How to Fix Minecraft Errors?

The popularity of video games has invited debates and exploration of the issues games encounter and how to solve them. This exploration of the common Minecraft errors is the tip of the iceberg of the challenges gamers face, what causes them, and how they can quickly address them.

Any gamer can attest to how frustrating it is to have an error displayed on the screen during a game or the devastations that come with the game not loading.

Ironically, the internet provides valuable tips from experts to solve these problems. You will be surprised that you do not need research expertise and skills like an essay writing service provider to diagnose and establish solutions for these glitches. 

Meanwhile, go through this exploration as it highlights the most common errors and how to remedy them.

1. Connection Refused

Any player can attest to how common this glitch is. The error often results from a mismatch in the server’s address, raising the need to correct the IP address.


Since the error is due to an incorrect IP address, the server should be online to fix it. Several websites can help determine Minecraft activities, the state of the servers, and the right IP address. Alternatively, consider restarting the server.

2. Outdated Client

This is another common problem, especially with multiple players. It results from a mismatch between the player’s copy and the server’s version. This is a common issue due to the many updates in Minecraft games. The “Outdated Server” version of the error means the issue is entirely on the server.


Since the cause of this problem is obvious, its remedy is equally as easy. It entails getting the game’s most recent version, especially if it is an “outdated client” error. Changing to the latest version of the game also solves the issue.

Failed Login

3. Failed Login

This failed login error also goes by the name “Bad Login”, as it means a game that won’t start. Sometimes, it is different from version 7.0 or higher.

The failed login error is another classic example of lousy Internet connectivity. For example, this error happens if your connection is lost when configuring the server that should happen next.


Since this glitch is straightforward, its solution is not as complicated; any of these options will help:

  1. Checking the server’s connection and ensuring it is on
  2. Confirming the compatibility between the server’s version and your game’s version
  3. Ensuring the game’s version and the server the game is on
  4. Confirming your internet connection and the other player’s internet connection

4. io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException: Internal Exception

This specific error occurs when the player’s version of the game fails to sync with their server or the specific one they intend to join. Usually, this is another Minecraft problem associated with poor or inconsistent internet connection since fluctuating download speeds result in the game not downloading data from the server as fast as it should.

Alternatively, this issue could result from hardware issues, and the most common example is the operating system’s speed. The computer’s operating system must be faster to access and download data from the server.


Since the diagnosis of this problem is as clear as day, the first step to addressing this glitch is fixing your internet connection to bypass it. Usually, the problem is specifically related to bandwidth. Therefore, reducing the programs running in the background will be brilliant, especially if you do not need them to run during the game. It is paramount to note that Minecraft is associated with bandwidth issues.

5. Connection Reset

You will be surprised that this error is more common than most people think. It occurs due to two main issues: 

  • Issues related to your internet connection 
  • The game’s server uptime

Usually, the error is related to the connection between the server and the player being abruptly tampered with. When it occurs, it often thrusts the server to restart mode. 


If this error is displayed and the server restarts, it is essential to let it do so without interfering with it. Meanwhile, focus on ensuring it does not go off for too long. Check on your internet connection and confirm that the speeds are consistent. 

More Options

Besides the errors mentioned above and the in-depth details on how to fix them, these are the other tips to consider when troubleshooting Minecraft errors:

  • Restarting the game: This option resolves temporary errors. 
  • Checking your system requirements: Ensure your device meets the minimum requirements to run Minecraft. 
  • Clearing the game’s cache memory: This helps the game run faster. This option is available by selecting the Launch Options, selecting the Advanced Settings option, and clicking on the Remove old cached versions.
  • Checking your resource pack: Consider disabling them to establish whether they are responsible for the problems.  Reset the video’s settings. If you are sure the problems are related to the game’s graphics, consider resetting the game’s settings. 
  • Seeking support: Luckily, since Minecraft is one of the most commonly played games, several Minecraft communities exist. 
  • Mod conflicts: Disable the mods if you are suing them. This option works if you are actively using mods. Doing this helps establish whether the specific error is related to the errors you are experiencing.
  • Mojang support team: If the error gets out of your control even after the attempts and possible options, consider contacting the Mojang team. Utilize the contact details available online.

As We Wrap Up

Several errors pop up when playing Minecraft. Even though this list has explored the top 5 Minecraft errors, they do not scratch the surface of the mistakes you will likely encounter. However, the tips on how to fix them prove that you should not fret when you encounter them. You can address this issue by ensuring your device is fast enough, you have the game’s updated version, and your internet connection is fast enough. 

If any of these solutions fail to work, be bold enough to look the error up on the internet. The good thing about this is most gamers share their experiences online; hence, you will find a solution to your specific concern. At the same time, consider other options like restarting your devices, re-joining the server, or restarting the game. 

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