Exploring the Impact of Player Choices on Gameplay and Storytelling in Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is an online game that has been alluring the online gaming community for more than a decade now. It is an open-planet action-action game with a global fanbase. In its initial launch it supported gaming hardware from Sony (PlayStation 3) and Microsoft (Xbox 360). 

Nevertheless, the credit for this entire alluring gaming experience goes to its eye catching storyline and diversity in the character lineup. One of the important aspects of Grand Theft Auto V that sets it apart from its elders is the level of player choice and customization that it offers to its players. 

Impact of Player Decisions on Gameplay and Storyline in Grand Theft Auto V

The very purpose behind me writing this article, is to take a dive into the effects that a GTA V player’s choices have on the game narrative along with its gameplay. Off-course, I will cover other crucial topics as well.

1. A Synopsis of Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is a game that you play within the imaginary state of San Andreas, South of California. When inside the game you will get to meet three players : Michael De Santa, a retired personnel turned bank robber; Franklin Clinton, a street gangster by profession, and Trevor Philips, who dons two caps, he is a hard core criminal dealing in drugs, and guns are a part of his daily life. This one player narrative in the game is all about their daily efforts to plan and carry out heists along with other of their regular criminal activities. 

So, What Are The Key Aspects Of This Game?

Gameplay: You play GTA V either via 3rd person or first person perspective. And you have to complete the missions with preset motives as you proceed in the gameplay, along with the given capability to move around outside missions minus any restrictions. In case you feel the need to explore the GTA V gameplay in detail, a GTA 5 modded account is the way to go. And CSGOSmurfNinja is an online platform that offers them at competitive prices. 

GTA Online: Going into further detail, this game is a driving and ever-evolving online space that allows a maximum of 30 players to play online at any given moment of time. Not to mention, GTA 5 player offers you the advantage to rise from a street miscreant and make your career as the boss of a criminal empire.  

Setting: You play GTA V in the outset of the corrupt city of Los Santos, a hub of drug dealers, celebs and other criminals. Our online platform lists a variety of GTA 5 modded accounts for sale that will help you explore various never before seen settings of this game in detail. 

Plot: Talking about the GTA V background story, this game revolves around three miscreants who team up to carry out numerous heists; which could be countless brushes with rival gangs and fellow criminals. 

 2. Player Choice in GTA V

What are the different effects of player choice in GTA V? 

GTA 5 is one of those few online games that offers its players the opportunity to explore the game in detail with the decision of their liking. While some of the notable decisions (Kill Michael, Trevor or Deathwish the third way) have a direct effect on game endings. To be particular, these choices have the potential to decide the fate of games’ lead characters. 

Kill Trevor : If you choose this option, then you will have to kill Trevor. Off-course the Clinton and Michael duo will be behind this kill. 

Kill Michael : In this situation, you will see the demise of Michael, a result of a violent F2F between him and Franklin. 

Deathwish (The Third Way) : This is the game ending that is win for all, in other words, both Michael and Trevor survive the game outcome. And the credit for this goes to players teaming up with the duo to complete the heist.

Other than these three possible outcomes, you have the power to make multiple choices in sudden events, strangers and freaks missions, and other sides of the game. On the contrary, some of the choices that you make can be of minor nature. Like which real estate asset to procure to ensure the success of the mission. Some choices, meanwhile, can have notable consequences, like they can decide the fate of specific missions or have a deciding effect on the relationship between the game characters. 

3. The Impact of Player Choice on the Narrative of a Game

What are the various effects of player choice on GTA 5 narrative (storyline)?

In GTA 5, player choices can affect the game storyline in several ways. Some of them you will learn about below:

  • Endings : GTA 5 enables you to opt out of three endings as a player. They are:
  • First Ending: In this ending, we see the demise of Michael, a result of the confrontation near satellite dishes.
  • Second ending: In this ending, we see the demise of Trevor, a result of the confrontation near the oil fields.
  • 3rd way (a canon ending): This is my favourite ending because here both Michael and Trevor make out alive. 

All of a sudden events, Freaks, and Strangers: Here players have to deal with several sudden events, and freaks all around the game, with their choices in these situations resulting in varying outcomes.

Heists: In GTA 5, there is no shortage of heists and you are at an advantage. Because you get to select the crew and approach of your liking for each heist. Not to mention, this off-course has a result on the game outcome and the amount of money you make. CSGOSmurfNinja has an exclusive list of affordable modded GTA 5 accounts that enable you to go on several of these heists. 

Properties: In Grand Theft Auto 5, players have the power to procure real estate. At the same time, the decision is not exclusive to a single character, permitting a more flexible gaming style.

However, GTA 5 being a linear game, still offers a certain degree of control over the story and its progress. Yes, the choices that you make results in diverse outcomes and consequences, making the game much more engaging in the entire process. 

4. The Impact of Player Choice on Gameplay

What are the various effects of player choice on GTA 5 gameplay?

Despite being linear, player choices can affect the GTA 5 gameplay at a notable level. For instance, you can set the game ending to your liking. Like how you build-up your real estate portfolio has a visible effect on the morality and ethics of the game. You can engage in immoral activities during the gameplay, but your personal moral standing can affect the character choices and the gameplay experience simultaneously. 

5. Player Choice and Replayability

The way you carry out yourself in GTA 5 improves the game’s replayability, by empowering you to impact events in the game universe and experience diverse outcomes in the process. Several different ways a player choice makes its contribution to game replayability are as follows:

Varying Approaches to Missions: GTA 5 allows you the opportunity to approach missions via the way of your liking, leading to never before seen scenes and dialogues in the process.

Play Using Varying Approaches: Players who took the help of cheat codes during their debut playthrough can experience the game to their liking during their second session, minus immediate access to artillery, health and finances. This approach allows them to:

  • Have fun with the game to their liking minus use of cheat codes.
  • Enjoy the challenges and progression that the game brings forward minus access to potent items or capabilities.
  • Stay away from prospective issues or exploits that may be a result of the implementation of cheat codes.

In all, the non-use of cheat codes allows you to appreciate both game’s design and gameplay in an effective way, and avoid any resultant penalties or unjust benefits that accompany cheat code usage. 

Participate In Extracurricular Activities : GTA 5 is amass with extra curricular activities, like car racing, mini-games, tennis and collecting possessions. You can select any of these activities on your ensuing runs, offering you a diverse gaming experience in the process.

Explore The Open World : GTA 5 developers have designed it in such a way, that it gives the feeling of an open world. As a result, you can participate in several activities like aerial exercises, car, tank and bike shopping, jet skiing and winning triathlons. 

Even so, this sandbox-style gameplay acts as a motivator when it comes to players trying different approaches and taking walks around the game world at your own pace. 

Note : Triathlon: An athletic contest consisting of three different events, typically swimming, cycling, and long-distance running. 

Final Words:

To sum it up, in this article we have discussed in detail the effect that your choices as a GTA V player will have on the game narrative, game play, along with its mechanics. While the synopsis section provides you with a brief overview of the game accompanied by several of its other aspects. The ending, meanwhile, provides you with the knowledge about the effects these very same actions have on the game’s replayability. 

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