Deepwoken Crafting Recipes for Potions, Cloth, and Fiber (2023)

In this article, we will share the Deepwoken Crafting recipes for potions, Cloth, Fiber, and food. You can craft these recipes using the raw material, crafting bench, Campfire, and crafting station.

In Roblox Deepwoken, you can craft many different things such as Fiber, Potion, Cloth, various different food, and much more. All the craftable items have their different uses like potions can heal, or some of them can be thrown like grenades, food replenishes hunger and thirst, and materials let you make for complicated, unique items. So, Let’s begin,

Deepwoken Crafting Recipes for Potions, Cloth and Fiber

In Deepwoken characters have unique different abilities that get enhanced as you progress in the game. You encounter the different enemies while exploring the mysterious world, and you have to defeat them using your powers and various weapons and items. So, let’s begin,

1. Deepwoken Crafting Recipes for Cloth and Fiber

The crafting recipes for Cloth and Fiber are pretty simple as it does not require a crafting station. We have listed the recipe to craft Cloth and Fiber and a few other valuable things you can craft below,

  • Lumber Axe – 1x Iron and 1x Wood(requires crafting station)
  • Wood – 3x Sticks
  • Campfire – 3x Sticks or 1x Wood
  • Canteen – 1x Beeswax and 1x Calabash (requires crafting station)
  • Sack – 2x Cloth
  • Cloth – 3x Fiber
  • Glider – 2x Sticks and 2x Cloth(requires crafting station)
  • Fiber – 2x Bamboo Shoot or 1x Spider Egg
  • Flint – 1x Coal and 1x Rock

2. Deepwoken Crafting Recipes for Potions

Before beginning with the Potion crafting recipes, one thing we like to mention is that in Deepwoken, some potions are beneficial for you, whereas some potions can hurt you. We have listed all the available Potion crafting recipes in Deepwoken,

  • Disgusting Bane – 3x Browncap (deals damage)
  • Dulling Blight – 2x Gathered Wheat, and 1x Dentifillo (stops and holds you in place, causes vomiting which drains Hunger and Thirst)
  • Soothing Salve – 2x Browncap, and 1x Dentifillo (effect seemingly random)
  • Invigorating Elixir – 2x Gobletto (heals you)
  • Icky Bane – 3x Redd (heals you but drains Ether)
  • Soothing Potion – 1x Browncap, 1x Gobletto, and 2x Dentifillo (temporary blindness)
  • Focus-Enhancing Elixir – 3x Browncap and 2x Gathered Wheat (increases draw from Ether)
  • Soothing Tincture – 3x Dentifillo (stops and holds you in place, causes vomiting, which drains Hunger and Thirst)
  • Disgusting Blight – 1x Stick, 2x Browncap (deals damage)
  • Heartening Elixir – 1x Bluecap, 1x Calabash, 1x Spider Egg (uncertain, probably heals or boosts Blood Regeneration)
  • Steadfast Potion: 2-3x Calabash
  • Hastening Potion: 2-3x Pomars (increases speed)
  • Grueling Potion: 2-3x Plumfruits (increases physical damage)
  • Staggering Potion: 2-3x Ongo
  • Appalling Potion: 2-3x Bamboo Bundle
  • Mindbreaking Bane2-3x Urchin

3. Deepwoken Crafting Recipes for Food

When it comes to cooking a recipe in Deepwoken, some of them require a campfire, while others don’t. Eating food replenishes your hunger and thirst in Deepwoken. You can also consume base ingredients to achieve that, but making and eating proper meals feels up the meter pretty fast.

  • Mushroom Egg Soup – 2x Egg and 1x Dentifillo
  • Mushroom Bisque – Any Mushroom + Crustacean Meat
  • Mushroom Omelette – 2x Eggs and 1x Mushroom (increases weapon damage)
  • Fish Omelette – 1x Fish Meat and 2x Eggs (increases mantras)
  • Sticky Bun – 1x Sap and 3x Gathered Wheat (increases ether regen)
  • Fruit Cake – 2x different Fruits and 1x Gathered Wheat
  • Dried Seaweed – 1x Seaweed Bundle
  • Candied Fruit – 2x of any fruit and 1x Sap (increases mantra damage & ether regen)
  • Urchin Stew – 3x Urchin
  • Seafood Suprise – 1x Squid, 1x Fish Meat, and 1x Urchin
  • Fish Stew – 1x Squid, 1x Fish Meat OR 1x Seaweed, 2x Fish Meat
  • Calamari – 1x Squid and 1x Gathered Wheat
  • Glazed Fish – 1x Fishmeat and 1x Sap

Part 2:

  • Sauteed Scallops – 2x Scallops
  • Cake – 1x Egg, 3x Gathered Wheat, and 1x Sap (increases agility)
  • Chum – 2x Fishmeat
  • Fruit Salad – 3 different fruits, one of each kind
  • Noodles – 1x Egg and 2x Gathered Wheat
  • Redd Juice – 3x Redd
  • Bread – 3x Gathered Wheat (requires Campfire)
  • Cooked Fishmeat – 1x Fishmeat (requires Campfire)
  • Mushroom Soup – 1x Dentifillo and 1x any kind of Mushroom (requires Campfire)
  • Mushroom Egg Soup – 1x Dentifillo and 2x Egg (requires Campfire)
  • Omelette/Cooked Egg – 2x Eggs, but not Spider Eggs (requires Campfire)
  • Plumfruit Muffin – 1x Plumfruit, 1x Gathered Wheat (requires Campfire)

In Deepkwoken, some recipes, potions, items require crafting stations to make while some of them don’t. 

4. Deepwoken Crafting and Non-Crafting Recipes:

Crating recipes that do not require a crafting station,

Non-Crafting Station Recipes:

  • Chum – 2x Fishmeat
  • Bullets (5x) – 1x Iron
  • Sticks (3x) – 1x Wood
  • Wood – 3x Sticks
  • Fiber – 2x Bamboo Shoots OR 1x Spider Egg
  • Campfire – 3x Sticks OR 1x Wood
  • Flint – 1x Coal and 1x Rock
  • Cloth – 3x Fiber

Crating recipes that require a crafting station,

Crafting Station Recipes:

  • Fishing Rod – 2x Stick and 1x Fiber
  • Pickaxe – 2x Wood and 2x Iron
  • Canteen – 1x Beeswax and 1x Calabash
  • Sharkscale Glider (Requires Glider Schematic) – 2x Sticks and 2x Megalodaunt Hide
  • Glider (Requires Glider Schematic) – 2s Sticks, and 2x Cloth
  • Lumber Axe – 2x Wood and 2x Iron

The Deepwoken is developed by a Monad Studio. Deepwoken is one of the most popular Roblox fantasy adventure game, which revolves around a mystery, deep exploration, and lore in a fantasy world. If you die in this game, then it’s game over, and you will have to start the game from the beginning as no resurrection or revivals are available.

So, that’s all for Deepwoken crafting recipes for Cloth, Fiber, and Potions. If we have missed any recipes, then please let us know through the comment section below.  

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