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Super Sus Beginner's Guide with Tips and Tricks - TECHFORNERD

Super Sus Beginner’s Guide with Tips and Tricks

Have you ever heard about the game called Super Sus? You probably have, and if it sounds familiar, it’s because of the term “Sus,” which was a very popular term in the game “Among us”. The Super Sus is the Best 3D Among Us in which you must find the imposter to win the game. So in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to become a pro in “Super Sus Beginner’s Guide with Tips and Tricks”. So, Let’s Begin,

Super Sus Beginner’s Guide with Tips and Tricks

Super Sus- Who Is The Imposter is very similar to its predecessor Among us, but super Sus provides you with many exciting modes in 3D. The PIP Production designs the Super Sus, and it’s is the same company that launched Among Us a few years back. 

Super Sus- Who is the Imposter Gameplay And Mechanics 

Super Sus gameplay is straightforward, with the same goal as Among us, and you either get to be Crewmate or Imposter, chosen randomly at the beginning of each game. But super Sus is different as it offers you 3D graphics and game modes like Ranked, and the game keeps getting interesting as you keep progressing through it.

1. Knowing Your Role

Super Sus offers many additional roles apart from the classic “Crewmate” and “Imposter.” Currently, the game has around 33 roles, each with its own passives and unique skills to help you survive in the game longer. You can select a role randomly at the beginning of each game or pre-select a role from the boxes you get. 


Each role in the game has its own separate task in the game, which will reward you with extra trophies when you complete them. We will list some examples of the most famous roles picked with their tasks so you can learn better.

Engineer– This is by far the most used role, in our opinion, and for a good reason. This role allows you to vent just like imposters do, and it also gives you the ability to fix one sabotage remotely so that it can be a life saver in the games. But as we mentioned, engineers can use vents. Other players might see you as an imposter, so be careful when using it.
Engineer Super Sus

Sherif- This role is compelling as it allows you to kill the imposters without debating with the other players. So if you are a sheriff in your game and you see someone kill another player, you can just kill the imposters. However, if there is a catch, you will be kicked out of the ship if you kill an innocent crewmate, so be very careful.

Arsonist- This role is a very devilish one as you will have the power to mark everyone on the game with gasoline, and once everyone is marked, you can just light them up and watch them burn as you walk towards your victory. You will instantly win the game if you mark everyone and if you are successful at igniting them on fire.


These were some examples of the roles out of the many. You will get all the roles as you keep playing the game.

2. Learn The Maps

It’s imperative to learn the basic layout of each map in the game, as it will help you accomplish your missions faster. If you like playing imposter, you should know about security cameras and important vent locations to quickly get out of a sticky situation. If you are playing crewmates, it will help you quickly move around and do your tasks effectively. Currently, Super Sus- Who Is The Imposter features 4 maps in total:

Super Sus Map

Spaceship: This is the most straightforward map out of the four maps in the game. This map features many visual tasks such as shooting the meteorite, taking out the garbage, repairing the shield, and physical examination. The spaceship is the map where every new player starts playing the game.

Air Force Lab: The air force map gets unlocked after you play 4-6 games. This map is located in the uppermost part of the earth’s atmosphere and is the headquarters of an in-game company known as Mira. This is the smallest map in the game compared to the other maps, and it only features 14 in-game locations and less than 20 tasks.

Mars Base: As the name suggests, this map is on the mars. It is a research base set on mars and is considered a place far away from the ghosts. The unlocking mechanism of the mars base is very different as it requires you to reach 200 trophies in the ranked mode, so you will have to grind a little to unlock this map. Currently, this map features 14 different locations and around 25 tasks to complete.

Giant Airship: The giant airship so far is an enormous map in the game, and the background scene is set on being a giant airship that is Suspended in high altitudes. And because the map is so big, it is very hard for the imposters to find the crewmates if they are working alone.

At the same time, if a crewmate gets killed by an imposter, it’s very hard to find it. The Gaint Airship map also adds 3 new mechanisms like ladders, birth rooms, and mobile platforms. The map is unlocked when you reach about 550 trophies in the ranked games, so it takes some time to grind.

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3. Plan Your Moves

Like among us, this game takes your wits and deceiving skills to the next level. When a dead body is found, the debate will start on who the real imposter is, so to win, you need to be mindful when playing this game. If you are an imposter, you need to come up with escape plans and lies like “I am the Engineer” when someone sees you vent to be able to survive as long as possible. On the other hand, if you are a crewmate, you need to be mindful of other players’ moves, constantly check the security cameras, and do your tasks from the safest route possible.

plan moves

Super Sus also introduced a voice chat feature, so you can use that when convincing others on who is the real imposter or defend yourself when you are accused of being the imposter. 

That is all for this article. I hope you were able to learn everything related to starting your journey in the game Super Sus- Who is the imposter. If you have any feedback you want to give or any questions you want to ask, please feel free to use the comment section below.

Download: Super Sus (Play Store)

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