How to Earn Draco Coin Fast in Mir4?

Mir4 is a popular online game that allows players to immerse themselves in a virtual world filled with adventure and challenges. In this game, players can explore different environments, interact with other players, and complete quests to earn rewards.

One of the unique features of Mir4 is its in-game currency system, which includes two main currencies: Darksteel and DRACO. Darksteel can be mined by players within the game, and it can be exchanged for DRACO through a process called smelting. DRACO can then be used to purchase items and services within the game or exchanged for Darksteel or other cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will explore the various ways players can earn and use these currencies within Mir4.

So, now that we have a basic understanding of Draco Coin, let’s move on to our main topic: How to collect the Draco Coin Fast in Mir4? So, Let’s begin,

How to Earn Draco Coin in Mir4?

You can earn Draco Coin by completing activities and quests within the game. The token can also be used as currency to purchase skills and certain products, as well as to exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

The Easiest way to get Draco coin in Mir4 is by the process called smelting, and for that, First, players must mine the currency called Darksteel within the game. This Darksteel can then be exchanged for DRACO through a process called smelting, in which 100,000 Darksteel can be converted into 1 DRACO. To regulate the circulation of DRACO, the game adjusts the amount of Darksteel required for one DRACO depending on the amount mined by players. 

So, Let’s begin with the “How you can mine Darksteel in Mir4?”, 

How to Mine Darksteel in Mir4? 

Players must reach character level 40 in order to start mining for Darksteel in MIR4. This can be a time-consuming process, with some players reporting that it took them several weeks or even months of dedicated grinding to reach this level. One of the most efficient ways to reach level 40 is by completing quests and progressing through the game’s story mode. This method allows players to earn XP through quest rewards rather than solely relying on fighting enemies to level up.

Once players have reached character level 40, they can start the process of mining for Darksteel. These mining points can be found within dungeons and can be easily located by clicking the Auto-Mine button at the bottom of the screen. This will initiate the mining process for the player’s character. 

Now, let’s look at the “How you can smelt Draco Coin in Mir4?” So, Let’s begin, 

How to Smelt Draco Coins?

In the game MIR4, Darksteel is a valuable resource that players can smelt into the in-game currency known as DRACO. This allows players to store or trade Darksteel outside of the game. It is also possible to exchange DRACO back into Darksteel for use within the game. The exchange rate between DRACO and Darksteel is determined by the DERBY.

When exchanging DRACO for Darksteel, the amount of Darksteel received is based on the current DERBY. However, players should be aware that there is an additional fee of 1,000 Darksteel per DRACO when smelting Darksteel into DRACO.

Draco Coins in Mir4

Now that you are familiar with the concept of smelting in MIR4, Let’s delve deeper into the process by breaking it down into individual steps. This will help you better understand how smelting works in the game.

1. Access Smeltery

Players can access the DRACO Smeltery in MIR4 through the Jae Joman NPC located in Bicheon Castle or by navigating to it through the game menu.

2. Smelt

If you’re looking to transform your Darksteel into DRACO, there are a few things you should know,

  • To smelt Darksteel into DRACO, you must have an amount of Darksteel equal to the current DERBY + a smelting fee of 1,000 Darksteel per DRACO.
  • The resulting DRACO will be stored in your linked WEMIX WALLET.
  • Each character is limited to smelting a maximum of 100 DRACO per day.
  • Confirmation of the smelting process will be sent to your inbox.

Now, let’s look at how you exchange Draco Coins to get back Darksteel. 

3. Exchange

If you’re looking to exchange your DRACO for Darksteel, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. When you exchange DRACO for Darksteel, you will receive an amount of Darksteel equal to the current DERBY ratio per DRACO (decimals will be truncated).
  2. It’s important to note that, in order to complete the exchange, your total Darksteel reserve after the exchange must be less than the maximum limit.
  3. As with the smelting process, you can expect to receive confirmation of your DRACO exchange in your inbox.

4. Connect WEMIX ID

It’s important to ensure that your WEMIX ID is connected to your game account if you want to use the DRACO Smeltery to smelt Darksteel. This will ensure that your smelted DRACO, as well as any exchanges or verifications, are properly recorded in your wallet. So, it is recommended to keep your WEMIX ID logged in at all times to avoid any delays or issues during these processes.

That’s it. You can successfully convert your dark steel into Draco Coins. Before we move ahead, let’s take a look at some key factors that can affect your smelting process, like Smelting Limit, and Smelting Fee.

What is the Smelting Fee, Smelting Limit in Mir4? 

1. Smelting

In Mir4, you can obtain the Draco Coin from the Darksteel through the process called smelting. Whenever you convert the Darksteel in the Draco it will require the fee of 1,000 dark steel per Draco. 

2. Smelting Limit

The Number of Draco Coins you can get in a single day through smelting is set a 1,000,000 Coins. 

Note: Players have the option to exchange DRACO for Darksteel at any point within the game. The exchange rate is determined by the DERBY on the date of the exchange.

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How to Exchange the Draco Coin for other Cryptocurrencies? 

To do this, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Start an account with a reputable exchange.
  2. Connect your wallet to the exchange’s website.
  3. Input the contract address to receive all the details about Draco Token MIR4.
  4. Choose the amount you want to trade and select the swap option.

By implementing these steps, players can effectively earn and utilize DRACO in MIR4.


How do you get Draco coins in mir4?

In Mir4, players can mine Darksteel in the game, and then they can exchange Darksteel for Draco Coin through smelting.

How many Darksteel to get 1 DRACO?

You will need 1,00,000 Darksteel to get 1 Draco Coin through smelting.

Can you earn Draco in steam mir4?

No, you cannot earn Draco Coins on the Steam version of the Mir4. To earn Draco Coins, you need to download the official version.

Can you buy Draco coin?

Yes, you can buy Draco Coins. Search the Draco Coins on the Coin Market Cap and then tap on th Exchanges option and select any reputable exchange.


This concludes our discussion on earning DRACO in the Mir4 game. We hope that you have found all of the necessary information in this article. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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