How To Get More Gold Coins in The Spike Volleyball Story?

Are you just starting in The Spike Volleyball Story and always seem to be out of coins? Well, then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about “How To Get More Gold Coins in The Spike Volleyball Story?”. So, Let’s begin,

How to Get More Gold Coins in The Spike Volleyball Story?

The Spike Volleyball Story is a fantastic volleyball game made by high school students in Korea, and then it was published by the South Korean Based Company DAERISOFT. The game is exciting and fun, even for non-volleyball fans. 

The Spike Volleyball Story features a simplistic design, retro-style graphics, and easy controls, which is why it is loved by a huge number of players worldwide. Currently, the game has over 5+ million downloads on the google play store, with an average rating of 4.5. The game closely resembles with the very famous volleyball anime series Haikyuu!! So if you are an anime fan, then we highly recommend you to check this game out.

Now, Let’s look at How you can earn more Gold coins in The Spike Volleyball Story,

How to Earn Gold Coins in The Spike Volleyball Story?

There are multiple ways to earn Gold Coins in The Spike Volleyball Story, like completing training, clearing the levels in the story mode, participating in the tournament, purchasing the gold, and many more. So, Let’s begin,

1. Training

Doing training can be beneficial to you in many ways. First, it can teach you about different aspects of the game, like spiking and diving. Now there more benefit of the training, which is earning coins. Yes, you heard us right, as in the game, you can earn more coins by doing training. 

the spike training

Before starting the training, you need to keep a few things in mind to check that beginner’s mode, and auto movement is turned off in the settings. To turn these settings off, just click on settings on the top right corner, and from there, go to play and turn these settings off.

Now the best training that we recommend for you is Blocking training as it is the easiest one to complete so that you can earn a lot of coins by completing it. Now you can choose any training you want to practice that is totally up to you.

2. Story Mode

In the spike volleyball story, it is necessary to complete the story mode in order to progress in the game. The story mode rewards you based on how many stars you can earn on that level. When you earn 3 stars, you have the chance to get huge amounts of coins and even volleyballs.

the spike story mode

Now the average gold you will get for clearing a level in story mode is 5000, which is huge. So, we highly recommend you to clear the story mode first. To play the story mode, simply click on the Match preparation button on your screen and then choose the story mode. We recommend you grind for 3 stars in every story battle as it will also give you more volleyballs.

3. Tournaments

Tournaments are what come after you complete the story mode in the game, and they give you a ton of gold if you win. But remember that the tournaments are very hard to win, so do not get discouraged if you ever lose one or two. To play the tournament, simply click on the Match preparation button on your screen and then choose the tournament.

4. Purchase Gold

the spike coins purchase

You can also purchase a large quantity of gold with volleyballs. But, we don’t recommend it as spending volleyballs on coins is not a good deal. What we suggest instead is to spend it on recruiting more players. Now you can buy the coins in certain situations, like when you finally get your favourite player and you want to upgrade it to his max stat.

5. By Waiting

Yes, you read it right. You will get some random amount of gold every 3-4 seconds by just waiting on the home screen. On your home screen, you can see your main player smashing the ball towards the floor, and you will get a small amount of gold every time the ball hits the floor. It is not an ideal method to get gold, but it can be useful in some situations, like when you are upgrading your favourite player and you are short of some 100 to 200 gold. Then instead of buying this gold, you can just wait on the home screen for 1- 2 minutes to get that gold. 

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Now, Let’s look at “How you use your coins in The Spike Volleyball Story”,

How to use Gold Coins in The Spike Volleyball Story?

Gold Coins are very important in The Spike Volleyball Story as they allow you to upgrade the stats of your existing team members. In the Spike Volleyball Story, you can choose any 3 players in your whole team as active players or players on the field, and we recommend you to choose the best in your arsenal and upgrade their stats to the maximum to win more tournaments and battles. 

the spike how spend coins player upgrade

The 3 different roles on the field are setter, spiker, and middle blocker. Now, each role has its own perks and quirks, so they benefit from different stats. Let’s have a look at each role in brief, and then we will tell you the stat that you should upgrade for them.

1. Spiker

The spiker in the game has the task of forcing the ball into the opponent’s court and try to score the points for his team. This role is one of the most important roles in the game, and when levelling up a stats of a spiker, you should always level up speed and attack.

2. Middle Blocker/Libro

This is the position that is responsible for the defence and receiving the ball when the opponent players spike it. Well, when upgrading the skills of this role, you should always go for defence and speed as it will help you defend better.

3. Setter

The setter is responsible for setting the ball or passing it to the spiker in the right way so that they can spike it. When updating the stats of the setter, you should update the speed and attack.

To upgrade or level up your players’ stats, just click on manage players, then click on the player you want to upgrade, and then simply click on the “+” to add skill points.

That is all for this article. I hope that you were able to learn everything about recruiting a new player in The Spike Volleyball Story. If you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below! 

Download: The Spike Volleyball Story (Play Store)

Download: The Spike Volleyball Story (App Store)

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