How To get more Stars, Hearts and Coins in BTS Island In The SOEM?

Are you just starting out in the BTS Island In The SEOM and seem to be always running out of coins and hearts? Well, then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about “How to get more Stars, Hearts and Coins in BTS Island in The SEOM?”. So, Let’s begin, 

How To get more Stars, Hearts and Coins in BTS Island in the SOEM?

BTS Island In The SEOM is a game about the famous K-pop group BTS getting trapped on an island after their boat crash. The game was developed and published by HYBE IM Co., Ltd. With the game’s adorable character design and astonishing story, the game is likely to rise in popularity in the upcoming days. The game was released on 28th June 2022, and in just 3 days, the game already has got over 1 million-plus download on the play store.

Hearts in BTS Island In The SEOM

Hearts are like time currency in the game, which gets spent as you keep playing the game. The hearts can be earned by various means, but as they get spent over time, we recommend you to solve your puzzles as soon as possible. 


You can purchase hearts in exchange for coins, so it is very important to earn coins in the game. To purchase a heart, just click on the heart option on top of your screen and then there should be an option of getting a heart with coins. 

How To Earn More Coins in BTS Island In The SEOM?

In BTS Island In The SEOM, Coins are used to buy hearts, which will allow you to play longer in the game. You can earn coins by playing the puzzles and clearing levels.

get more coins

You will earn 30 coins at each level, or you can buy them from the shop using diamonds. To buy coins using diamonds, just go to the shop and then on the second tab, you should see an option of gems and coins there, and you can buy the coins with diamonds. 

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How to Earn More Stars in BTS Island In The SEOM?

Stars are needed if you want to progress faster in the game. Stars are spent when you help the BTS members do tasks on the island and help them build structures. Stars are the limiting factor in the game BTS island as they will limit your progress in the game, and sometimes you might have to clear multiple levels of the puzzle game to collect enough stars to complete one task.

get more coins


You can only earn Stars by clearing levels in the puzzle game, and the game keeps getting harder as you keep progressing in the game. The way to clear a certain level will be shown at the beginning of each game, and you will be given specific blocks you need to break to clear that level. Now you can speed up your progress using different power-ups the game provides.

BTS Rocket- BTS Rocket is a Power-up that is created when you connect 4 blocks together. The rocket can clear all the blocks in a straight line, horizontal or vertical, depending on the blocks’ connection.

BTS Bomb- BTS Bomb can blow up 4 blocks in every direction from the origin, and it’s good to clear large chunks of blocks at once. BTS Bomb is created when you connect 6 blocks at once.

BTS Top- The BTS Top will only break 2 blocks at once, but its after effect is very good as it will destroy one block which you need to clear the level. So the top is very good for you to clear tight situations.

Energy Axe– Energy axe is an extra power-up which you get when you level up the heart level of BTS members. The axe can destroy any block of your choice, so it’s a very powerful tool if used properly.

BTS Whale- The whale is the best power-up in the game as when doing puzzles, and when you swipe a block, it will clear all the blocks off the board of the same colour. So, for example, if you swap it with a strawberry, it will blow up all the strawberries on the board.

To play the puzzle game, all you need to do is click on the play button, which should be on the right side bottom of your screen. 

That is all for this article. I hope that you were able to learn everything about earning more coins, hearts and stars in the game BTS Island In The SEOM. If you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below! 

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