Best Class in Guardians of Cloudia with Beginners Guide

Guardian of Cloudia is one of the most awaited mobile game of the year, finally arrived on mobile devices. The Guardians of Cloudia is an RPG game, and it consists of classes of playable characters with their unique specialities like Archer, Oracle, Rouge, Swordsman and Mage

The Guardian of the Cloudia is MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online) game, which means you can play the online game with your friends and other people worldwide. It makes the class selection more vital as you are not playing alone, you have to compete with other players. 

Guardian of Cloudia Gameplay

Guardian of Cloudia does not have a role or class switch option once you have selected the role, so you cannot switch the role between the mid-game. If you want to change the role as you have to close the game and relaunch it. So, We have created this guide for beginners, where you can find a short description for each class with their general playstyle and some tips and tricks to master that role faster.

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Classes in Guardians of Cloudia with Beginners Guide

There are currently five classes in the game. Let’s look at each class one by one,

1. Archer

Guardians of Cloudia Archer Class

Archers are the ranged champions in Guardian of Cloudia that attacks from a distance. Archer’s relies on their mighty arrows and accuracy to hit the target from a distance and can deal lots of damage in a short time.

The archers have long-range, but their DPS (Damage per second) is low compared to the Rouge. So, Archer is not the strongest class in the Guardian of the Cloudia, but their general playstyle is safer than the other classes. Archer conjures a vector of wind every 12 seconds while in the battle. Archer consumes it to enchases their skills.

2. Rouge

Guardians of Cloudia Rouge Class

The Rouge is undoubtedly the most robust class in the Guardian of Cloudia when it comes to close-quarter combat, using their swift attacks, fast movements and mighty blow that can destroy anyone who stands in their path. Rouges are experts of the stealth and unmatched shadow killer. They come from the shadows and disappears into the shadow after executing their tasks.

Rouge really on their attack speed and invisibly to attack the enemy by surprise as they are too squishy if you go all-in from the front. Rouge gets combo points for every basic attack they do, and they can perform attack combo consuming these points. Combo points stack up to 5 times.

3. Oracle

Guardians of Cloudia Oracle Class

Every Class on Guardian of Cloudian revolves around dealing damage except the Oracle, as they are more focused on healing their allies than dealing damage. Oracle ensures the safety of companions and heals them during the battle using their spells. Oracle also summons mighty angles to deal with enemies.

Oracle has lots of healing in their spells, but their damage is negligible, so protect them during the battle as they can heal all companions. Oracle gets holy energy from the normal attacks, and they consume these holy energies to enhance the healing effect of their next spell.

4. Mage

Guardians of Cloudia Mage Class

Mage class is very similar to Rouge. As you can say, Mages are magical counterparts of the Rouge as they also deal lots of damage in a short amount of time. But, unlike Rouge, they don’t have mobility, making them a favourite target to the strong enemies.

The Mage is one of the most powerful classes for dealing the damage, but they are very squishy and don’t have mobility, so you have to play them very carefully.

5. Swords Man

Guardians of Cloudia Swordsman Class

Swordman is one of the strongest class in Guardian of Cloudia as they can withstand the massive damage without dropping a sweat. But, the resilient comes with the cost as they don’t deal as much damage as Mage, Rogue and Archer. Swordman receives the Rage from doing attack and taking the damage. When the Rage is maxed out, it activates the wrath mode in which swordman deals more damage from their basic attacks and takes reduced damage.

If you are a new player, then Sword Man is the highly recommended class with you should start as you will learn most about the game playing as the swordsman.

Now, Let’s look at the Best Class in the Guardian of the Cloudia based on the details we have discussed. So, Let’s begin, 

Best Class in Guardians of Cloudia with Tier List

Rouge > Oracle > Swordsman > Mage > Archer

  1. Rouge: Rouges is the Best Damage Dealer in Guardian of Claudia, and their high movement speed helps them to escape faster.
  2. Oracle: Oracles can heal an insane amount of damage. They increase the suitability of the team.
  3. Swords Man: Swordsman can withstand lots of damage without dropping sweat and deals massive damage when their furry gets charged up. 
  4. Mage: Mage can deal lots of magic damage, but they lack mobility, making them a favourite target for a strong enemy. 
  5. Archer: Archers can lot of damage from a safe distance. 

Note: This best class only represents the strongest class in terms of their impact on the game. Each class have their strength and weakness, so every class is equally essential in Guardians of Cloudia.

That’s all for this article. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this article, then feel free to use the comment section below.

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In regards to the Archer class: In most games the Archer strikes from a distance. In CoG, however, they have them in the mob’s face alongside Swordsman & Rogues making them squishier than they should be.