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Top 5 Math Games to Improve Your Math Skills

As Einstein said, a math problem is always harder than yours. You may not be destined to become an outstanding scientist, but understanding mathematics is simply necessary. Often people think that it is useful only for students studying natural sciences or, in fact, mathematics itself. 

However, maths can be very useful whether you’re looking for a job as an accountant, trying to figure out how to save money at the supermarket, or when you need to split the bill after dinner at a cafe or restaurant. Mathematics teaches us how to work with numbers and calculate and solve problems that arise in everyday life.

How to learn mathematics quickly?

Many people either hate math or struggle with it. However, it is one of the most critical subjects in the curriculum and can still play an essential role in your life even if you are not using it at work. Although mathematics is compulsory in school, it does not improve students’ knowledge. There are many useful and easy ways to learn math. The first way is to do the exercises repeatedly or print out the worksheets to practice and improve your math skills. 

Students often deal with new material and have many questions. Teachers don’t always have the opportunity to answer everything, but that’s not a problem. They can quickly learn high school probability, algorithms, trigonometry, and even geometry using online educational resources. They can help find answers to any mathematical questions. In this way, the student will be able to solve the problem without much effort.

Top 5 Math Games to Improve Your Math Skills

If you decide to learn math independently, use online resources and apps to practice your skills. There are many educational games to accelerate the learning process. You should change your attitude towards intellectual games and understand that some of them may interest you. You won’t even notice that they will engage you and stimulate brain activity. So, below is a selection of the best math games to improve your math skills.

1. 2048

2048 is a game that caused a massive stir among users a few years ago. It is pretty beautiful and with a simple design. The rules and the gameplay itself are simple. They are easy to master in a matter of minutes. The playing field initially has only four squares but can grow to a size of 4 or 16 cells.


In the beginning, there are only numbers 4 and 2 on the field, which you must convert into more significant numbers. The maximum number is 2048, but it is not easy to reach. Cells can only be connected horizontally or vertically. Diagonal movement is prohibited. When reaching the number 512, you must think several steps ahead.

2. Prodigy Math Game

Learning through playing is the most effective way. It has been proven experimentally and confirmed by many scientists. Here you will complete quests, play with other users and receive rewards for the result.

Prodigy Math Game

Students and schoolchildren will be able to learn something new because Prodigy has more than 1,400 particular tasks for a specific level. You can get a parent account and track your child’s progress through your account, or purchase a premium account and engage your child even more with access to pets and other play areas.


3. Heatos


Your main task is eliminating all negative temperatures by stacking adjacent cells together. Remember that you cannot combine two low temperatures or get an even lower number. The temperature can be moved around the field, but the heat will be lost. Try to fight the cold with the fewest number of moves!

4. Hard Math Game

Hard Math Game is 120 levels that were created by hand. It is a complicated math app for adults or teens. It doesn’t have simple addition, multiplication, or quick calculation problems – you must brainstorm to find the answer. The issues are grouped into separate categories by topic. Each completed level gives you bonuses and the opportunity to remember something forgotten or discover something new. 

Hard Math Game

For example, there are levels based on the Fibonacci sequence. The stars you get for completing will reveal the names of mathematicians such as Fourier, Pythagoras, and others. All that is needed here is logic and the ability to think.

5. Math Games for Adults

Math Games for Adults

This game is a basic set of math exercises for all ages. If you are sure that you remember enough information from school math lessons, this is worth checking out! Or you can try to watch educational math videos before playing. In the beginning, it is suggested to choose the appropriate mode. It can be solving equations, improving mathematical memory, or solving many simple tasks simultaneously.


Mathematics is not as boring as it may seem in school. Your brain does not only works when you are studying or working, but It is always active, even when you are playing on your smartphone. Mathematics is a great way to develop your cognitive abilities while constantly keeping your mind in harmony with your body. So download a game and start creating your mathematical skills.

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