Fix The Ghost Bug In Kill Or Capture Mission in COD MW2?

The release of Modern Warfare 2 on the Steam client was not without its challenges. Players, including ourselves, encountered download problems and connection timeouts upon launch. Fortunately, these issues were quickly resolved within an hour. 

However, the initial mission of the game, which revolves around extracting a target, has become a hotspot for numerous bugs. Players have reported experiencing problems such as the Stay with Your Squad Objective bug, instances where Ghost becomes stuck near the helicopter crash site, and frequent game crashes. If you find yourself facing a bug where Ghost is immobile, here is a recommended course of action to address the issue.

Fix The Ghost Bug In Kill Or Capture Mission in COD MW2?

The Kill or Capture mission takes place at night, with the character trapped inside a helicopter. After successfully eliminating a large group of enemies, Ghost encounters difficulty while trying to exit the helicopter. It is essential for the game’s progression that Ghost manages to leave the helicopter.

When Ghost becomes stuck near the helicopter in the Kill or Capture mission, progressing further becomes impossible. As the leader of the party, Ghost’s movement is crucial for the mission to proceed. If you encounter this issue, the initial step is to restart the mission from the last checkpoint. If that proves ineffective, restarting the entire mission may be necessary. This approach has proven successful for many players. However, if the problem persists, there are alternative steps to consider.

Some players have discovered that staying close to Ghost can help avoid most of the game’s bugs. Particularly at the mission’s beginning, most bugs revolve around Ghost’s immobility, which halts the entire mission. By maintaining close proximity to Ghost whenever possible, players have managed to circumvent the bug.

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The solutions provided in this article address the currently available options for resolving the issue. We will update the post with any official fixes from the developers or more effective workarounds. In the meantime, be sure to explore other guides and tips on gameplay for additional assistance.

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