Coin Master Raid Madness: Big Raids and Stack Spins, Coins and XP

Raid Madness is one of the most popular events in the Coin Master. Just like Viking Quest and Attack Madness, Raid Madness is an excellent opportunity to win the amount of Free Spins, Coins, and XP. In Raid Madness, you have to raid villages of other people to win big rewards. The rewards are low at the beginning of the event, but they increase as the event progress. 

In Raid Madness, you will require a small number of raids initially, and you need more raids as the event progresses, but the rewards get bigger and bigger, so it will be worth it. The Raid Madness is very similar to the Attack Madness, but you have to do Raids instead of Attacks in this event. We have some tips and tricks you can use to win big in the Raid Madness event. So, Let’s begin,

Coin Master Raid Madness Tips and Tricks to Win Big

In Raid Madness, you will require raids to win big in the event. So, if you have Spins and Coins in your account and you know the event is coming, then save them for the event to win big. So, Let’s begin with the tips and tricks,

1. Play Cool at the start and save the coins

When you don’t have the Raid at the begging of the event, spin the wheel 50 times and bet the minimum, and if you don’t get a raid in 50 spins, then wait for some time and spin again while betting the minimum. When you hit the Raid, change your bet to maximum and spin the wheels 50 times until you get the Raid. Once you hit the Raid while betting maximum, change your bet to the minimum again and start spinning.

Coin Master Free Spins

In short, you have to spin for 50 times with minimum bet until you get the Raid and again 50 times with maximum bet. When you get the Raid, you have to change your bet.

2. Count number spins and Attacks

In Coin Master, there are generally three attacks between each raid. Now, as you know that there might be three attacks between each raid, start spinning the wheel with a minimum when you have a raid. After you get the 3 attacks, maximize your bet as now you have far more chances of getting the raid at large spins. By using this trick, you can get more raids without losing many spins.

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3. Collect your daily Free Spins

The most important thing you need in the Raid Madness is the Spins. So, don’t forget to collect your daily free spins and coins to be prepared for any big events.

4. Find Patterns to win big

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Just like an Attack madness, the pattern keeps changing in the Raid Madness. Sometimes, you will be rewarded with the two consecutive Raids, and sometimes you will raid after the 5-7 attacks. So, try to find the pattern in the rewards you get and manage your spins and bets accordingly. If you can predict a pattern, you can win a massive reward during the event.

5. Use your Pet Foxy in the event

When you are playing Raid Madness, don’t forget to use your pet Foxy in the Raids. Foxy is very useful when you are going for big attacks and Raids, so always use it to your advantage to grow your Coins and rewards stacks.

That’s it. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this post, then feel free to use the comment section below.

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