Boost Your Call of Duty Warzone Win Rate: Essential Tips for Match Success

Call of Duty launched their version of the battle royale after the peak of PUBG’s popularity and finalized Warzone to the second version, adding more dynamics to the project and many variations of weapons, so that players would focus on combat and shooting, rather than searching for weapons and other equipment.

All game matches are taken into account to form your rating, in order to select rival players of your level. To progress, you need to win matches, finishing top 1, or get as close to this result as possible.You can increase your rank by following the following tips, or seek help from Call of Duty services like Skycoach.

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Key tips for playing Warzone matches for Call of Duty to increase your win rate

Let’s dive into some key tips for playing Warzone matches in Call of Duty, aimed at boosting your win rate and enhancing your performance from the very start.

Land wisely


You must immediately determine your playing style and the tasks that you set for yourself for various matches.

If you want action and training your AIM, then immediately fly to the large loot area and fight with all the players who arrive for the starting massacre. You will either survive this chaos and continue your way to the top with full equipment, or you will train and die and go look for a new match without wasting much time, transferring the Call of Duty boost to the next map.

If you want to play carefully, then land as close to the edge of the map as possible, at points where there are a minimum of buildings – rarely anyone lands in such areas, and you will have the opportunity to look for equipment without opponents. The disadvantage of such a landing is your distance from the main theater of battle, and if the zone begins to narrow in an unfavorable direction, then you may simply not have time to wedge into it before losing the bulk of your health.

The best option, which will be the golden mean between safety and comfort, is to land in the center of the map, with a slight distance and select a point from two or three buildings. Firstly, you will find stock weapons and various accessories there, and secondly, the chance of large groups landing there is minimal, and you will see the presence of single opponents by the parachutes that will descend with you.

As a result, you will get good starting loot, the opportunity to score a couple of kills if opponents land around you, and you will have an excellent position to advance to the place of the first narrowing of the map to start matches, and you will also be away from the main slaughter for resources at large landing points. Stable CoD boosting is received by thoughtful players, not adventurers and overly cautious gamers.

Don’t spend a long time searching for loot


Many players make the same mistake. Having come across several options for weapons, they begin to compare, consider and choose them, spending a lot of time on this and putting their safety at risk.

To get rid of this problem, you just need to learn to understand loot, distinguish it by color and quickly take only what is really useful in battle. Grab all types of assault rifles and their ammo – these are the most stable weapons for all situations and firing ranges.

Take grenades – they will help knock out enemies, or ensure a safe escape.

Collect medicines and armor modules – in the midst of a battle, or after it, you may need to restore health or armor, for this purpose various means are used, such as first aid kits, or armor modules that replace armor plates and restore the margin of safety in battle.

Look for accessories for weapons – sights, silencers and other useful things that will help you in battle and secure the firing point, as well as increase the shooting range and the detection radius of enemies.

After finding your primary assault rifle, which is usually highlighted in orange, you should ignore all weapons except the sniper rifle, which can still be a good secondary weapon for long-range firefights and when enemies are spotted.

Use grenades

Many players constantly ignore the mechanics of using grenades, although they are excellent tools for knocking opponents out of cover, or providing yourself with safe time to retreat from a position, or as a means of camouflage.

The mechanism of use is simple – by throwing grenades at enemies, you put them in a dilemma. They either take the fight and explode, or get wounded, or run out and run into your bullets.

To quickly leave an unfavorable territory, you can either throw a smoke bomb, which will hide your movement, or throw grenades towards enemies – it is advisable not to lean out from behind cover, but throw a grenade over them and move away from the position.

In addition to grenades, you can also use mines, which go off if an enemy comes within their range of action. They can be installed in buildings where you are holding defenses to warn you about the enemy’s approach if he is acting covertly, or to help with holding one of the directions, which will allow you to eliminate at least one enemy, if you place it correctly so that the activation beam is not obvious and slightly hidden deep into the building.

Use transport

Of course, you need to act covertly and use a cover system, but sometimes it’s easier to use existing transport to quickly get to the desired point, land and take up defense. This works in the event of a sharp narrowing of the playing area, or activation of shelling, or the release of poisonous gas.

The main thing is to be careful and get to the landing point either at high speed, or do not drive in a straight line, in order to complicate a direct hit on you by snipers and attack aircraft, who will easily react to the noise of traffic in Call of Duty.

Don’t get into someone else’s fight

If you see a protracted battle between opponents, do not rush to intervene – take advantageous positions and attack the character who survived, otherwise, on adrenaline, players may suddenly turn to your shooting and kill you, which will have a bad effect on boosting in MW3.

Another crucial aspect of improving your performance in Call of Duty Warzone is to avoid getting involved in someone else’s fight. When you spot a prolonged skirmish between other players, it’s essential not to hastily rush into the fray. Instead, seize this opportunity to gain a tactical advantage by positioning yourself strategically. Observing the battle from a distance allows you to assess the situation and plan your approach more effectively.

Often, in the heat of combat, players become hyper-focused on their immediate threats, making them less aware of their surroundings. This heightened adrenaline can cause them to suddenly redirect their attention towards you if you insert yourself into the fight prematurely. Such an impulsive move can lead to your swift elimination, negatively impacting your progress and ranking in Call of Duty Warzone.


In conclusion, mastering the art of Call of Duty Warzone involves a combination of strategy, skill, and discipline. By following the key tips mentioned above, such as making wise landing choices, efficiently looting, utilizing grenades, using transport strategically, and avoiding unnecessary confrontations, you can significantly increase your chances of success in the game.

Remember that success in Warzone often depends on a balance between cautious decision-making and seizing opportunities when they arise. By honing your gameplay in these areas, you’ll not only enhance your performance but also enjoy a more rewarding gaming experience. Whether you’re aiming for the top of the leaderboard or simply looking to boost your in-game ranking, these tips will help you on your journey to becoming a formidable force in Call of Duty Warzone. So, go out there, adapt, and conquer the battlefield!

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