How to Get Itokuri Sasaki in Sakura Stand (All Forms)

Are you looking to unlock the powerful Itokuri Sasaki in the popular Roblox game Sakura Stand? This guide will show you exactly how to obtain all three forms of this highly sought-after stand.

What is Itokuri Sasaki? Itokuri Sasaki is one of the most powerful and rare stand abilities in Sakura Stand. It has three distinct forms – the base version, Version 2, and the ultimate All Version 3. Each successive form increases Itokuri Sasaki’s power and abilities.

According to top players, fully unlocking the All Version 3 of Itokuri Sasaki will give you a massive advantage over opponents. Many consider it to be incredibly overpowered and a must-have for competitive Sakura Stand gameplay.

Obtaining Itokuri Sasaki Form 1:

To get the base Itokuri Sasaki form, you’ll need to kill Hollows while using the Standless stand ability. Make sure you have Standless equipped in your storage, then head to the HM area where Hollows spawn every 15 minutes. Defeat as many Hollows as possible with Standless active for your chance at the first Itokuri Sasaki version.

Getting Itokuri Sasaki Form 2:

The second version is obtained through rolling using your hard-earned tokens. But before you can roll, you must have the Required Stand equipped. Once you have an eligible stand ability on, you can use the roll function to try your luck at getting Itokuri Sasaki Version 2. It may take many re-rolls, but stick with it!

How to Unlock Itokuri Sasaki Form 3 (All Version):

The final and most powerful All Version 3 form of Itokuri Sasaki is an extremely rare drop from defeating the Adustus boss. While the drop chance is very small, this is the only way to potentially get the top-tier version.

You’ll want to repeatedly attempt to kill Adustus as many times as possible. It will likely take hundreds or even thousands of tries, but don’t give up! Acquiring the All Version 3 of Itokuri Sasaki is a major milestone in Sakura Stand.

Why You Need Itokuri Sasaki?

According to top players’ reports, Itokuri Sasaki is extremely overpowered compared to other abilities – especially the ultimate All Version 3 form. With its immense power and versatility, you’ll have a game-changing advantage over other players.

While obtaining the final version can take an incredible grind, the effort is well worth it for this meta-defining stand ability. Itokuri Sasaki will be a key asset in PVP combat, boss battles, and all other aspects of Sakura Stand gameplay.

2024 Tips and Tricks As of the 2024 updates, the process for unlocking Itokuri Sasaki has remained unchanged. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Save tokens for re-rolling, as you’ll need hundreds or thousands of attempts
  • Consider joining an active clan to take on Adustus boss raids frequently
  • Stock up on healing items for extended Hollow killing sessions
  • Watch video guides to learn each version’s skill combos and mechanics

With persistence and this guide’s strategy, you’ll be well on your way to getting your hands on the mighty Itokuri Sasaki stand in 2024 and beyond. The grind is long, but supremely powerful stands like this are worth the effort for elite Sakura Stand players.

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