How to find and use Stasis Pod Glyph in Remnant 2?

In the world of Remnant 2, adventurers often stumble upon mysterious items, and one such enigmatic discovery is the Stasis Pod Glyph. If you’re curious about its significance and how to make the most of it, this article provides the answers you seek. Keep reading to learn more.

How to find Stasis Pod Glyph in Remnant 2?

Zombies in Remnant 2

The Void Vessel Facility stands as one of the optional dungeons in N’Erud, teeming with hordes of Zombies that emerge from ancient pods. Their origins remain shrouded in mystery, and the events that transformed them into violent creatures are lost to time. Nevertheless, they guard valuable loot.

As you explore the Void Vessel Facility, you’ll eventually encounter a control console positioned next to one of the pods. Upon inspecting the console, you’ll come across the cryptic Stasis Pod Glyph. However, obtaining this glyph comes at a cost—a formidable zombie and its horde of allies will emerge, testing your skills and determination.

Once you’ve triumphed over these relentless adversaries, the Stasis Pod Glyph becomes your prize.

How to use the Stasis Pod Glyph in Remnant 2?

The Stasis Pod Glyph serves as a key to a particular door, located at the outset of the level. This door appears unremarkable, fashioned from plain steel, but it distinguishes itself with a red light cross pattern that extends from a recessed circle at its center.

To utilize the Stasis Pod Glyph, interact with this distinctive door. Doing so grants you access to a brand-new chamber, along with a set of unique armor. Inside one of the pods, you’ll find the Space Worker Armor Set, allowing you to resemble the very zombies you’ve recently dispatched. Regrettably, they will still perceive you as a threat, but now you’ll blend seamlessly into the sci-fi ambiance of your surroundings.

In the perilous world of Remnant 2, uncovering the Stasis Pod Glyph is not just a discovery but an adventure in itself. As we’ve seen, this mysterious emblem holds the promise of great rewards, but it demands courage and skill to obtain.

The Void Vessel Facility, with its lurking hordes of Zombies and hidden secrets, serves as a testament to the immersive storytelling and challenges that Remnant 2 offers to its players. The Stasis Pod Glyph is but one example of the many intriguing elements that make this game a thrilling experience.

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