How To Get Coal In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

In the enchanting world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can immerse themselves in a relaxing simulation experience filled with farming, decoration, dress-up, and delightful interactions with beloved Disney characters. Everything about the game exudes a magical sense of relaxation, However, this sense of calm can quickly be disrupted when you find yourself running low on a vital resource required to complete quests or craft essential items.

One such indispensable resource is Coal, which serves not only as a key ingredient for cooking recipes but also as a vital component in crafting refined materials like ingots, fences, furniture, paving, and various functional items. Therefore, acquiring an abundant supply of Coal becomes paramount. To assist you in this endeavour, we have compiled the most effective methods to obtain Coal Ore in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Get Coal In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Dreamlight Valley is a delightful Disney life-simulation game that offers players numerous ways to acquire the essential resource known as Coal Ore. These methods include purchasing from Kristoff’s Stall, mining in prime locations, and foraging throughout the valley.

In this article, we will delve into each of these three methods in detail, providing you with valuable insights on how to collect Coal Ore and meet all your crafting and cooking needs.

1. Purchasing from Kristoff’s Stall:

The fastest way to acquire Coal Ore is by purchasing it directly from Kristoff’s Stall. Once you reach Friendship Rank 6 with Kristoff, the quest “Village Project: A Mountain Man’s Stall” becomes available. Upon completing this quest line, Kristoff establishes a marketplace stall in the Valley, offering a selection of gatherable and crafted materials. While he sells a variety of items, he always has Coal Ore available for purchase.

You can buy an unlimited quantity of Coal from his Stall for just 5 coins each, making it the most practical and reliable way to accumulate all the Coal you need. Previously, there was a limit to the amount of Coal Ore he would sell, but in the A Festival of Friendship update, Dreamlight Valley’s developers reinstated the unlimited availability of coal. It’s interesting to think about where Kristoff gets so much Coal from.

2. Farming Coal Ore in Prime Locations: 

If you’re seeking a deeper level of immersion, mining Coal Ore proves to be a highly rewarding choice. All you need to do is venture into the valley and discover mineral veins scattered throughout each zone. By mining these veins, you can gather a considerable amount of Coal Ore.

Although Coal Ore can be found in mineral nodes across all biomes, we recommend concentrating your efforts on three specific biomes to achieve the best results: the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, and Dazzle Beach. These biomes host mineral veins with minimal additional item drops, making them the perfect locations for efficient Coal Ore farming.

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3. Foraging and Exploring: 

Coal Ore is abundant throughout Dreamlight Valley, ensuring easy accessibility during your adventures. Be on the lookout for large rocks or small bumps in the grasslands, as they frequently harbour Coal Ore. Utilizing your reliable Royal Tools like the Pickaxe and Shovel, you can extract Coal Ore from these natural deposits. This approach enables you to accumulate Coal Ore while relishing the enchanting landscapes of Dreamlight Valley.

By employing these three methods, you’ll have the means to gather the essential Coal Ore required to enhance your crafting, cooking, and overall gameplay experience in Dreamlight Valley.


In conclusion, the quickest way to obtain Coal Ore in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to purchase it from Kristoff’s Stall. This indispensable resource plays a crucial role in completing quests and crafting, elevating your overall gameplay experience. Moreover, you have the option to mine in strategic locations or explore the valley to gather additional Coal Ore.

By ensuring an ample supply of this valuable resource, you can fully immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Dreamlight Valley and maximize the enjoyment of your adventures.

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