(New!) Best Arena 1 Deck In Clash Royale (June 2024)

Are you looking for the best deck for Arena 1 in Clash Royale? Well, then, you have landed in the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you about the best decks for Arena 1, which can help you easily climb out of Arena 1 in Clash Royale.

Decks play a huge part when deciding the outcome of a battle in Clash Royale, and so having a properly balanced deck will always give you an edge over your opponents. Having stronger cards is not always better as they need to be balanced and should complement and cover the strengths and weaknesses of other cards. 

Best Arena 1 Deck In Clash Royale

Arena 1 is called the Goblin Stadium, and the arena is unlocked at 0 trophies right after you finish your training. Keep on reading as we will break down the best decks you can make and play with to get out of the Goblin Stadium and climb up.

Cards Used To Create These Decks

Here we have listed all the cards that are used to create the decks:

  • Giant
  • Fireball
  • Musketeer
  • Spear Goblin
  • Goblin
  • Goblin Cage
  • Arrows
  • Minions
  • Archers
  • Mini Pekka

Deck 1: Giant Goblin Cage Deck

The giant goblin cage deck is a classic deck at the begging level, as this deck provides you with everything you need on both the offence and defence front. 

Clash Royale Arena 1 Giant Goblin trap


Gaint is our primary card in this deck, but it should only be used at the bridge for counter-pushing. Defend with cards like a musketeer, minions, and goblins and then just deploy the giant in front of them as they are going to cross the bride for a massive counter push.

Sometimes while using this deck, you will be negatively traded, but don’t worry, as you can get the value of your elixir back as you counter-push. This deck has another flaw, which is that this deck does not contain many splash damage units. Fireball in this deck plays as the splash damage card but remember that the timing is very crucial.

Deck 2: Giant Mini Pekka Deck

This deck is built with a primary focus on the long-range based card, and when playing with this deck, you should try to outplay your opponents by using the range advantage. 

Clash Royale Arena 1 Mini pekka giant

When playing with this deck, You should always try to quick counter pushes with mini Pekka if the opponent has already used his swarm cards. Mini Pekka, with the archers or musketeer at the back supporting him, can easily chip out half of the tower’s hp, and if you are lucky, you can also take out the entire tower if the enemy fails to deploy the right defence cards.  

You can also deploy the giant behind your king tower and try to go for a big push at the beginning of the game to catch your opponent off guard. Your tank killers in this deck are Mini Pekka, musketeer, and goblins, while minions and the archers are the supporting units.

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Role of Each Card in The Deck

Now, as you have seen our recommended decks for area 1, let’s talk about the possibilities and role of each card in this deck. 

Giant: The Giant in this deck has only one job, which is to absorb as much incoming damage as it can and protect the Ally towers and other troops. 

The giant is the main card of the deck, and for a good reason giant only targets towers and ignores every other troop. This makes the giant an excellent card to Push and counter-push with. In counter-push scenarios, you simply try to defend without losing cards, that is supposed to by killing the opponent’s mini-Pekka with goblins at the front and musketeer at the back; now you have a free musketeer; just put a giant in front of him and keep the arrow in the backup. In push, you place a giant behind your king’s tower and try to gather up elixir to defend and put support units behind the giant, such as musketeers or archers.

FireBall: Fireball is your backup; if your push does not go well or if you are in a tight spot in the defence, you can always use the fireball to deal a massive amount of damage in a moderate area. The fireball can one-shot a lot of troops in the small areas, and on top of that, the fireball also is used to push back troops which can give your long-range defensive troops room to breathe.

Musketeer: The musketeer in the mentioned decks is your ace for defence and offence; the musketeer has amazing single target damage and can be used for both defence and offensive plays. Simply place musketeer behind your archer towers and use other troops like 

Goblins and mini Pekka to distract the incoming push from the opponents, and the musketeer will easily chip out the opponent’s tanks.

Spear Goblins: Spear goblins are very cheap cards, but they offer a great deal of utility. This card only costs two elixirs and deploys 3 ranged spear goblins, which are ranged units that can damage air and ground troops. You can use spear goblins just like a musketeer or along with the musketeer to completely defend against the upcoming push and then use a giant to counter-push your opponent for some easy value for elixir plays.

Goblins: The goblins are also comparatively cheap cards when compared to other cards, but the thing is that the knife goblins are excellent tank killers and are experts at diverting enemy cards. You can use goblins and place them in the middle of your side of the arena to lure troops like mini Pekka and knights and kill them easily with your crown towers.

Goblin Cage: Goblin cage is the only building card in arena 1, and it’s a highly underrated card, you can place the goblin cage around the middle part of your arena, and it will easily draw in buildings targeting troops like giants. Use them to lure giants so that you can easily split the opponent’s push and then go for a counter push with the goblin that comes out of the cage.

Arrows: Now Arrows, without a doubt, is the best spell card in the game which can be used to deal decent damage and kill swarm cards with ease. The arrow is the best card to have if you are looking for a positive elixir trade as it can kill goblins, minions, minion hordes, skeleton army and even goblin gang. The card can be used to clear swarms and protect your tank so that it can reach and connect to the enemy’s tower.

Minions: Minions are the only flying or air troops that you can unlock in this arena, and so you should be using these cards if you have them unlocked. Ground targeting troops do not target air troops, and thus they do have the advantage when it comes to attacking and defending. But be aware as the troops like archers, spear goblins, and musketeers can easily target air units.

Archers: Archers are just like spear goblins, but they cost one extra elixir; in our opinion, it is actually worth it. The archers have higher attack speed and attack damage when compared to spear goblins. The archers can single-handedly stop cards like a prince, mini Pekka and even Pekka if placed at the right spot. You can deploy archers behind the crown towers to take down swarms of enemy cards and then use a tank in front of the archers to counter-push.

Mini Pekka: Just like Pekka, the mini Pekka hits like an absolute truck if it connects. The mini Pekka is fast on legs and can duel with almost every character in a 1v1 situation, and thus he is the tank killer in your deck. Use the mini Pekka to kill tanks like the giant and then counter-push with cards like a musketeer, archers or spear goblin for some quick tower damage, and if neglected, the mini Pekka can single-handedly take down a tower.

We hope that the information given in this article was helpful for you and that you reached your desired next arena in Clash Royale. That is all for this article; if you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below! 

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