How AI is Already Implemented in Society?

When thinking about Artificial Intelligence, one may already start looking into a distant future, where the level of technology has far surpassed that of the modern day and age. After all, creating a sentient piece of tech, capable of making logical deductions and conclusions on its own would only be Sci-fi material in the past.

Well, the future may have arrived earlier than expected. While the ceiling for the AI has not even been scratched yet, we have already seen some major advancements in the field, with some pieces of tech even available to everyone online. Alongside these commonly available, less complex software, we also have more advanced AI technology.

These are often used in various different fields and industries, including the ones people may not expect, or even associate with Artificial Intelligence at all, like sports, finance and even art. Below, we will go over the common, widely available uses for the AI tech, as well as other niche areas and industries mentioned above.

AI in Finance

Statistically, around 40-50% of banks all around the world are using AI tech, harnessing their strengths to maximize their efficiency and security. The technologies incredible analytical abilities can automate tasks, as well as make more accurate predictions about rising market trends.

While we are on the topic of groundbreaking technology, it would be a shame not to mention cryptocurrencies, and how artificial intelligence may help break them to new heights. Because the above-mentioned superior analytical abilities and market trade predictions, AI may be perfect for the fluctuating prices for various different coins. All of this is in addition to an incredible fraud detection systems, making the blockchain even more secure.

While it may sound intimidating to get started with two complex pieces of tech at the same time, there exist countless tools available online that help with bitcoin, as well as all the other currencies. Receiving correct information about recent innovations is extremely important in our constantly evolving, digitalized world.

Chat GPT and Similar Softwares

Ai is here

At this point, everyone has heard of chat GPT. It is software, designed to act as an assistant to the user, using a wide range of information on various topics to seek answers or solutions for any possible questions or tasks. The question could be about anything – research for a college paper, general information, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to get started, get better at a certain skill, or activities such as planning holidays, sports and etc.

What separates this from a simple Google search is Chat GPT’s ability to use many different sources, as well as some limited individual thinking when providing an answer. All of the information needed is delivered concisely in a single format, as opposed to having to scour various different articles or papers on the web alternatively.

In addition to this, it can help with more complex tasks, such as solving advanced math equations, as well as even writing code. However, it is important to re-iterate that chat GPT does not possess the necessary tools to have all of its work be individual and unique. It is similar to a search engine, capable of showing you solutions, through using already existing data and information, with some individual thinking sprinkled in.

Other pieces of software available on the web include image-generating AI, turning Strings, or words into art, to the best of its ability. Its ability is quite impressive too, causing some controversy within the artist community to put an end to the software, for making creating decently high-level images so simple.

Also, there exists Character.Ai, an app which combines the previous two mentioned above, while having its unique selling being the ability to copy the personalities of various different individuals, as well as fictional characters, to provide the user the ability to communicate through a chat box.

AI in Sports

This is the easily the most surprising field Artificial Intelligence appears in. While there are some robotic tech, utilized in various physical sports across the world, a much more interesting discussion is the chess AI, who have completely dwarfed even the greatest players in the history of the sport.

Making their debut against humanity in 1996, the Deep Blue software was defeated by one of the greatest players in the history of the game, Garry Kasparov. At the time, Garry utilized the materialistic and non-risky nature of the Bot to gain an advantage and ultimately win, but in the following year, with adaptations and improvements, Deep Blue managed to win, and the AI have not looked back since.

Currently the highest rated AI in the world is at 3620 FIDE, completely dwarfing the highest rating a human ever held, more specifically Magnus Carlsen at 2882. Stockish is the name of the Bot, and it has completely revolutionized the game of chess, introducing new theoretical lines, and offering an air tight analysis on the highest level games, pointing out inaccuracies and helping players improve.

While all the Ai advancements are quite scary for some, others are far more optimistic. Staying in the realm of chess, Garry Kasparov stated that the key to not falling behind and improving is to follow and learn alongside these incredible pieces of technology.

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