How to Pick a Game for Your Vlog Streaming as a College Gamer

Video content creators make loads of money by getting viewers hooked to their screens and watching their vlogs. Though the industry is billion-dollar, most of the money goes to a few streamers with a large audience, and the rest earn a little. To be part of the small group earning a lot, you will be better served with a good strategy. An aspect to consider in your pursuit of success is picking the right game. Here are tips for choosing games for your vlog.

Consider Your Interests

An avid streamer might succeed in playing a game they aren’t interested in. However, it would be better to pick a game you are interested in for a starting vlogger. Choosing a game you are interested in will help you produce an authentic and interactive vlog. If you decide to vlog on a game you have no interest in, you might struggle to resonate with the audience because you will not have enough information. It’s like picking an essay topic. When you pick a topic that doesn’t interest you and are unfamiliar with it, you might get stuck in the middle of the paper and have to turn to a paper writing service your academic solution to complete it. 

Focus on the Target Audience

After identifying your interests, you should evaluate the target audience. Committing to only a single game is a serious commitment and can limit your ability to grow your audience. Some games have become less popular, but their viewing habits have remained consistent. Understanding the gaming niches with the largest audiences will help you target such games and increase your ability to grow your audience. Focusing your vlog on a game without a large audience base can affect your chances of growing because only a limited number of people will show interest in the stream. Ensure you look at all the relevant statistics on the viewers of different gaming streams before deciding.

Consider Your Equipment

When choosing a game, ensure that your equipment can handle it. Some games require high-end graphic cards and powerful processors; without these, your stream will lag or be of poor quality. An audience cannot sit and watch a lagging stream, so getting your hardware right is important. Technical difficulties with your equipment will leave your vlog getting negative comments, which will discourage your future viewers.

Keep Up with Trends

The gaming community has its trends and seasons for different titles. A popular title is likely to get more viewership. Keeping up with the trends will help you vlog about the most popular titles at the time rather than waiting until the title has become unpopular before starting to stream about it. Twitch and YouTube gaming are two platforms that always talk about popular games, and taking time to visit these sites can help you pick the right games for your vlog.

Choose Games with Replayability

A game with replayability has different outcomes, multiplayer modes, and storylines. Choosing such games will help keep your content fresh and users engaged. If various hot games are trending and attracting users’ attention, consider the ones with replayability. Such games will help keep your audience engaged for a long time before they stop being trendy.

Consider Multiplayer Options

Games with multiplayer options offer more opportunities than those with a single-player mode. The first advantage of the multiplayer mode is that you can team up with a friend who is also a streamer. This option allows you to grow your audiences together. Some viewers might like how your friend competes; the same is true for your case. Through this strategy, you can gain viewers without even breaking a sweat. Additionally, there is usually greater excitement when people are pitted against each other than when you play alone. The excitement can make your content more relatable.

Consider Your Commentary Style

Your commentary style will be one of the signficant determinants of whether your stream will grow. Before choosing a game, consider how it best aligns with your commentary style. Some games require humorous commentary, and you might find it challenging to grow your audience if you cannot incorporate this type of commentary. Others are more enjoyable to viewers when narratives are incoporated in the stream. Thus, you should do a proper assessment to judge which game matches your abilities.

Stay True to Yourself

As you explore the various popular games the world is talking about, don’t forget to choose the ones you enjoy playing. Everyone will be looking for these trendy games, meaning you’ll be competing with many platforms for your vlog to succeed. One aspect that can give you a competitive advantage is using the games you genuinely enjoy playing. Your passion and enthusiasm for your content will shine, stand out, and resonate well with your audience. Authenticity will play a pivotal role in helping you build your fan base.

Experiement and Adapt

Experiement and Adapt

Don’t lose hope if you have selected different games, but your vlog is still not taking off. Take time to experiment with different types of games and content styles. One advantage of experimenting is that you can learn a lot. As you continue experimenting, pay enough attention to the viewers’ feedback and analytics. Evaluate the positive comments and use them as your strengths. In the areas where you are getting criticism, use the criticism to understand what you might be doing wrong and what you need to change to grow your channel. What’s more, ensure you always adapt your strategy to keep the audience happy.

Signing Off

Gaming vlog streaming has grown in popularity because of the entertainment it offers and as an activity for generating income. It thus a perfect activity for a college gamer to earn some bucks. One thing that would determine your success in this venture is the games you stream. When choosing, consider a game that matches your interests and assess the target audience and how they relate to your interests. Besides, pick games that have a huge audience base to help build your channel faster. Remember to stay true to yourself and play games you enjoy.

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