Best YouTube Money Calculator to Calculate Your Earnings

The number of YouTube users is increasing daily, and many people are earning a lot from the platform. YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms, so there is a huge opportunity to earn big from it. Many people are now using YouTube to earn income, so there are many YouTube calculators online that one can utilize for estimating his potential earnings from the platform.

A calculator for YouTube will let you know the amount of revenue he can generate from his YouTube channel and YouTube videos. The calculators work differently and will aid you while running your YouTube channel. It is a great and convenient tool to calculate your estimated earnings. Wondering which is the best YouTube money calculator for you? Read on to find out!

Best YouTube Money Calculator

We’ve listed the best YouTube money calculators to calculate how much potential revenue you can make from your YouTube channel. Use the YouTube money calculator; you can easily know your total estimated earnings and succeed greatly on the platform. They are;

1. YouTube Money Calculator by Views4You

How Much Do Youtubers Make

This is the best YouTube money calculator for you to use in calculating your earnings. It’s a free YouTube money calculator that is simple to use and great for YouTube creators.

With this YouTube income calculator, a YouTube creator can know the amount of money he will earn from his channel. YouTube pays creators according to their niche, follower count, and other factors.

This free calculator for YouTube will calculate your YouTube earnings according to your number of YouTube video views, channel memberships, followers, etc.

You just have to paste in your channel URL to start calculating. This best calculator for YouTube will measure factors such as video view count, watch time, etc. They will let you know your earnings from ad campaigns, advertising revenue, video views, and overlay ads.

When you have more subscribers, use the right ad formats, and join the YouTube Partner Program, you can enable monetization and start making more money, thereby building a successful channel.

2. YouTube Money Calculator by Upwork

This is a YouTube calculator that has existed for a long while. It is an online tool that will calculate your earnings according to your subscribers, video views, running ads, click-through rate, etc.

Many individuals, influencers, brands, and website owners use this YouTube revenue calculator to know their overall estimated earnings from the platform.

You will get not only estimates but also the exact earnings of your channel. Also, they will provide some important insights and analytics to help you grow a powerful channel.

Channel owners can start calculating the yearly earnings of their YouTube channels with just a few clicks. You will be shown the daily earnings, monthly earnings, yearly earnings, engagement rate your videos receive, etc.

Setting realistic expectations and uploading high-quality content will greatly increase your YouTube earnings.

3. Omni Calculator

This is a calculator for YouTube that will help you calculate the potential earnings of your YouTube account. It will tell one how much he can make from his YouTube channel.

They will channel import YouTube users and calculate the revenue. You can start checking your CPM range estimate and even the daily views of your channel with just your YouTube username.

This online calculator will compute the total earnings you made as an influencer. It is a great tool for calculating your YouTube revenue to know how you’re progressing.

Over a billion people use YouTube, so the potential to make more and more money there is high. You will see your total earnings from ads, brand partnerships, and selling merchandise.

You will earn passive income from the YouTube platform by utilizing Super Chat and Stickers, brand partnerships, and influencer marketing.

4. The Leap

This is a YouTube ad revenue calculator. It’s also great for calculating a YouTube creator’s earnings. With it, users can know their earnings and be informed about their channel’s analytics.

Calculating one’s estimated daily earnings is fast and easy with this quality online calculator. By filling in the total views, videos, and subscriber count or even typing your handle name, you will start seeing your YouTube monetization earnings from the platform.

When you enable YouTube monetization and have a Google AdSense account to earn money through ad revenue, this YouTube revenue calculator will help you calculate your earnings.

Advertisers pay YouTube for running ads on users’ video content, so the potential of you earning a lot from the platform through ad revenue is high.

5. Promo

This is a quality calculator for YouTube that you can utilize for calculating your earnings from the YouTube social media platform. They also provide services for other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

You can maximize your earnings by keeping viewer retention and joining the YouTube Partner Program. This online calculator is among the top YouTube calculators now.

You can access your daily and weekly earnings in a tab. Additionally, one can utilize its slider to specify his total daily views and a minimum and maximum CPM range.

You’ll also be shown your channel’s estimated annual earnings. With this quality YouTube calculator, you can easily calculate your YouTube earnings, even from ad revenue.


Which is the best YouTube money calculator?

Views4You online calculator is the best calculator for YouTube online now. It’s easy to use and very convenient for creators. This quality online calculator lets YouTube creators easily find out how much they will make from their channels.

How do I calculate my earnings with a YouTube calculator?

To know your earnings based on a specific YouTube video, you’ll have to find out your earning per 1,000 impressions/RPM. The money calculator multiples the RPM by the view count before dividing the answer by 1,000.

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