How To Evolve Heroes in Battle Night Cyberpunk RPG?

As you progress in the Battle Night Cyberpunk RPG, power levels, hero strengths, and rarity levels play a very important role in determining your success in the game. The power levels that each team can possess have a strong influence on the outcome of the match in the game. So, if you want to progress in the game, then you need to Evolve Heroes in the game. If you don’t know how to do it, then don’t worry, as in this article, we will tell you everything you need about “How to Evolve Heroes in Battle Night Cyberpunk RPG?”. So, Let’s begin, 

How To Evolve Heroes in Battle Night Cyberpunk RPG?

Despite being a role-playing game, Battle Night: Cyberpunk has a unique training system and a variety of intriguing units to choose from and use in combat. The power and rarity of these units vary, with legendary units being the strongest in the game. The evolution process is required to obtain these legendary units because you cannot obtain legendary heroes through ordinary means. But before we start with the process of how you can evolve your heroes, let’s take a look at the resources that you might need.

Resources To Get an Orange Card

Remember that obtaining these materials could take up to a month, assuming you spend between 2 to 6 hours a week and 30 minutes daily playing the game. The second method of getting these resources requires you to spend the cash because you’ll have to purchase the monthly mega deal offerings, as those are the only worthwhile ones. A VIP pass is no longer worth as much as it previously did, so we do not suggest buying it.

How to evolve Heroes By Buying Diamonds

We recommend investing in diamonds in the following areas, in order of importance:

Purchasing blue heroes from the primary store, but only if you require that hero to evolve into another hero on your journey to an orange hero. On the story map, purchase Fast Search tokens (you can probably stop buying these around levels 85-90). Purchase Perfect/Senior Hire bottlecaps from the story map and Hyper Space dealers (heart icon). Compared to purchasing summons straight from B’s Club, this is the most fantastic place to get them and offers 28% savings. Purchase bottle caps for Perfect or Senior Hire at the primary store. B’s Club is offering a 20% discount on them. And out of all of the listed things, investing a diamond in anything else will be detrimental to your goal of getting an orange card.

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Evolving Heroes To Orange

The game’s strongest units, known as legendary units, are denoted by their golden borders. The epic units with purple borders are the highest rarity a player can obtain in Battle Night’s Gacha system. The evolution of an existing epic unit is the only way to get legendary units.

How to Evolve Heroes to Legendary

Players must fuse two or more unique units of the same rarity and any additional fodder units of the same rarity to evolve an existing epic unit. This whole process can be very expensive.

It is not required to use a unit’s exact replica as the fusion material when upgrading it. Certain characters call for a distinct character without counting the additional 3–5 units required for fusion. A unit’s base stats will rise after evolving in direct proportion to the quality of the unit.

In order to maximize their collective power, players should aim for an epic-quality squad, if not better. However, compared to lower-rarity troops, legendary units are far more challenging to maintain. Nevertheless, the price is definitely worth it.


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