Apex Legends Mobile Caustic Guide with Tips and Tricks

Are you looking forward to mastering Caustic, the toxic trapper in apex legends mobile? Then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know to about Caustic in our “Apex Legends Mobile Caustic Guide”.

Apex Legends Mobile Caustic Guide with Tips and Tricks

Apex legends Mobile is the mobile version of the widely popular PC Game “Apex legends”, and it is developed by “Respawn Entertainment” in collaboration with “Lightspeed and Quantum studios”, which is a sub-studio of gaming giant “Tencent”. The game was globally released on May 17, and since the release, the game has seen massive growth in the player base. 

Let’s start with the Caustic’s Backstory so you can understand the Legend better.

Caustic Backstory

Caustic’s real name is Alexander Nox, and his home planet is Gaea, an isolated planet within the far boundaries of the outlands. Caustic was a bright scientist working in Humberto labs, and he used to develop new and improved pesticides to keep the crops protected, which sustained the outlands. He joined the apex games to observe and continue his NOX gas’s effects on other living organisms.

Now, Let’s look at the recommended playstyle for Caustic to get an idea of how you should play Caustic in Apex Legends mobile.

Caustic’s Playstyle

Caustic is a powerful legend with his toxic traps and ultimate, which deals direct health damage. This Legend is the best for those players who like to take fights in closed areas, like buildings or bunkers. So if you like to fight in closed-off areas like buildings where you can entirely block someone’s entrance or exit, then caustic is the Legend we recommend for you.

Caustic playstyle

Caustic is a fortified legend, which means he takes 15% less damage from all sources in the game. Combining this ability with his closed area fighting capabilities, he is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Let’s take a quick look at the Caustic’s Abilities with some helpful tips and tricks. So, you can get a better idea of how you should use his abilities to win the games,

Caustic’s Abilities

1. Passive- Nox Vision

Caustic passive

Caustic’s passive is called Nox Vision which gives caustic vision when fighting in his poison gas. This ability is useful to fight people in your ultimate or trap gas.

2. Tactical- Nox Gas Trap

Caustic tactical

Caustic can place up to 6 canisters of toxic gas that get activated when shot or triggered by enemies who walk in the proximity. The cooldown of this ability is about 20 seconds per canister, and toxic can have 3 cans at a time. The damage is increased by 1 every 2 seconds, so for example, first damage 5,5,6,6,7,7,.., etc.

3. Ultimate- Nox Gas Grenade

Caustic ult

When used, Caustic throws a grenade that explodes after coming in contact with the ground and blankets a large area in Nox Area. The cooldown of this ability is 3 minutes or 180 seconds, and the grenade lasts for 15 seconds on the ground. The Gas damage is similar to the Nox gas damage from the traps.

Now, Let’s look at some amazing Caustic gameplay tips and tricks we have found especially for you, 

Tips and Tricks for Caustic

  1. Caustic is a fortified legend, which means he takes 15% less damage from bullets and all sorts of damage in the game. So be mindful of that, as you can easily take some level of damage without being knocked.
  2. Use his traps at choke points, and we recommend you to use box traps at doors and places where you know that enemies will walk through.
  3. Use his gas as cover; you can place some traps and shoot them to get them active. The gas will provide you with decent cover to revive your teammates or for you to heal up completely.
  4. Use your Ultimate to start off the battle, this is a no-brainer, but a lot of players forget how strong their abilities can be.

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It’s time to look at the Best Loadout for Caustic so that you can be unstoppable on the battlefield,

Best Loadout For Caustic

The best guns we recommend for caustic would be a combination of a Short-range and a mid-range weapon. The best combination of guns for Caustic is R-301 Carbine and Peacekeeper. But you can use any other shotgun or a good DPS gun like Devotion based on your preference.

Now let’s talk about the overall loadout that should be best for caustic under any circumstances. We recommend you to carry fewer grenades when playing this Legend as he already has his traps and ultimate, which can be used as a replacement for throwables. You should also pick a golden backpack when available, as most of the time, you will be one reviving your teammates so that it will grant them extra health and a shield, and it can help them secure a clutch when they get up on their feet.

At Last, we have crafted some amazing tips and tricks for you. These tips and tricks will help you master the Caustic more quickly,

Caustic adavnce tips and tricks

Advanced Tips And Tricks For Caustic

  1. You can use Caustic traps to block doors from opening, which can be huge when you are trying to buy yourself some time to heal or just revive your knocked teammate.
  2. You can also pick up your trap in case you are going to make a rotation or move out of the location to somewhere else on the map.
  3. Caustic ultimate can be used as a smoke cover in open areas to revive your teammates or to buy yourself some time.
  4. Don’t be afraid to use your traps in between team fights, as they have some hitbox and can block off some damage.

That is all for this article, and I hope you were able to learn everything that you needed to know to master caustic in Apex legends Mobile. If you have any feedback you want to give or any questions you want to ask, please feel free to use the comment section below.

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