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Today we are gonna talk about the best external hard drive for backup in 2020. The external hard drive can be used to store your important files or backup the important data from your laptop or PC. You can use these backup files in case anything goes wrong with your primary laptop or PC. External hard drives are very easy to use just plug them in your system via USB or USB-C port and you ready to go.

Nowadays, Games and applications are becoming very large so you can use the external hard drive to store your games and applications. By storing the games, application and large files on the external hard drive you will never run out of the space for important files on your system. So, we have found the best external hard drive that you can use in 2020.

The Top 4 Best External Hard Drive for Backup in 2020:

  1. Seagate Backup Plus
  2. Buffalo MInistation Extreme NFC
  3. Samsung T5
  4. Western Digital My Passport 4TB

1. Seagate Backup Plus

Best External Hard Drive

Seagate is a well-known brand in the hard disk industry for its quality and durable products. Seagate Backup Plus is a very slim and compact harddrive. The hard drive is just 9.65 millimetres thick and just 4.8 ounces in weight.

You can relly on a Seagate hard drive for your backups. The hard drive is enclosed in a premium hard black case. You can buy Seagate backup harddrive in different storage option like 1TB and 2TB.

The hard drive comes with the hardware encryption and password protection so you can use them without any fear. You will get many use full software with the hard drive to manage your data. It also provides the automatic hourly, daily and weekly backup option. So, buy your Seagate backup plus hard drive today and secure your important data.

Buy: Seagate Backup Plus

2. Buffalo Ministation Extreme NFC

best external hard drive

Buffalo Ministation provides portable, easy to use storage for your files. Ministation Extreme NFC comes with rugged design with IPX3 water resistance and IPX5 dust resistance.

The hard drive comes with the unique pre-equipped flexible USB cable so you can use the hard drive more easily. It supports the NFC( near field communication technology) that allow the user to unlock the hard drive with the smart card without entering the password. You will get smart card pre-included in the package with the hard drive.

The hard drive comes with 256-bit AES full data encryption(FDE) to protect your data from un-authorize access. You can schedule regular data backup on the hard drive. You will get many useful data management software with the purchase of the hard drive.

Buy: Buffalo Ministation Extreme NFS

3. Samsung T5

best external hard drive

The Samsung T5 is a compact, fast and affordable external hard drive. It is just 10.5 mm thick and just 51 grams in weight. The Samsung T5 comes with the full aluminium metal body which fits comfortably in your hand.

The Samsung T5 hard drive is an up to 4.9X faster than an external hard drive with the transfer speed of 540 MB/s transfer speed. You can transfer large files, high-resolution photos and 4K videos much faster in your Samsung T5 hard drive.

The Samsung T5 does not come with any moving part and solid metal body design so it can handle the accidental drop up to 2 meters. The hard drive comes with the 256-bit AES encryption to protect your private data. The Samsung T5 comes with the 3-year warranty so you can store your files without any worry.

The Samsung T5 comes with the data management software which will help you in the data management. The hard drive comes in the different storage option like 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB.

Buy: Samsung T5

4. Western Digital My Passport

best external hard drive

Western Digital My Passport hard drive comes with the thin form factor which fits comfortably in the hand. The hard drive comes with the WD backup software and password encryption to keep your digital content safe. The hard drive comes with the 256-bit encryption to protect your files from the unauthorized access.

The hard drive comes with the WD discovery software which let you connect with popular social media and cloud storage like Facebook, google drive and dropbox. So, you easily import your photos, videos and other files to your hard drive. WD my passport hard drive comes with the three-year warranty so you can it without any worry.

Buy: WD Digital My Passport 

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