Top 10 Tips and Tricks to shop online like a Pro

Summer means barbecues, concerts, and pool parties, but let us face it, what we are all looking forward to are the summer sales. The revolutionary shift to online shopping has made the experience even better. Stores are supposed to sell out their stock in the fall, which means you have the perfect chance to get a great discount on that Alexander Wang clutch; you have had your eye on it for several months! In this article, “Top 10 Tips and Tricks to shop online like a Pro”.

Online shopping certainly has its perks: no need to queue, commute, or even take off your pajamas. However, while there is a long list of benefits, it can have some downsides. No matter how good the sales are, we have all been guilty of getting caught up and buying something completely unnecessary just because it was 80% cheaper, or a cute summer dress that didn’t fit but seemed like it would? 

Top 10 Tips and Tricks to shop online like a Pro

So to make the most of the season-end sales and avoid the buyer’s guilt, this article highlights a few tips and tricks to get the right value for your money when shopping online.

Tip 1: Good internet!

A fast, reliable, uninterrupted internet connection is a necessity when the sales hit so that your favourite or coveted items don’t get sold out while you deal with a lag! 

Good Internet

However, there is another thing you need to keep in mind. Your financial information and even passwords are at the risk of being hacked into unless you ensure that your digital device is protected from malicious software. This tip may seem simple, but only a small portion of the population sufficiently protects their computers. Use a secure connection with a dependable Internet Service Provider (ISP), and make sure your computer’s firewall is enabled. Cox internet is one of the few ISPs who have taken note of this and provides a secure connection to their customers. 

If you shop online by means of a wireless network, it must be encoded so that someone loitering outside your home cannot get your information. Avoid monetary transactions when using any public network since you cannot be sure how secure it is. 

Tip 2: Check your measurements beforehand

Nowadays, it is common knowledge that sizes differ by brand and by the batch the product is made in. This is easy to verify in the store with a quick walk into the fitting room, but when shopping online, you do not have such a choice.

Unless the store you are shopping at uses accurate measurements, pull out an old tape measure and mark your hips, bust, waist, and inseam measurements, and this guarantees that you have the precise readings of your body. 

Tip 3: View the size charts

Before adding items to your cart, look at how your new practical measurements compare to the site’s size chart to decide what you can order. It is a good idea to check the chart for sizes shared on a designer’s website before making a purchase, as the size chart used by third-party online shops is more of a universal guideline for the whole lot on their site.

Size measurement

While the online store chart indicates you should order a size 8 pair of jeans, the company may prefer a size 10. Another thing to watch out for is the model’s clothing size, and their size can sometimes give you an approximate view of ​​the length of the item you are looking at. 

Tip 4: Reviews Matter!

Reviews Matter

Reviews left by customers are exceptionally helpful sources of information because they give you an authentic view of the product you are considering. Look for notes about fits, size, and material quality to better comprehend if the item size mentioned is accurate or needs to be scaled up or down. While the dress looks perfect in the picture, it could end up being too body-hugging on the bust and uncomfortably loose at the chest or some other faux pas combination.

Tip 5: look up the material 

The texture of the material is almost as significant as the size. It is disappointing when you finally get the dress you have been staring at for the past few months, only to realize that the fabric is itchy. Because you cannot feel the fabric and often cannot tell the piece’s quality, it is ideal for acquainting yourself with the fabric’s composition. Look through your closet and find the things you like the most and any item that feels stuffy, uncomfortable, or itchy. Pay consideration to the texture of their materials and use them as a guide when shopping for clothes online. 

Tip 6: Factor in shipping time

Shipping Time

Keep in mind that the normal time for most online shipping is roughly three weeks and even longer if you shop internationally. Usually, it is something we are okay with, however, do not try to buy the dress you need for your friend’s wedding the day before the event. 

Tip 7: Check the return policies

Despite having completed all the steps above, you may still experience frustration from time to time. Please be ready and read the return policy before ordering. Things to consider are permitted returns, how long it takes to return an item, whether it can be exchanged or returned in the store, and whether there are restocking costs.

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You might think it is too much of a hassle to go through so many steps to buy clothes. However, it will guarantee that you use your money on the correct clothes. In addition, when you get your preferred clothing pieces, it will be worth it. For high-value purchases where you can save a lot by matching prices, and in situations like online shopping where price comparison is easy, the savings are achieved to make the extra effort and time spent worth it. 

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