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The Ants Underground Kingdom Beginner's Guide with Tips and Tricks - TECHFORNERD

The Ants Underground Kingdom Beginner’s Guide with Tips and Tricks

Are you looking forward to building the perfect Ant’s Kingdom in the underworld? Then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to learn to become The Ant King. So, Let’s begin with the “The Ants Underground Kingdom Beginner’s Guide”,

The Ants Underground Kingdom is a strategic-based kingdom-building game launched by a Hong-Kong based company known as Seven Cities. In this game, the player has one goal: to make his Ant kingdom the strongest in the world. The player has tasks like leading the queen, building the Ant Hill, ensuring the colony’s growth, and defending against the invaders.

The Ants Underground Kingdom Beginner’s Guide 

At the beginning of The Ants: Underground kingdom, a player has to focus on many tasks like, Upgrading the Queen Ant, Building the ant hill, and Hatching new types of ants. After reaching level 8, the player can partake in multi-player activities like PVP battles, joining an alliance and fighting for it, and in-game events to get more rewards. In PVP battles, a player can raid other player’s ant hill and loot their resources, but be aware cause others can steal yours too!

Starting Your Journey in The Ants Underground Kingdom

The Ants Underground Kingdom certainly has a lot of mechanics and features, but the game provides you with a very helpful tutorial that certainly helps you learn everything with ease. Knowing all the basics is very important as it allows you to plan better strategies for the future development of the colony.

So if you are just starting in the Ant’s Underground Kingdom and want to jump-start your progression and conquer the land, we recommend you read the whole article as this guide will teach you everything about The Ants: Underground Kingdom.

1. Keeping a check on Ant Population

In the game, ants are the tool that you will use to do almost everything, from collecting resources to defending against invading enemies. The Ants are also needed to upgrade the aphid facility to produce more honeydew and upgrade your ant hill to the next level.

Keep Check on your Ants Population

The requirement for upgrading the aphid facility is to have at least a 6.5k ant population. Feeding Ground is one of the other facilities at the ant hill where you need to supply resources like water and meat for maintaining the ant population. If the supply is adequate, the ant population will grow and reach its maximum capacity. To increase the ant population in The Ants: Underground kingdom, upgrade the ants’ facility to its next level. 

2. Plan your Colony’s Layout

In The Ant: Underground kingdom, new structures get unlocked at every level, and it can be frustrating to keep everything in check. So we recommend you plan and redesign your kingdom’s layout once the majority of the map has been explored in the most effective way. To move structures, just hold and long-press the structure.

Plan Colony's Layout

In the early game, the game will ask you to dig a lot, but as your progress in levels and while you are sitting idle in the game with nothing to do. We recommend you to dig up the rest of the unexplored regions in your ant hill, as it can reward you with some treasures, free up some space and give your ant colony a tidy look.

Once you have cleared everything, we recommend rearranging the structures for maximum efficiency. For starters, we can advise you to group up related structures together so that it is easy for you to access them. We also suggest you keep worker ant’s nets close to the center so that they can easily reach every part of the ant hill.

3. Completing Tasks for Rewards

Players can earn extra resources by completing main game quests and the daily quests in the game. The daily quests are additional quests that you get every day, and we highly recommend you complete these days to get meat, water, and other in-game items.

Completing Tasks for Rewards

Daily tasks are reset every day and are very easy to accomplish once you have learned the game’s basic mechanics. On the other hand, the main tasks are certain achievement milestones that you achieve as you keep progressing through the game. 

Every opportunity that you get to gather extra resources should not go to waste. Daily tasks and main tasks reward you with additional valuable resources for completing them.

4. Joining A Strong Alliance

In the game, you will find many alliances, and obviously, you can create one yourself too. But we recommend you to join one instead of making an alliance in the early game. It is vital to find a strong alliance for the survival of your ant kingdom as the alliance members can save you from invaders and also help you in your Ant Hill’s growth.

Now you might have the question of whether you should join an existing alliance or you should make one yourself. Well, first we highly recommend you to be in an alliance as alliances always give you many rewards and tons of perks free of any cost. So it will be highly disadvantageous for a player not to join an alliance.

Joining A Strong Alliance

The Ants: Underground kingdom is a strategy-based game, and skirmishes and fights happen between alliances and players, so it is advised that join an alliance with like-minded players to survive in the harsh environment.

One of the most important perks that you get for joining an alliance is that alliance members can cut down the duration of your upgrades. So every time that you put something on upgrade or start research, an icon will pop up on other members’ screen that you want their help. If they decide to aid, the upgrade time will be significantly reduced.

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5. Preparing For Battle

The outside world can be a bit scary when you are just starting your journey in the world of The Ant. It does not matter if you do your preparations and be tactical in using your shields and the army for battle. Just be sure to double-check your troops and your strategy before engaging in combat.

Preparing for Battle

You can teleport your ant colony near your alliance territory to receive extra help and protection, as it is the duty of alliance members to protect each other. As no one is always active and able to defend themselves from invasion and so to be close to your fellow alliance members can be cooperative, and they can protect your home whenever you are not around. And it becomes your duty to help your fellow alliance members and provide support when needed.

6. Know your Ants

In the world of ants, there are two types of special ants War type ants and development-type ants. War-type ants have special attacks and passives that help them attack their enemies or in battle. On the other hand, the development ants are great at gathering resources and getting special bonuses while gathering in the outside world.

Know your Ants

There is also a grading system for ants by their colours,

  • Green Ants– Common Grade
  • Blue Ants– Rare Grade
  • Purple Ants– Epic Grade
  • Orange Ants– Legendary Grade

You can get the special grade ants(Purple Ants and Orange Ants) by advance hatching them at the special nest facility.

7. Save Up Spores

Spores are in-game items that you use to upgrade ants and raise their level and make them stronger. We recommend you save up on this special item and stack it until you get an orange-grade ant. Legendary ants are really powerful, and we recommend you upgrade them to their maximum level.

Save Up Spores

That is it for this article, and I hope you were able to learn everything that you need to start your journey in The Ants: Underground Kingdom. To read more interesting facts about Ni No Kuni and to get the best tips and tricks, check out our other articles and leave a comment down below if you have any questions. 

Download: The Ants Underground Kingdom (Play Store)

Download: The Ants Underground Kingdom (App Store)

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