Guns of Glory Beast Guide: Everything you need to know

The Guns of Glory is a widely popular MMORPG game as millions of people play it around worldwide every day. In Guns of Glory, you have to finish quests and fight in a multiplayer battle to progress in the game. The player’s ultimate goal in Guns of Glory should be to create an unstoppable kingdom and become the raising king.

In Guns of Glory, you will need lots of resources to create a great kingdom. There are many ways to gather resources in Guns of Glory, like completing the quest, fighting in multiplayer battles, redeeming the gift codes, and defeating the Beasts. You can earn great rewards by defeating the beasts in Guns of Glory, but I have seen many players struggle in beast fights. So, in this guide, we will look at the “Guns of Glory Beast Guide with everything you need to know“. So, Let’s begin,

Guns of Glory Beast Guide: Everything you need to know

Some time ago, a strange disease broke out in a kingdom. There are rumours throughout the kingdom that the deads come back to life, and some citizens have even seen beats marching towards a city. So, it is the right time to defeat them, save your kingdom, and collect some valuable resources. 

Guns of Glory

How to attack Beasts in Guns of Glory? 

  1. Open the Kingdom map and tap on the Beats. 
  2. Now, Select your Army Formation and Tap on the “March” button. 
  3. Tap on the Hunt button at the bottom of the screen to locate the Beast around the castles. 
  4. You can select a specific level and type of Beast using the hunt function.

Note: You need to meet a certain condition to defeat the higher-level beats. So, always check the condition before marching towards the Beast. For instance, the battle power required to defeat the Beast is not enough, and if you still attack them, you might have to face defeat. 

Every Beast you defeat in Guns of Glory will cost you stamina. The rewards you will get from defeating the Beast are depended on their level. The higher the beast level, the higher the rewards will be. In Guns of Glory, the beast level ranges from 1 to 30. But, in the beginning, you can only fight with the level 1 beast, and once you defeat the level 1 beast, you can fight with the level 2 beast and so on. You can find your battle performance report against the Beast from the in-game mail. After defeating the Beast, always check the battle performance report to analyze your performance and improve it in future battles. 

Tips and Tricks to defeat the Beasts in Guns of Glory

  1. Always look for the lower-level Beast in the beginning, as you can easily defeat them. 
  2. The higher the beast level, the higher the rewards will be, but there is no point in fighting the battle you cannot win, so always select your battle carefully.
  3. Every beast fight will cost you stamina power, so always check your remaining stamina before going for the next battle. 
  4. You will get a Battle performance report after every fight, so don’t forget to analyze it before your next fight so you can make changes in your army formation before the battle begins. 

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That’s it for this guide. If you have any questions for feedback, then feel free to use the comment section below, and also, don’t forget to share your favourite beast1 hunting strategy in Guns of Glory. 

Download: Guns of Glory

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