Transfer data from old smartphone to Samsung Note 10?

If you bought a new Samsung phone and you want to transfer your personal data from your old Samsung Smartphone to new Samsung Note 10 then follow our step by step guide to do it. You can use this guide to transfer your data from any Samsung Smartphone to any Samsung Smartphone (You can use this method to transfer data from any Android Smartphone or iPhone to Samsung Galaxy s20 also).

There are many methods you can use to transfer your data from any Smartphone to other Samsung Smartphone. Some methods are paid whereas some of them are free. You do not need to worry about them as we have found the best method for you and it is completely free and you can use it without a computer.

Transfer data from an old smartphone to Samsung Note 10:-

Using this method you can transfer data from an old smartphone to Samsung Note 10.

Follow the steps to transfer data:

  1. Connect Both the with the same wifi connection.
  2. If you don’t have wifi connection then do not worry connect both the with USB cable as shown in the picture.Data transfer to Samsung Note1o
  3. Download Samsung SmartSwitch app from the play store on both the device.
  4. Open the Samsung Samrtswitch on both the device.Samsung Note 10
  5. Select the old device as sender device and new device as a receiver device.
  6. Now, select the operating system of the old device from Android, ios, Blackberry.transfer data from Samsung Note 10
  7. Select the Files you want a transfer from the old device.
  8. Allow the prompt on the receiver device.
  9. Now, it will begin the transfer and it will take 15-30 minutes depending on the data on your old device.

You can use also use the pc version of SamrtSwitch to transfer data.

Transfer data to Samsung Note 10 using a SamrtSwitch Download links:

Download the SmartSwitch for Windows Pc: Samsung SmartSwitch

Download the SmartSwitch for Android, ios and Blackberry: Samsung SmartSwitch 

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