How to Get Free Cards in Coin Master?

Are you searching for free cards in Coin Master? Look no further, as this guide has you covered. In Coin Master, cards, along with villages, serve as collectibles. You can access your card collection at any time through the menu, featuring sets of cards with various themes like pets, sweets, Halloween, and more. But the burning question is, how can you acquire these cards without spending a dime? That’s precisely what we’ll explore in this guide.

How to Get Free Cards in Coin Master?

Raiding your opponents isn’t the sole way to amass the resources needed for advancement in Coin Master. One of the most efficient methods to climb the ranks swiftly is by completing sets of Coin Master free cards. Each time you finish a card set, you receive a substantial reward bonus, propelling your progress. Below, we’ll delve into some of the top approaches to obtain the cards necessary to complete your sets.

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7 Ways to Obtain Cards in Coin Master

There are several ways to acquire Coin Master free cards, and we’ve compiled them into an easily accessible list. Naturally, we’ll keep an eye out for any new methods to obtain extra cards, so be sure to bookmark this page for the latest updates.

1. Trade Duplicate Cards for Chests:

Trade Duplicate Cards for Chests

Sometimes, you can spend entire days searching for that elusive last card in your set, only to end up with a surplus of useless duplicates. Did you know that you can make these duplicates work to your advantage? Coin Master permits players to trade in 75 of their cards in exchange for a Card Chest. While 75 cards may seem like a hefty fee, dedicated card collectors often accumulate numerous unused cards that take up space in their inventory. Although this method relies somewhat on luck and can be costly, it provides an extra opportunity to obtain the card you require.

2. Community Card Exchange:

Community Card Exchange

With the assistance of Moon Active, you can safely exchange unwanted cards for the ones you need within the Coin Master community on Facebook. We highly recommend starting here to target the specific cards you require for your collection. This is the most direct method of obtaining the desired cards, as the Coin Master Facebook community is extensive, increasing the likelihood of finding someone willing to part with their duplicates to aid fellow players.

3. Utilize Card Booms:

Utilize Card Booms

Another effortless way to acquire new cards is to take advantage of a running Card Boom and purchase chests using your hard-earned money. Card Booms are limited-time events during which you receive 50% more cards from each chest you open. If a Card Boom event is on the horizon, consider saving your Card Chests for that period to maximize your chances of obtaining the cards you need.

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4. Purchase Card Chests:

Purchase Card Chests

If you have some spare cash to spare, consider investing it in Card Chests to complete your card sets. Once you’ve finished enhancing your village and can’t make any further upgrades, buying a few card chests with your saved funds becomes a viable option. If you’re seeking additional cards, this method provides an excellent means to acquire them. To get the best value for your money, it’s advisable to wait for a Card Boom.

5. Collect Daily Rewards:

Collect Daily Rewards

You can also obtain Coin Master free cards daily through Moon Active’s daily links. Consistently collecting these rewards will rapidly fill your collection. Additionally, the official Coin Master Facebook page frequently offers official bonuses and rewards, so make sure to follow them to stay informed about the bonuses they have in store for you.

6. Spend Excess Cash on Card Chests:

Spend Excess Cash on Card Chests

When you’ve completed all village upgrades and have surplus cash, consider investing it in a card chest or two. This is an effective way to acquire a few extra cards, and the chests are generally reasonably priced.

7. Trading with Friends:

Trading with Friends

Exchange duplicate cards with friends who don’t need them, and in return, your friends can send you the cards you require.


In conclusion, with these methods at your disposal, you can significantly enhance your chances of completing your Coin Master card sets without breaking the bank. So, go ahead and build your card collection and master the Coin Master game!

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