is that you do not need to spend much time levelling them up to use them effectively. 

Azure Lane S tier Ship

Ships  Roles 
Ping Hai Retrofit Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eastern Radiance)
Seattle Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
Monarch Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
Centaur Light Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy)
Roon Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Ironblood)
Ayanami Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
Unicorn Light Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy)
U-47 Submarine, Support (Ironblood)
Essex Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
Akashi Repair Ship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Yukikaze Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
San Diego Retrofit Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
Azuma Large Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
Warspite Retrofit Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
Georgia Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union)
Ning Hai Retrofit Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eastern Radiance)
I-13 Submarine Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Yat-Sen Retrofit Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eastern Radiance)
Duke of York Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
Helena Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
Enterprise Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
Gascogne Battleship, Backline (Vichya Dominion)
Nagato Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Friedrich der Grosse Battleship, Backline (Ironblood)
Minneapolis Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)

2. A-Tier Ships

The ships included in the A-Tier are capable of competing head-to-head with those in the S-Tier. These ships are not perfect since they require more grinding than S-Tier ships to master them.

Azur lane tier list- a tier

Ships Roles
King George V Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
Swiftsure Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
Saratoga Retrofit  Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
I-168 Submarine, Support (Sakura Empire)
Illustrious Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy)
Saint Louis Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Iris Libre)
Mogami Retrofit Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
Graf Zeppelin Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Ironblood)
Kitakaze Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
Jean Bart Battleship, Backline (Vichya Dominion)
Vestal Repair Ship, Backline (Eagle Union)
Hood Battle Cruiser, Backline (Royal Navy)
Bunker Hill Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
Neptune Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
Washington Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union)
Portland Retrofit Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
Laffey Retrofit Destroyer, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
Jintsuu Retrofit Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
Montpelier Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
Eldridge Destroyer, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
Z23 Retrofit Destroyer, Vanguard (Ironblood)
Mikasa Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Bismarck Battleship, Backline (Ironblood)
U-101 Submarine, Support (Ironblood)

3. B-Tier Ships

The B-Tier ships fall into the mid-range and are regarded as average. Players must put in a significant amount of grinding time to unlock and master these ships. They are more advantageous to casual players due to this trait.

Azur lane tier list- b tier

Ships Roles
Cleveland Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
U-81 Submarine, Support (Ironblood) 
Kizuna AI Destroyer, Vanguard (Kizuna AI)
Little Bel Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
Hyuuga Retrofit Aviation Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Elegant Kizuna AI Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Kizuna AI)
Nicholas Retrofit Destroyer, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
Shouhou Light Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Queen Elizabeth  Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy)
Ibuki Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
Kaga Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Aurora  Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
Javelin  Destroyer, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
Columbia Light Cruiser, Elite (Eagle Union)
Ark Royal Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy)
Z1 Retrofit Destroyer, Vanguard (Ironblood)
Izumo Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire)
I-19  Submarine, Support (Sakura Empire)
Albacore Submarine, Support (Eagle Union)

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4. C-Tier Ships

Despite being on the weaker side, the C-Tier is more beneficial for beginners. These ships aid new players in understanding the game and are relatively simple to unlock. 

Azur lane tier list- c tier

Ships Roles
Newcastle Retrofit Light Cruiser- Vanguard (Royal Navy)
Sendai Retrofit Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
Prinz Eugen Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Ironblood)
Taihou Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Belfast Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
Shangri-La Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union)
London Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
Shoukaku Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Kagerou Retrofit Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
Akagi Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Anniversary Kizuna Ai  Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Kizuna Ai)
Fumiruiru Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Utawarerumono)
Souryuu Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Curacoa Retrofit Light Cruiser- Vanguard (Royal Navy)
Zuikaku  Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Tanikaze  Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)
Sirius Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
Curlew Retrofit Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy)
Wichita  Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union)
Hiryuu  Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Kawakaze Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire)

5. D-Tier Ships

The ships you will find in the D-Tier are below average and rank very low on the Tier list. They also have poor combat performance. Although these ships may be a sight to behold, we still do not advise amateur or professional players to use them.

Azur lane tier list- d tier

Ships Roles
Arizona Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union)
Zeppy Aircraft Carrier- Backline (Ironblood)
Amagi Battle Cruiser, Backline (Sakura Empire)
Tirpitz Battleship, Backline (Ironblood)
Chaser Light Aircraft Carrier- Backline (Royal Navy)
North Carolina Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union)
Izuzu Light Cruiser- Vanguard (Sakura Empire)

We have not listed some of the ships which are too weak to qualify in any tier, and we do not recommend any player to use them unless you want to have fun with them. 

Knowing which ships are the strongest and which are the weakest will help you progress immensely in the game. We hope that the tier list provided in the article has helped you select the correct Ship based on their performance and your play style. That’s it for this article. If you have any other questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below. You can also follow us on our Facebook Page, and Twitter handle for the latest updates about games. 

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