How to get Premium in Albion Online?

get Premium in Albion Online
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Albion Online is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online) game loved by millions of people worldwide, and now it is also available on an iOS and Android platform.

Albion Online players are constantly looking for ways to get premium membership. So, in this guide, we look at the ways to get the free premium on Albion Online,

How to get Premium in Albion Online? 

Let’s first understand What is Premium means in Albion Online, 

What is Premium Status means in Albion Online? 

In Albion Online, premium status provides many benefits to a character which helps it progress faster in-game. You have to purchase premium status for every character as it does not apply to your whole account. If you create more than one character, you have to purchase premium status for all characters. 

Players can purchase the Premium for their character through subscription or one-time payment for at least one month, and players can purchase the Premium using USD or in-game currency, which is Gold and Silver. 

Premium Price for USD: 

30 Days premium 11.95 USD per month
90 Days Premium 10.95 USD per Month
180 Days Premium 9.95 USD per Month
360 Days Premium 8.95 USD per Month

Premium Price for in-game Currency Gold and Silver

30 Days premium 3000 gold or equivalent Sliver
90 Days Premium 7350 Gold or equivalent Sliver
180 Days Premium 13,750 Gold or equivalent Sliver
360 Days Premium 24,500 Gold or equivalent Sliver

Now, let’s look at the benefits of obtaining premium status in Albion online, 

Benefits of premium status in Albion Online:

  1. 10,000 crafting focus per day for improved crafting
  2. Increased Skill progression with 50% bonus Fame
  3. 20 Learning points every day
  4. Ability to buy personal Island or Player’s Island
  5. 50% increased Gathering yield
  6. Collect 50% sliver and loot from mobs
  7. 50% reduction in the market tax
  8. 100% farming yield and animal growth time on the Personal Island
  9. The player can claim the reward from the Adventurer’s challenge

So, there are plenty of benefits of premium status in Albion online, and one of that your character will also get 350 learning points and 35,000 crafting focus when you purchase the premium membership as a one-time bonus. Now, Let’s look at the way to get Premium in Albion Online and how you can get 30 days of Premium for free in Albion online, 

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How to get a Free 30 days Premium in Albion Online? 

When you create your first character in Albion Online, you will get 3 days of free premium after completing the tutorials. Now, in these 3 days, you have to collect Gold or Silver enough to buy a 30-day premium. That sounds pretty easy, isn’t it? Well, that is not that easy, especially for beginners and new players. So, if you also want to get a 30 days free premium in Albion online, then follow along,

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