What is The Best DPI for FPS Games?

Tracking players on your game is easy, but things go off track when you start shooting and then you have to track the player and manage guns recoil altogether, and this is a common problem faced by many competitive FPS Players. 

If you have been trying hard to win matches or advance your Kill-Death or K/D ratio, did you try adjusting the DPI? 

Best DPI for FPS Games

DPIstands for Dots-Per Inch. Yes, adjusting mouse sensitivity to high or low DPI often helps players get better mouse stability and improves their shooting and playstyle. If you are wondering how to change your mouse FPS for competitive FPS games, here is what you should know!

What is DPI?

Whether you play online FPS games or third-person shooter games, your mouse is the most important tool you have for controlling all your movement inside the game. If your mouse is not in favour, you are less likely to stay on top of your game. If it is too slow, you will die soon enough, or if it’s too fast, you will experience hand strains. 

DPI is ultimately a measurement tool for determining mouse sensitivity, and you need to find your perfect mouse sensitivity to help you balance your game. 

FPS Games

In most games, there is an option to select your mouse sensitivity from low, medium and high sensitivity. If you are a complete beginner in this, we recommend you start with medium sensitivity. If you face a problem controlling your character, you must make micro-adjustments. 

Long story short, how many pixels your cursor moves for every inch on your screen will determine your mouse movement on the 

What is the Optimal DPI for FPS Games?

In most first-person shooter games, the best mouse dpi ranges from 400 to 800. It is tough to determine the exact number because it depends on the player’s personal preference. Some players can perform better with low dpi, while the rest can perform well with high dpi. After all, it all depends on the player’s playstyle, and they have to use the settings they are comfortable with.

Mouse DPI

Although most pro-fps gamers playing fps games believe that the higher the DPI setting, the more the player can freely move and shoot in the game. And this is often used as the parameter for choosing a gaming mouse, but this is not applicable in every situation, for all fps players, or every game. 

Not all FPS games are the same, and the mouse dpi setting is always game-specific. Depending on the type of the FPS Game, such as co-up games, single-player games, or multiplayer games, will need different sensitivity settings. Pro FPS gamers will indeed play all three types of games, but most will stay committed to only one genre of fps games.  

It is common knowledge that your performance in a game solely depends on how your mouse performs or how your mouse moves. Your mouse largely contributes to the most crucial aspects of your gaming performance, like shooting, moving, and aiming. And the in-game character is directly affected by your DPI setting when it comes to movement and aiming. 

FPS Games part 2

You need to keep a high DPI for better movement of your in-game character. If you have a higher DPI setting will allow you to make small mouse movements and gain wide movements in the game. Higher DPI increases mouse acceleration, which increases your movement speed and gameplay! Again, if you play for longer durations, a higher DPI will reduce the chances of hand strain. 

Again, if you wish to improve your aim, you should apply a low DPI setting. Well, having a lower dpi will reduce your mouse sensitivity, and you will have to make large mouse movements to move around in the game, but it will promote precision when aiming. Your gun’s crosshairs will move slowly, better, and incrementally, allowing you to be more precise. If it gets troublesome to aim, you should reduce the sensitivity level or dpi to low. 

It entirely depends on the type of game you play, as high DPI results in the fast movement of your character, and If you use a sniper rifle, you might want to set your mouse with low sensitivity. This is quite a subjective topic, and there is no definitive answer. 

Note: if you like to play games in TPS (Third Person Mode) mode, you might cross-check and do some trial and error to get your appropriate dpi. Tps or third-person shooter is a different mode, where the camera is placed behind your in-game character, and players will get to see their in-game character. You will need to adjust the in-game, camera, and mouse settings as third-person mode require different sensitivity than an FPS one.

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Recommended DPI for FPS Gaming

There is no definite answer for the best dpi for fps. But, most players who play an fps game tend to have a mouse sensitivity in lower dpi settings. This applies to players who are into competitive scenes, and it applies to most of the players in the competitive scene, but not to all. 

Aim Training

There are two valid reasons for this –

  • It does not let you overshoot a single target
  • It gives you accuracy and precision

You may feel uncomfortable with new settings, but practising with it more can help you advance your game!


Now that you read this article here, you know how crucial the dpi setting is for your gaming. Although it depends on the type of the game, we recommend you start with the lower dpi if you are a beginner and slowly increase it as you get comfortable with the game. The recommended dpi range is from 400 to 800. As a beginner, you should never exceed these limits, or you will hamper your game!

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