Argent Twilight Beginner’s Guide with Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for a guide for Argent Twilight which can help you understand the game better? Well, then look no further. In this article, we are going to explain everything that you need to know about the Argent Twilight with some amazing tips and tricks. 

Argent Twilight is an RPG Gacha game set in a world full of fantasies, and the game contains epic battle-based gameplay to indulge its players with the story. Argent Twilight teaches you the meaning of bonding and team building by throwing your team into challenging situations that will be very hard for any and every individual player to clear through. The game has somewhat complex mechanics, which can confuse new players since they need to learn how the game goes, but no need to worry. We are here to guide you fantastic gamers through this with our guides and tips, and tricks. So, let’s begin, 

Argent Twilight Beginner’s Guide with Tips and Tricks

The game contains seven chapters which all feature different content from one another. Not just that, the game has several sub-stories laced with every story that players wouldn’t want to miss out on. This becomes a very heavy reason why new or returning players get confused about which quest to attain first and which one to keep for later. 

In this game, you need to get characters of different elements, which you will need to fulfil various roles and make suitable strategies with them to win the battles against bosses. You are going to encounter lots of bosses in the game during the boss fight levels.

 Your job here in this 3v3 game is to build the best weaponry possible for the development of your characters which you will be using to fight against not just in the game stages but also players worldwide. To develop your skills and chances of strengthening yourself further, you will need to learn more about the opportunities that the game provides for you. And here in this guide for Argent Twilight, you will find just that.

1. Quests in Argent Twilight

Argent Twilight comes with various quests in which players can participate. Such as Daily Quests, which you can play daily. Monthly Quests, which can be played monthly, and Weekly Quests, which, as the name suggests, can be played weekly. 

argent twilight Quests

1. Daily Quests

Daily Quests is one of the essential ways of earning EXPs in Argent Twilight. You must complete all these missions in a single day for the game to offer 70 Rubies.

The daily quests in Argent Twilight refresh every day at midnight and are available for the players to play through till the next day at midnight when it refreshes again. 

2. Weekly Quests

Like daily quests, Weekly Quests refresh at midnight once a week. This means you have the entirety of seven days to complete all the quests before the game resets them after a week. 

We suggest you try to finish them daily along with the daily quests so that you don’t forget to complete them. The rewards for completing the weekly quests are EXPs, just like the Daily Quests, along with 200 Rubies and a Gold Feather.

3. Monthly Quests

The Pattern regarding how to attain rewards from this quest is all similar; what differs here is the timing provided to you by the game itself to complete the quests. Like the two other quests, the Monthly Quests refresh at midnight once a month. You get 30 days to complete the quests. The more you play, the more precious the rewards get. The rewards for completing these quests are EXPs, 1000 Rubies, and a Diamond Feather. 

2. Gear/Equipment in Argent Twilight

As we all know, every game gives you some equipment or gear to help you pass through the stages. The game Argent Twilight runs on the same mechanics. 

argent twilight Gears and Equipment

Your job here is to upgrade your weaponry and pieces of equipment to a better level or rarity to strengthen your character and win more. Just like other games, there are different elemental types of equipment that come in different star rarities. Here is a list of the gear you get by completing missions. 

  • Head Pieces 
  • Weapons
  • Armours 
  • Rings
  • Brooches 
  • Necklaces 

To equip any of these items to your selected characters, you have to tap on the option of the Equip button, which you will find in your gear inventory. 

3. Guilds System in Argent Twilight

An essential aspect of most games nowadays is their guild system. These guilds come in extremely handy when you need any assistance or items in the game. Here in the game Argent Twilight, the guilds unlock after the clearance of chapters from 2 to 6, and based on the level you are clearing, some guilds provide you with rather good buffs. If you are trying to find information about a specific guild, all you need to do is tap on any member from that guild. It will show you the necessary information, like the guild members, their participation, and books.

argent twilight Guilds

Argent Twilight lets you send your guide members to check on your chosen guild continuously, and the more members you send, the more guild coins you will be rewarded. These rewards are also known as check-in rewards, so remember to check in to your guild every day since these guild coins benefit the players. You can use Guild coins to purchase available items from the guild shop and the easiest way to earn these coins is by doing guild activities. 

When players increase their own level, the Guild buff also increases in value and gets applied to all the members of the same guild. In order to improve your level, you need to play and unlock more achievements in the game, which in return becomes a way for you to earn more EXPs.

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4. Creating Your Own Guild in Argent Twilight

Since we are on the topic of guilds, let us broaden the subject, and let me tell you how you can create your own guild and become the Guild Master. 

After you unlock the guild system, you will have two options. Either you can join an existing guild and become an ordinary member, or you can create your own guild and become the guild master. If you choose the second option, you get the freedom to choose your guild’s name and set the requirement level for your guild.

argent twilight Creating a Guild

If you are thinking of creating your own guild, then there are three things that you will need to keep in mind. There are three types of guilds, and here we have a list curated especially for your assistance. 

1. Free To Join Guilds

These guilds can easily be found in the recommendation list when you look up for guilds to join and are free to join. These guilds usually have either no or very low requirements for their members to join, which you can easily meet.

2. Hidden Guilds 

These guilds will not show in the recommendation list, and you can only join these guilds if you have an invite link or access to join them by the guild officers or the guild masters themselves. Requirements in these types of guilds depend on the guild master. 

3. Guilds That Require Approval 

These guilds are also recommended to players, just like the free-to-join guide, but there is a catch here you need permission to enter them. You can request to join but whether that request is approved or not depends solely on the guild master. But remember to fulfil the requirements given before you try to get approved in such a guild.

5. Joining a Guild in Argent Twilight 

Now that we have told you how to create a guild let us tell you how you can join an existing guild. Joining a pre-existing guild is easy. All you need to do is get to your recommendation page, click the join guild option, and join whichever guild meets your requirement. Or if you know the names of any specific guilds, then you can search them up and try to enter. 

argent twilight Join a Guild

If you are looking forward to joining a hidden guild, then keep in mind that you need to have an invitation since you cannot find such guilds in the current guilds list. Also, remember that the guild officers and guild masters can only send invitations to you. 

6. Runes and Artifacts in Argent Twilight

You can use rune materials to craft powerful artifacts, which you can gather from higher levels, or Giant Boss Dungeons. You can find 15 different types of runes in the game, and each and every character will hold a different grade of runes in their possession. And your gold should be to take the runes on the higher side of the grade chart. For that, you need to keep a collection of lower-grade runes and upgrade these runes to a higher grade. You can upgrade the lower-grade runes to a higher grade by combining them. 

Artifacts can be used by 5-star heroes or those who have been most awakened in the game. And when you see your characters are eligible to carry such artifacts, your stats will rise to the point of getting additional effects.


We hope that you liked our article on Argent Twilight Beginner’s Guide With Tips And Tricks. And hopefully, through the information provided in this article, you were able to learn everything that you need to know as a beginner in the game. 

That’s all for this article; if you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below.

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