Torchlight Infinite How to Earn Flame Elementium Quickly

No matter how overpowered you are in Torchlight infinite, and you will always search for ways to upgrade your character and overall build to perform better in the upcoming fights. Creating new builds is a very long and difficult process, so most players opt for upgrading their existing builds according to the upcoming challenges. For upgrading builds, they need items, and these items are available for purchase at the auction house for Flame Elementium. If you are new to Torchlight Infinite and want to earn flame Elementium without any grinding, this guide is for you.

What is Flame Elementium?

Compared to other available currencies in Torchlight infinite, Flame Elementium is a very important currency because you need it for some of the most important tasks in the game. It is the main trading and crafting currency that is mainly used for trading gears. Towards the end of the game, where enemies are overpowered, players have to better up their build, or they won’t stand a chance. Flame Elementium gets it done for you.

How to earn Flame Elementium quickly?

If you already have some idea about grinding for currency, earning Flame Elementium won’t be a difficult task; otherwise, you have to work on some basics first. Along with these basics, don’t make any mistakes such as wasting existing Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium on resources.

Earn Flame 2

After you start the journey to earn flame Elementium, the first good news is that you will receive some currency when you reach tier four of the Nether realm. After tier four, everything else is history as the amount increases with each tier. These methods aren’t the only option, and you can change them according to your gameplay style. 

1. Auction house

Torchlight infinite has an auction house where you can sell any free stuff to obtain different currencies, such as Flame Elementium. You can access the auction house in Torchlight infinite after your character reaches level sixty. After that, it’s all about luck and maintaining a watch on the market. If you are an investor, verify costs to ensure a healthy profit margin before acquiring products from an auction house, and you will be a billionaire in no time.

If you have any excess rare gear in your inventory, sell it in the auction house because they sell for a lot of money. Embers are quite easy to find on your adventure, and there is no need to store them in your bag for very long. Restless embers and ominous embers are two common embers that should be sold first, while others should be sold at your choice. Embers are essential for crafting gear, so don’t sell them if you intend to buy new gear.

2. Fate cards and memory fragments

Memory fragments are easily found in Torchlight infinite, especially when clearing maps. Collect all of the pieces and keep them in your inventory until you have completed all of the game maps. After that, go to the spacetime wanderer and sell all of the fragments to him in exchange for some legendary gear. He also trades fragments for cash and other valuables. These objects are worthwhile to acquire because they may be sold at the auction house whenever you choose.

3. Trait cards

Most players are unaware that trait cards are an important element of the Torchlight infinite. The game relies heavily on mapping and trait cards. You can quickly obtain a good number of Flame Elementium by perfectly mapping trait cards.

Earn Flame 1

This strategy involves exploring several high-tier maps in the game, such as tier-five or above levels. You must first obtain a good build before proceeding to these maps. Otherwise, you will be killed. This strategy allows you to generate enough money in one hour that hours of grinding would not provide. If you think this trick would help you, work on acquiring these decks early, as they will boost your chances of winning large.

  • Doughty card – Magic, rare, or any other card
  • Convert gear into flame fuel with the help of the Sharp card to
  • The generous card upgrades the flame fuel from drops

You only need one more item with these cards to be prepared for your trip. It is the compass that gives you some more gear from drops, enhances the availability of rare monsters, gives you some extra flame fuel drops, and raises the rarity of a drop. When it comes to rolling the map, your target rarity should be greater than 100%. This will enable you to have a greater rarity and a higher quantity value.

To get the most benefit from this technique, choose any location on the map and place these three cards to begin grinding. Choose the doughty card at the start of the map and the sharp card as your backup. Combining both compasses and the generous card allows you to collect more and higher rarity drops from any region on the map. Keep in mind that excess pieces must be converted to flame fuel before they can be converted to Flame Elementium.

4. Crafting materials

Crafting is a key aspect of Torchlight infinite, and it includes a variety of crafting resources, such as flame fuel and embers, to assist you in the creation of weapons and other items. To obtain the flame fuel, go to Edwin on the game map and disenchant any undesired gear. Embers are a popular type of element found in the game world.

At the auction house, you can exchange low-level Torchlight Infinite Currency for flame Elementium. Some gamers make the mistake of using Flame Elementium to buy flame dust, embers, and other crafting ingredients, but this is never a good idea. You can obtain these crafting ingredients through a variety of additional means. You can gain twenty or more Flame Elementium by simply following this simple tip. Place your order for Flame Elementium at mmopixel and get delivery through the desired method.


That’s it for this article. If you have any questions about the article, you can ask us using the comment section below.

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