Importance of Typewriting for Academic Assignments

In the modern world of technology, being able to type fast and accurately is essential. It helps us communicate well in many areas of life. But practising keyboarding can be boring sometimes. That’s why there are keyboarding games! They make learning to type more fun and interesting. 

In this article, we’ll talk about games to play and improve your keyboarding skills. The games teach you to speed up and keep the process enjoyable. So you can have fun as you’re getting better at typewriting.

Importance of Typewriting for Academic Assignments

The typewriting skill is of great importance for various people, especially students. They are given multiple tasks to complete on their devices- essays, research papers, compositions, and other things that have to be done daily. Hence, it is impossible to underestimate the need to master fast typing skills. Considering students are usually swamped with homework, they practice a lot. 

However, turning to PapersOwl for quick and professional assistance when writing papers is also helpful. This reliable service allows them to manage their workload and get help with writing papers without slowing down progress. So, either you type your papers yourself or delegate the task – the following games will definitely help you boost this process.

Games That Boost Your Typing Speed

Honing your keyboard typing skills can be educational and entertaining. There are numerous games available to help you achieve just that. The following engaging games offer a fun and effective way to enhance your abilities.

1. TypeRacer

In this game, you race against other players to write a text passage as fast and accurately as possible. The quote appears on the screen; you should type it word by word, keeping up your sharpness and accuracy. The game gets more complicated, challenging you to order faster. 

2. ZType

ZType is a game where you type words to defeat enemy spaceships and obstacles. You control a spaceship, and words appear on the screen. You aim to write them quickly and accurately to destroy the enemies. The game gets harder, testing your typewriting skills in a fantastic setting. The graphics and sound effects are excellent. They will keep you entertained. 

3. Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a game that combines fast car racing with typewriting challenges. It’s a fun way to improve your keyboarding speed. You’ll compete against other players in races. Your keyboarding skills determine if you win. Words or phrases will appear, and you need to type rapidly and correctly for your car to go faster. Quicker and more accurate you type, the better your chances of winning. Nitro Type also has a leaderboard. It shows how you rank compared to others.

4. KeyBricks

KeyBricks is a fun game that combines a unique twist with the famous Tetris game. Instead of moving shapes, you should type the letters falling from the top of the screen. By ordering the right notes, you will see the bricks disappear. Each brick represents a letter you must type before reaching the bottom. KeyBricks challenges your typewriting pace and ability to do multiple things simultaneously, especially as the online game progresses. It’s a great way to improve your skills by keeping your Tetris skills sharp.

5. The Typing of the Dead

This unique and entertaining game replaces the traditional shooting of the classic arcade game House of the Dead with typewriting challenges. As hordes of zombies approach, words and phrases appear above them. Your task is to type words quickly and accurately to eliminate the undead and save the world. The game is exciting, fast-paced, and challenges your keyboarding speed. 

6. Key Hero

Key Hero focuses on improving your accuracy and speed. It presents a series of sentences, quotes, or paragraphs for you to type swiftly and accurately. It provides real-time feedback, tracking your words per minute (WPM) and accuracy percentage. Key Hero also offers various levels of difficulty and modes. It lets you customize your practice sessions according to your skill level and preferences. It’s easy to use and informs you about your progress.

7. Dance Mat Typing

This is a BBC-made fun game for beginners, especially kids. It has colourful animations and fun characters to help you learn how to type. Each level introduces new keys and techniques, gradually building your keyboarding proficiency. With its gamified approach and step-by-step guidance, Dance Mat makes learning enjoyable and accessible. It’s ideal for young learners or anyone who prefers a more playful approach to improving their typewriting accuracy.

Using the Power of Games for Improved Typewriting Skills

Keyboarding games let you practice in a fun and interactive way. These games are more than just a waste of time but can improve your skills. They have different challenges, like timed typewriting tasks or accuracy requirements. Exercises improve your technique, hand-eye coordination, and muscle memory.

Keyboarding games also give instant feedback on how you’re doing, so it’s easier to fix your mistakes immediately. This helps you get stronger. And to make it even more fun, many typewriting games have levels, achievements, and leaderboards. Your achievements encourage you to feel accomplished and competitive, which motivates you to keep practising and progressing.

Typing games allow practising more immersive than traditional drills or exercises. They help make learning fun and rewarding, helping you become a more skilled typist.


It is possible to improve at keyboard typing without it being boring. Play fun games during practice, and you’ll improve your skills while having a good time. You might compete with other players or go on adventures. Online games are a great resource to increase your typewriting pace. So, embrace typing test games, have fun, and watch your keyboarding skills soar to new heights.

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