How Fast Can You Click? Check Now With CPS Test

In today’s fast-paced world, having a good command over your clicking speed can help boost productivity for tasks like gaming, projects, or time-bound activities. 

However, manually testing your mouse clicking speed can lead to inaccurate results and hinder your overall user experience. Thus, you can take help from CPS Test Or Click Speed Test games available on the internet that can trace your clicking speed and provide tips to improve the results. 

Check How Fast You Can Click With CPS Test Game is one popular website that allows you to calculate your clicking speed based on a fun time-based test. The results are accurate and can be used to improve the speed even further to improve productivity. 

The game can be played as much as you want to set new high scores to beat or challenge your friends. Based on mouse clicking speed, the scores will be calculated based on the following steps. 

  • Users need to start the game by clicking on the area mentioning Click Here to Start Play. 
  • Once started, you need to click as fast as you can under a given time limit. The score will be based on the number of clicks you registered in a given time frame. 
  • The final score for the player will be displayed on the screen once the time ends. Users can share their results with friends and challenge them with a click speed test challenge. 

The formula for calculating the CPS or Clicking per second is as follows. Number of Clicks made by the User / Total Time taken. 

For instance, if the user makes 20 clicks within 4 seconds, then the click speed would be 20/4 = 5 CPS (Clicks per Second). 

How To Get Faster At Clicking? 

Below we have discussed some of the popular methods using which you can improve your mouse-clicking speed for improved experience and productivity. 

1. Use a Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice are capable of delivering superior clicking performance compared to a traditional mouse or even a trackpad. They are specifically crafted to offer a more convenient grip and can reach higher clicking speeds or high CPS rate leading to faster responses to cater to your needs.  

Thus, it is ideal to switch to a gaming mouse for faster clicking speeds. However, it is also crucial to mention that the added performance won’t be cheap as they are expensive compared to normal mice. 

2. Try Different Clicking Methods 

Clicking methods refers to the techniques adopted by the user related to hand movements that help click using the mouse. Using different techniques can lead to varied speeds. Some prominent clicking methods that can help you boost your clicking speeds or responses are listed as follows. 

1. Jitter Clicking  

Jitter Clicking is one of the most traditional methods to boost your clicking speeds by adjusting your movements. It requires you to shrink your arms and hand muscles to generate faster clicks to boost clicks per second rate using the vibrations produced during the process. 

Users must require tedious practice and control and coordination with their movements to gain CPS and improve the overall user experience. Using such a technique, you can achieve a clicking speed of around 10 clicks per second on average, which is sufficient for most users. 

Cons: Jitter clicking can lead to a strain on your arm muscles which can hinder your experience. Furthermore, the technique is much more complex compared to other clicking methods, which makes it less favourable to some users. 

2. Butterfly Clicking

As the name suggests, this type of clicking requires users to focus on two fingers, similar to butterfly wings. The index and middle finger are the ones that will maximize your efficiency using such a method.

You must utilize both fingers and switch between them whenever required to save time and boost clicking speed.  It is ideal for gaming titles where quick responses can be the difference between winning and losing. As for novice users, around 5 clicks per second would be seen initially. However, with regular practice, you can reach 15 to 25 CPS to gain an advantage over other users in Minecraft PvP battles. 

Cons: The concept of alternative clicking can confuse some users and lead to slower clicking speeds. Furthermore, there is a chance that users get engaged in the habit to perform double clicking even where a single click is required. 

3. Drag Clicking 

True to its name, the technique requires you to drag your finger across the mouse buttons to deliver multiple clicks. This technique is fast compared to butterfly clicking. However, it needs a special kind of mouse like the Glorious Model O or the Razer Naga Trinity to perform. 

Drag clicking can also be productive as it can help you attain up to 100 clicks per second using regular practice and good command over your finger movements. 

Cons:  Drag Clicking technique can reduce the lifespan of your mouse as it puts a lot of strain while performing the drag movements. This clicking technique also violates the guidelines of some games and is therefore prohibited for specific titles.  

3. Practice Regularly

To improve clicking speed using any mouse, it is vital to practice regularly to familiarize your body with rapid movements. Trying to improve your clicking speed by practising every day can help sharpen your hand-eye coordination, which will prove helpful in many tasks, such as gaming.  

4. Warm Up and Stretch

To prevent any strain on your hand in your journey to achieve higher CPS, it is crucial to warm up and stretch before any intense clicking session. Users can try flexing their wrists, stretching their fingers to avoid any injuries and to boost productivity. 

Factors That Affect Your Clicking Speed?

Factors That Affect Your Clicking Speed

If you have found the right-clicking method for yourself and are still unable to improve your clicking speed, you must consider the below-stated factors as they play a crucial role in ascertaining your CPS. 

1. Hand & Seating Posture

Improper hand or seating posture can affect your efficiency and can contribute to slower mouse click speeds or CPS. It is crucial to maintain a comfortable hand position and ideal sitting posture to improve productivity while performing click-intensive tasks for long durations. 

We would suggest you adopt a posture while raising your forearms and putting your wrists freely to allow smoother movements for clicking. It is also vital to state that users should avoid putting their hands on the table while clicking to boost their clicking speeds. However, in the initial stages of practice, you can experience some strain on your wrists. As for the sitting posture, try to sit straight on a chair while performing clicking methods to improve your hand-eye coordination and mouse-clicking speed. 

2. Don’t Use Laptop Trackpad

One of the most common mistakes made by most users to improve their clicking is the use of laptop trackpads. While it is possible to boost CPS Rate using a trackpad, it is not as effective as using a gaming mouse. 

Investing in a gaming mouse instead of a trackpad would be an ideal option in the long run as you will be able to attain higher clicks per second with regular practice. Furthermore, the trackpad also prevents smooth movements which slow down the clicking process. 

3. Focus and Concentration

Focus and concentration are two vital elements that will define your clicking speed. With a focused mind engaged in the clicking process, you can attain higher clicks per second and improve your overall user experience. 

Furthermore, it is also crucial to remain focused on the task intended to boost your response time. Users can also try activities like Yoga or meditation to improve their concentration and focus to improve their clicking. 

Benefits of Fast Clicking 

Fast Clicking can be a boon in this fast-paced world focused on digital activities. Users can take advantage of such a skill in the following ways. 

1. Competitive Gaming

Competitive gaming is primarily focused on reflexes and response time by players. Quicker responses can help you gain an edge over opponents and improve your gaming experience. Clicking is a crucial element in most competitive games like Minecarft, Valorant, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, and more. Thus, it is crucial to boost your clicking speeds to tackle the opponents using faster responses. 

Faster clicking speed would ensure the user more time to focus on other activities involved in competitive gaming or form strategies to yield better results.   

2. Improve Productivity and Efficiency

One of the most prominent benefits of faster clicking is that it helps to improve productivity and efficiency related to multiple tasks. This allows you to save time and effort for tasks such as data filing, video editing, or any other activity of your liking that require clicking. 

3. Stress Relief 

Fast clicking can also be done for entertainment purposes and to relieve stress. It can be regarded as a fun way of reducing the strain on your mind or body by providing satisfaction. 

Users can also see it as an achievement or a milestone to attain a certain number of CPS and to improve their overall user experience.   


This is everything you need to improve your CPS. Having a faster clicking speed allows you to be more productive and efficient related to multiple activities. 

You can also try out different clicking methods to find which works best for you and exploit it to your advantage. We hope you liked the article. Keep Clashing! 

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