Welcome to the exciting world of Pet Story, where feline mysteries await! In this comprehensive guide, we will embark on a quest to uncover the 10 elusive cat locations hidden throughout the game map.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, our detailed walkthrough will help you find these elusive feline friends. Join us as we explore each location step by step, ensuring you complete your cat collection. So, let’s dive right into the adventure and discover all the hidden cat locations in Pet Story!

1. Inside the Truck 

Our quest begins in the confined space of a truck with a tight 20-second window. As you enter, meticulously examine the truck’s interior to reveal the first hidden cat location. This straightforward start sets the tone for an exciting adventure ahead.

2. Granny’s House Christmas Tree 

Venturing to Granny’s house, look for a Christmas tree where another hidden cat awaits, nestled beside it. This festive feline adds a touch of holiday cheer to your collection.

3. In the Sewage Area 

Pet Story’s map holds surprises in unexpected places. While exploring, make a stop at the sewage area to discover the third cat location, proving that cats can find comfort in even the most peculiar locations.

4. Supermarket Shelf 

During your ride in Granny’s car, opt for the supermarket over Granny’s house. At the supermarket, proceed to shelf number six, where yet another cat location can be found. It’s a unique twist on your shopping experience.

5. Underneath Santa 

The journey continues with a surprising encounter beneath Santa Claus himself. Keep your senses sharp as you add this festive feline to your growing collection.

6. Behind the Bin 

Should you choose to chase the pigeon in the game, your next destination is behind one of the bins. Stay vigilant, seize this opportunity, and add another cat to your tally.

7. At the Park 

For those who prefer a leisurely stroll to the park, another cat location awaits. Keep an eye out for a cat positioned beside a bin as you enjoy a peaceful moment in the great outdoors.

8. Between Two Buildings 

As you navigate Pet Story, you’ll face a choice between entering through the main entrance or a vent. Opt for the hidden path between two buildings, where a cleverly concealed cat awaits your discovery.

9. In the Room with Food 

Following your earlier choice, you’ll enter a room where a cat is savoring a meal. This rare find adds a unique dimension to your cat collection journey.

10. On the Zoo Statue 

Our final destination takes us to the zoo, where not just one but several cats hide. Look for one perched on the statue at the heart of the zoo map. This last discovery completes your cat collection in Pet Story.


Congratulations, intrepid explorers! You’ve successfully tracked down all 10 hidden cat locations in Pet Story. This guide was crafted to ensure that adventurers of all levels can embark on this exciting quest. Share it with fellow Pet Story enthusiasts and help them complete their own cat collections. 

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