Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar Guide with Tips and Trick

Gibraltar is one of the strongest characters in Apex legend mobile, and if you are looking forward to mastering the Shielded Fortress, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will teach you everything from essential tips to advance tricks about Gibraltar in our “Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar Guide with Tips and Tricks”. So Let’s begin,

Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar Guide with Tips and Tricks

Apex legends mobile is the mobile version of the widely popular PC Game “Apex legends”, and it is developed by “Respawn Entertainment” in collaboration with “Lightspeed and Quantum studios”, which is a sub-studio of gaming giant “Tencent”. The game was globally released on May 17, and since the release, the game has seen massive growth in the player base.

Let’s start with the wraith backstory so you can understand the Legend better. Let’s start with the Gibraltar backstory so you can understand the Legend better. 

Gibraltar Backstory

Gibraltar’s real name is Makoa Gibraltar, and he comes from a planet called Solace. He is the son of 2 upper-ranking officers of SARAS (Search and Rescue Association of Solace), and he himself is a very kind person who risks his own life to get innocents out of dangerous situations in the Outlands. Gibraltar joined the apex games to keep his friends and close ones out of danger but undoubtedly became one of the strongest apex predators.

Now, Let’s look at the recommended playstyle for Gibraltar, so you can get an idea of how you should play Gibby in Apex Legends mobile.

Gibraltar Playstyle

Gibraltar, also known as Gibby, is one of the most used legends in the game. His overall kit makes him super tanky, and he is one of the few legends who can easily fight in a 1v squad situation. He is a defensive hero in the game, but trust me, he is very good at both offensive and defensive plays, and every team should have a Gibby without a doubt. So if you like being in the front lines taking damage, and carrying your entire squad on your shoulders, then Gibraltar is the Legend we recommend for you.


He is a fortified legend which means he will receive 15% less damage from all sources on the battlefield, and when paired up with his gun shield, good Gibraltar players are almost impossible to kill.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the Gibby Abilities with some tips and tricks. So, you can get a better idea of how you should use his abilities to play better,

Gibraltar Skills

Passive: Gun Shield

Gibby passive

Aiming down sight with a gun deploys an energy shield that blocks incoming fire. The energy absorbs 50 extra damage before getting broken and going on a short cooldown. If it’s broken, it takes around 9 seconds to regenerate, which is not a lot. 

Tactical: Dome Of Protection


When used, Gibraltar throws a large disc, and upon hitting a surface, it projects an energy dome that blocks all incoming damage in a 6-meter radius for 12 seconds. The dome of the shield stops all incoming and outgoing buttles and projectiles while allowing players to move through it without any problem. In the dome, all the heals and revives speed are increased by 30%.

Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment


When used, Gibraltar calls in a clustered mortar strike to the place where he threw the smoke grenade. When Gibraltar throws his ultimate, it marks an area in a radius of 25 meters. After a short period, explosive shots rain down on the area for 6 seconds dealing continuous damage. The area gets marked red just before the artillery bombardment begins.

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Now, Let’s look at some amazing gameplay tips and tricks we have found especially for you, 

Basic Tips and Tricks for Gibraltar

  1. Use a Dome of protection for cover in open areas when needed. And to revive teammates faster.
  2. Try to take fights with your gun shield active, as the 50 extra damage it absorbs can be huge.
  3. You can use your dome of protection to protect yourself from enemy Gibraltar’s ultimate.
  4. Use your Ultimate to block off enemies from rushing into your location. This can buy you enough time to heal or revive your knocked teammate.

It’s time to look at the Best Loadout for Gibby so that you can be unstoppable on the battlefield,

Best Loadout For Gibraltar

The best gun we recommend you to use with Gibby is an AR with a medium-range or close-range weapon, depending on your playstyle. For example, if you are playing for long to a medium-range, you can go with a 30-30 repeater with an R-301 or flatline, whichever suits you. But if you like taking fights in short-range, you can either go with an SMG + AR combo or an AR + Shotgun combo like Flatline + Peacekeeper.


Now let’s talk about the overall loadout and which are must for Gibby. You should carry at least 2-3 grenades, 2-3 health and the rest should be for your ammo. You should also pick a golden backpack as the extra health and shield that the golden backpack provides to your teammates when they get revived can be huge.

At Last, we have crafted some amazing tips and tricks for you. These tips and tricks will help you master the Gibraltar more quickly,

Advanced Tips and Tricks For Gibraltar

  1. When you are stuck in tight spots during a fight, and if, unfortunately, your teammates get knocked out, then you know for sure that you will get pushed. In this situation, we recommend you to throw the ultimate on yourself. I know it might sound absurd at first, but you should ult yourself and then put the dome of protection on yourself as it will catch your enemies off the guard, and if they are careless, your ultimate can even knock them out.
  2. Always go for golden Body Shield, Gibby takes less damage being fortified, but he is also easy to hit due to his larger hitbox. So pick a golden shield so that you can easily heal off the chip damage that your enemies do to you.
  3. You can throw Gibraltar’s dome on Octane’s jump pad for a pre-built dome of protection for you to engage on the battlefield. 
  4. Best team combos for Defensive and aggressive plays. For defensive play, we recommend you to play Gibraltar with Caustic and lifeline. As for aggressive play, we recommend you to play Gibraltar with Octane/Wraith and Bloodhound.

That is all for this article, and I hope you were able to learn everything that you needed to know to master Gibraltar in Apex legends Mobile. If you have any feedback you want to give or any questions you want to ask, please feel free to use the comment section below.

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