Top 5 Beginner’s Mistakes You Should Avoid in Clash of Clans

Mistakes You Should Avoid in Clash of Clans

Are you just starting out in Clash of Clans and looking for things you should avoid as a beginner? Well, then, you have landed in the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you all about the “Top 5 Beginner’s Mistakes You Should Avoid in Clash of Clans”.

Starting as a new player in Clash of Clans can be a bit overwhelming. With all the troops, the new buildings, and all the heroes, it can be very confusing for new players to what they should do and which things they should completely avoid. But don’t you worry, as, in this article, we have sorted out the top 5 mistakes you should avoid at all costs as a beginner in Clash Of Clans.

Top 5 Beginner’s Mistakes You Should Avoid in Clash of Clans

There are many minor mistakes that many players can make during their playtime, but they are not as punishing as the mistakes that we have listed in this article that you should avoid at all costs.

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid as a Beginner:

  1. Spending Gems on Time Skips
  2. Building Your Base in the Corner
  3. Rushing Your Base
  4. Not Planning Your Base Layout
  5. Not Keeping Your Tools Busy

Now that you know about the top 5 mistakes you should avoid in the game, let us discuss each one in brief so you can understand them better.

Mistake 1: Spending Gems on Time Skips

A big mistake that every new player should avoid at the beginning of their Journey in Clash Of Clans is not to spend gems on time skips. Time skips here are referred to as the skipping of an upgrading time of buildings or the research in the laboratory. 

clash of clans spending gems on time skips

We all get that the temptation of using a new troop, like a balloon or lava hound, can be overwhelming. But we highly advise you not to do so as your first priority in the game should be to collect gems to unlock all the builders. If you are a free-to-play player, then this tip is a must for you, as the more builders you have, the faster you will progress in the game.

Mistake 2: Building Your Base in the corner

When starting the game, some players build their bass in the corner and pretend like the opponents will attack them from the middle. But keep in mind that this is a clash of clans and not boom beach; your opponents can attack your village from all directions, and so keeping your town hall at the corner without any protection is doomed to fail. So the ideal strategy is to keep the town in the center of the village and protect it with defensive buildings.

clash of clans Building Your Base in the corner (1)

The game just doesn’t allow your opponents to drop troops in the one-block radius after your buildings, but they can place their troops on the grass area that is the map’s border, so follow the general gameplay and plan your base by keeping the town hall in the middle.

Mistake 3: Rushing Your Base

If you are just starting out in Clash Of Clash, rushing through the town halls is the worst thing you can do. Not only it looks bad on the aesthetic side of the game, but your village will also be very weak in overall strength. This seems like a long process but trusts us, as this is how the game is supposed to be played. The town hall has a good correlation with your trophies. Think about the more trophies you have, the more resources you will be able to earn in attacks, and the faster you will be able to upgrade and level up your village.

So, if you have a good base, no one will dare to attack you in your trophy and town hall levels. On the other hand, as you have a maxed-out army for that particular town hall taking your opponent’s base in an attack will be a piece of cake.

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Mistake 4: Not Planning Your Base Layout

In the beginning, we all just randomly throw the buildings in whichever place we wanted, which works for the town hall’s lower levels. But, as you keep progressing in the game, having a good layout, design, and strategy for your defence should be your top priority.

clash of clans not planning your base (1)

There are mainly 2 types of village layouts players use in clash of clans, Farm Focus Villages, and Trophy Focus Villages. Each village type is designed to give you the outcome that you want in the end for your village. This is the reason why having an overall goal for your village and planning a layout is very important.

If you need little help or assistance, then you can also use town planner apps which you can download from the play store or Appstore. One of the apps that I have personally used is “Clash Base Layout with Link”. 

Mistake 5: Not Keeping Your Tools Busy

By tools, we are referring to all your assets in Clash of Clans, which can help you get bigger in the game. Primarily tools are your builders and the Research lab, and you should always keep all your builders upgrading something, even if it’s a mini bomb. The same goes for your research lab, as you always need to keep upgrading the troops and spells you can. I mean, it’s better than having your resources stolen by some random attackers.

clash of clans not keeping your tools busy

Furthermore, you can treat items like research and army potions as a tool too. We mean, if you are going to complete a challenge and get a research potion for free, why not just use one that you currently have? You can only have like 3 at max anyways.


Mistakes can be made by anyone in the game, especially in a strategic, focused game like Clash Of Clans. It is important that you as a player learn from the mistake you make and try to avoid them in the future to ensure your long time growth in the game. We hope that the information provided to you in this article helped you avoid some common mistakes that new players make. That is all for this article; if you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below.  

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