Battlefield 2042: How To Get All 5 Ribbons Faster (Best Tips)

In Battlefield 2042, earning experience points (Exp) quickly is essential for unlocking weapons faster. One of the most efficient methods to gain Exp is by obtaining all 5 Ribbons. Each Ribbon consists of 3 tiers, providing significant additional Exp. Within this comprehensive guide, you will discover a range of top strategies that will help you swiftly acquire all Ribbons in Battlefield 2042, ensuring your progression and success in the game.

What do ribbons do in Battlefield 2042?

In Battlefield 2042, Ribbons are awards given to players for accomplishing specific tasks during a match. These tasks often revolve around teamwork, objective-based gameplay, or achieving particular types of kills.

Ribbons serve to encourage players to adopt a playstyle that benefits their team and rewards them accordingly. Each Ribbon provides a small score boost, and players can earn multiple Ribbons within a single match.

There are various types of Ribbons in Battlefield 2042, Wingman Ribbon, Logistics Ribbon, Intel Ribbon, Objective Ribbon, and Combat RibbonAmong these Ribbons, the first three can be acquired relatively easily, while the remaining two may require a bit more time and effort. To help you achieve this, here are the top strategies for swiftly acquiring all Ribbons in Battlefield 2042.

Fast Ways to Earn All 5 Ribbons in Battlefield 2042

Now, let’s look at the ways to get all 5 ribbons faster in Battlefield 2042,

1. Wingman Ribbon 

Wingman Ribbon 1

To quickly earn the Wingman Ribbon in Battlefield 2042, focus on providing assists to your teammates. Utilize the Prox Sensor (grenade) as it reveals enemy locations, assisting your teammates in combat. Another effective method is to engage in fights, dealing damage to enemies without eliminating them, allowing your team to secure the kills. Additionally, reviving any downed teammates also contributes towards completing the Wingman Ribbon.

2. Logistics Ribbon

Logistics Ribbon 1

To quickly earn the Logistics Ribbon in Battlefield 2042, there are three effective methods to consider. The fastest approach is to focus on repairing vehicles on the battlefield. Additionally, playing as Falck and utilizing her Syrette Pistol enables you to safely heal your teammates from a distance. Another way to progress the Logistics Ribbon is by resupplying your teammates with ammo.

3. Intel Ribbon

Intel Ribbon 1

To quickly earn the Intel Ribbon in Battlefield 2042, your objective is to provide enemy intelligence to your team. The fastest method is to utilize a helicopter and leverage its sensor array to spot enemies from an aerial perspective. Another effective approach is to employ Casper’s Recon Drone, which allows easy detection of enemies within an 80-meter range. Alternatively, you can disrupt enemy tanks or helicopters by using EMP grenades.

4. Combat Ribbon

Combat Ribbon 1

To quickly earn the Combat Ribbon in Battlefield 2042, there are two primary methods: eliminating enemy soldiers or destroying their vehicles. The simplest approach is to utilize a helicopter and engage in relentless firepower against your adversaries. Alternatively, if you possess exceptional gun skills, embark on a killing spree to swiftly accumulate kills.

5. Objective Ribbon 

Objective Ribbon 1

Acquiring the Objective Ribbon in Battlefield 2042 requires dedicated focus and strategic gameplay. Prioritize completing objectives, such as capturing flags, and actively participate in holding and defending them. By committing to these tasks, you will greatly increase your chances of earning the Objective Ribbon.

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Best Tip to Conclude all Ribbon Tier:

A useful tip is to check the remaining progression for each tier of your Ribbons in the pause menu. This will allow you to prioritize which ribbon to focus on before the match concludes. Completing all three tiers of a ribbon rewards a total of 2000 XP, distributed as follows:

  • Ribbon Tier I: 1000 XP
  • Ribbon Tier II: 500 XP
  • Ribbon Tier III: 500 XP

By planning your ribbon progression strategically, you can maximize your XP gains in Battlefield 2042.


In summary, following the strategies outlined in this guide will allow you to quickly earn all 5 ribbons in Battlefield 2042. By focusing on specific actions such as assists, vehicle repair, enemy intel, combat, and objective completion, you can efficiently progress through each ribbon. Collecting all three tiers of a ribbon grants a total of 2000 XP, distributed among the tiers. So, implement these tactics and excel in Battlefield 2042!

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