Arknights Tier List – Best Character (June 2024)

Are you looking for the Arknight Tier List to help you select the best character? If Yes, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve listed all the characters and divided them into different tiers based on their performance in the current meta.

Arknights is an anime-style game that combines RPG and strategy elements, making an engaging gaming experience for players. It is developed and published by Yostar Limited, known for their work on “A Revived Witch” and “Azur Lane”. The game offers a wide range of diverse characters, and for beginners, it is become extremely difficult to pick the right character based on their play style. In order to help players like you we have created this tier list, so you can pick the best character based on your preference. 

Arknights Tier List – Best Character

We have divided the characters into four tiers S, A, B, and C. Where the S tier has the best characters, and the C tier has the worst characters. Before we begin with our tier list, let’s take a moment and understand the tier first,

Arknight Tier List Different Characters


S Tier: The S-tier operators are overpowered and have the ability to change the outcome of battles.

A Tier: A-tier operators have a more accessible drop rate and are decent in combat situations, so choosing between an S-tier and an A-tier can be tricky sometimes.

B Tier: The B-tier operators are good only in certain conditions, so they are best used as substitutes.

C Tier: Finally, the C-tier operators are the ones you should avoid at all costs in the game. If you have C-tier operators, you should replace them with any other character in the game.

Remember that the tier list given below is just a representation of the current meta, or how certain characters are performing in the current meta. The tier list should not dictate how you play the game. If you like certain characters, play with them, as the most important thing while playing a game is having fun.

Now, let’s take begin with the tier list for Sniper Class,

1. Snipers

Snipers are great damage-dealing troops in the game who have a longer range than any other character in the game.

arknight- tier list- snipper

Tier Character Name
S- Tier Rosa, Rosmontis,  Schwarz, Exusiai, Aechetto
A- Tier Ash, Platinum, Meteorite, Pinecone, Provence, Andreana, Blue Poison, GreyThroat, Firewatch, Flametta
B- Tier Vermeil, AcidDrop, Aosta, May, April, Sesa, Executor, Toddifons, Shirayuki
C- Tier Jessica, Meteor, Ambriel, Fartooth, Kroos, Catapult, Rangers, Adnachiel

2. Medics

Medics are an important unit in your team as they are responsible for keeping your other troops alive on the battlefield.

Tier Character Name
S- Tier Shining, Silence, Warfarin, Kal’tsit
A- Tier Nightingale, Ptilopsis, Whisperain, Ceylon, Perfumer
B- Tier Folinic, Mulberry, Myrrh, Breeze, Gavial, Tuye, Sussuroo
C- Tier Hibiscus, Lancet-2, Ansel

3. Vanguards

Vanguards are the backbone of your defense and the backline of your strategy. They are great at killing enemies on the ground and help you deploy more units faster.

Tier Character Name
S- Tier Elysium, Saga, Bagpipe, Siege, Myrtle
A- Tier Reed, Texas, Zima, Vigna, Flametail, Saileach 
B- Tier Courier, Scavenger, Chiave, Grani
C- Tier Fang, Vanilla, Fang, Yato, Plume

4. Supporters

Supporters are great at buffing your caster, snipers, and other DPS characters. There are also some characters in the support class who can debuff enemy armor.

Tier Character Name
S- Tier Magallan, Shamare, Angelina, Suzuran, Scene
A- Tier Istina, Pramanix, Skadi, Glaucus, Sora, Mayer
B- Tier Podenco, Tsukinogi, Roberta, Deepcolor
C- Tier Earthspirit, Orchid

5. Casters

arknight- tier list- caster

Casters are special troops in the game who can deal arts (magic) AOE damage, but they have a slower casting speed.

Tier Character Name
S- Tier Ceobe, Eyjafjalla, Mostima, Ifrit, Dusk, Carnellian
A- Tier Amiya, Beeswax, Leonhardt, Click, Mint, Gitano, Absinthe, Corroserum
B- Tier Greyy, Lava, Haze, Passenger, Skyfire
C- Tier Nightmare, Tomimi, 12F, Durin, Lava, Leizi, Steward

6. Defenders

Defenders are the pure tank unit of your squad, and they allow you to stall the opponents while your DPS take down the enemies.

Tier Character Name
S- Tier Eunectes, Liskarm, Nian, Blemishine, Saria, Hoshiguma, Mudrock
A- Tier Ashlock, Croissant, Nearl, Asbestos, Vulcan, Bison, Cuora
B- Tier Blitz, Gummy, Hung, Bubble, Matterhorn, Dur- Nar, Heavyrain
C- Tier Cardigan, Noir, Corne, Spot, Beagle

7. Specialists

Specialists are special characters that deal a ton of damage quickly, as they can do crit damage in the game.

Tier Character Name
S- Tier Phantom, Weedy, Aak, Gladia, Red
A- Tier Ethan, Frost, Jaye, Manticore, Robin, Mizuki, Cliffheart
B- Tier Snowsant, Waai Fu, Rope
C- Tier Shaw, Thrm- Ex

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Knowing which characters are the strongest and which ones are the weakest will greatly help you progress in the game. We hope that the tier list provided in this article has been helpful and that it will aid you in making informed decisions when choosing your characters in Arknights.

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