How to get Free Pet Food in Coin Master?

If you are looking for free pet food in coin master, you are just landed in heaven. Today, I will share some tips and tricks that you can use to get free pet food in coin master.

Many people underestimate the coin master’s pets, but they are essential, and so their food. If you cannot get proper food for your pet, they will not survive, and if your pet starves, it is not good for you. In Coin, Master pets require food to survive, and the player has to manage food for them.

I have seen many people searching for “How to get free pet food in coin master,” So I have decided to help you with this. Here we are with some tips and tricks that you can use to get free pet food in coin master.

How to Get Free Pet Food in Coin Master

Coin Master Pets

Getting Free pet food in Coin Master is not that difficult, but it is a time-consuming process. You can get lots of free pet food in coin master by applying our tips and tricks.

Pet food is necessary for pets in coin master, without pet food, your pet will not survive, and you will lose your chances of being a champion in the coin master.

The best ways to get Free Pet Food in Coin Master:

1. Use a Slot machine

The slot machine offers existing rewards. The Slot machine is the easiest way to get pet food in coin master, spin the slot machine multiple times, and you can win many amazing rewards like coins, cards, and pet food. So if you need pet food, then go to the slot machine and spin the machine as many times as you want. 

2. Login daily for Free Reward

If you play coin master daily, then you can get fantastic rewards from the daily login reward. It is possible that someday you log in to the game and see your pet food bucket is full.

3. Use Coin Master Free Reward 

Many genuine websites on the internet offer coin master free rewards daily. The website provides coin master free spin and coins links, free rare and golden cards, Viking quest tips and tricks, and many more. 

4. By In-game purchase

Yes, we have known that we promised to show you ways to get free pet food in coin master. But we thought it is quite unfair if we do not share all the ways to get free pet food. So here it is. 

You can purchase pet food from the in-game shop. But it will cost you real money.

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That’s all. Now, as you have learned how to earn free pet food in coin master, let’s move on to the types of pets in coin master and their uses. 

Types of Pets in Coin Master


Coin Master pets are very cute adorable, but they are beneficial in the game as it comes with powerful abilities. The pets play a significant role in your success in Coin Master. There are three pets in Coin Master lets look at them one by one,

 1. Foxy

Foxy is the first pet that you will get when you start playing the coin master game. When you activate the foxy, it multiplies and increases the bonus you will earn from the raid. Foxy is the best pet for raiding, so we recommend you always activate foxy pets before raiding. 

2. Tiger

Tiger is a similar pet like foxy. It will also give similar advantages to foxy. Tiger pet helps you to attack the opponent’s village. If you select a tiger as your pet before raiding, you will earn extra coins during the attack. 

3. Rhino

Unlike Foxy and tiger, Rahino is used for defence. Rhino act as a saviour during the attack. It saves you from significant damage during the attack. So it is recommended you activate the rhino pet to secure your hard-earned coins. 

What is Pet Food in Coin Master?

Coin Master Pet Food is like real food and snacks for your virtual in-game pets. Pet food gives your pets the energy to perform particular tasks. Like real-life pets, coin master pets also require the energy to perform specific tasks. 

If your pet is hungry, they will not help you during the raid or attack or will not defend your village during the attack. So, if you want to become a coin master champion, then feed your pets regularly. 

When to Feed your pets in Coin Master?

In Coin Master, your pet will consume their energy as they perform different tasks like attack or defend. Every function your pet perform will cost some amount of energy. So we recommend feeding your pet after every task they perform.

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Vuthy Lay

can all pets activate and all active at same time?


You can feed them all at once, but only the one that you select will be able to do its task, because you have to “select” the pet, by “selecting” you’re using that one and not the rest.


Foxy and tiger