AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz Answers (April 2024)

The Poetic Pop Quiz event in AFK Arena for July 2023 is now live, and this guide is here to help you with all the correct answers you need. This event spans over eight days, during which you are required to answer five questions daily to earn valuable rewards. These rewards can be collected both on a daily basis and at the culmination of the event. To make sure you don’t miss out on any rewards, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the questions and their correct answers.

The Poetic Pop Quiz is an enjoyable event in which players can test their knowledge of various aspects of the game and earn enticing rewards.

AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz Answers

Below, you will find the list of Poetic Pop Quiz questions and their corresponding answers for the July 2023 edition in AFK Arena. Each day offers five unique questions, and typically, the event lasts for around twelve days based on past occurrences. To maximize your rewards, aim to answer as many questions correctly as possible.

Now, let’s dive into the questions and answers:

1st Day Questions and Answers:

Questions Answers
What is the name of Veithael – The Shining Sword’s Signature Item? Resplendence
Which of the following types of shells cannot be made by Olgath – The Baneblast? Molotov
What is the name of the buff effect Talismane grants to its allied heroes? Longevity Lock
What is the name of Tamrus – The Jungleroamer’s Signature Item? Untamed Hook
What is the name of Slumber Seal’s skill? Ocean Song

2nd Day Questions and Answers:

Questions Answers
What type of hero skill is enhanced by Phantasmoth? Normal attack damage
In which of the following situations is Savage Soufflé unable to receive additional beast energy? When an allied hero recovers their energy
What is the name of Edwin – The Usurper’s Signature Item? Schemer’s Vow
What is the name of Crassio – The Vagabond Blade’s Signature Item? Shamshir
What was Maetria – Duskfeather’s role among the Obsidian Finches? Chieftain

3rd Day Questions and Answers:

Question Answer
While using his skill Painwheel, Tamrus – The Jungleroamer spins an additional 1 time each time there are how many enemies around him? 1
Who killed the family of Olgath – The Baneblast? His uncle
What has Tarnos – The Atoner been safeguarding? The Barred Gate
Where is Talismane from? Exotic dimension
What does Slumber Seal hold in their hands when sleeping? Starfish

4th Day Questions and Answers:

Question Answer
What is Tamrus – The Jungleroamer’s attitude towards his foster parents? Friendly
At what time of the day did Edwin – The Usurper assassinate King Thoran? Evening
Which of the following statements is true about the effects Cataclysmic Flame and Apocalyptic Flame dealt to enemies by Maetria – Duskfeather? Apocalyptic Flome can be dispelled, but will turn into Cataclysmic Flame when being dispelled
What does Savage Soufflé feel like to the touch? A pudding
Where is the habitat of Phantasmoth? The rainforests

5th Day Questions and Answers:

Question Answer
What type of attribute buffs can Tamrus – The Jungleroamer’s Enthusiasm grant his allies? Dodge and Magic Suppression
Which country’s prince is Olgath – The Baneblast? Kingdom of Ozmanth
Who was the last partner of Crassio – The Vagabond Blade? Leah
When can Slumber Seal spawn aquatic spirits? While asleep
When Talismane is at Level 9, which enemy faction will it terrify additionally with its skill A Blessed Year? Graveborn and Hypogeans

6th Day Questions and Answers:

Question Answer
Which organization was once hostile to Tamrus – The Jungleroamer? The Thorned Vengeance
Which type of damage is reduced by Edwin – The Usurper’s Dominions? Normal attack damage
Which of these is NOT a function available at the Rickety Cart in Ranhorn? Ascend Hero
What flavor of food is disliked by Savage Soufflé? Sour
What is the name of Phantasmoth’s skill? Gossamer Wings

7th Day Questions and Answers:

Question Answer
What did Maetria – Duskfeather once disguise herself as? Historian
Which of the following heroes does not wear a cloak? Tamrus – The Jungleroamer
Which attribute can be enhanced by Crassio – The Vagabond Blade with his Signature Item Skill Mark of Vengeance (highest level) after he kills his Quarry? Crit Damage Amplification
What is the name of Talismane’s skill? A Blessed Year
With the enhanced effects of its skill Ocean Song, in what can Slumber Seal trap enemies with sea waves? A bubble

8th Day Questions and Answers:

Question Answer
While using his skill Earth Breaker, what location or target will Tamrus – The Jungleroamer attack with his feet? The area most concentrated with enemy heroes
Who resurrected Edwin – The Usurper? Quaedam – The Lord of Fear
How many Candy Clouds will be dropped each time Sovage Soufflé uses her skill at Level 12? 5
Who is Fawkes – Death’s Defeat’s accomplice? Raine – Death’s Denier
What increases for a Dimensional Hero that undergoes Soul Fusion? Ascension tier and level
Which of the following heroes is a Durri? All of them

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In conclusion, the Poetic Pop Quiz event in AFK Arena for July 2023 offers players a delightful opportunity to test their knowledge of the game and reap fantastic rewards in return. With five questions to answer each day over the span of eight days, diligent players can accumulate significant rewards.

By referring to our comprehensive list of questions and correct answers, you can navigate this event with ease and maximize your gains. So, gear up, participate in the event, and enjoy the exciting challenges while securing your well-deserved rewards. 

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