MMX Racing: How to Get Free Cash and Gold | Ultimate Guide

Are you ready to unleash your inner monster truck racer? MMX Racing is the ultimate adrenaline-pumping game that will take you on a thrilling journey from a humble old truck to a monstrous hot rod. With its addictive gameplay and stunning graphics, MMX Racing has become a smash hit on both the iOS and Android platforms. In this article, we will guide you on how to earn free cash and gold in MMX Racing, the game’s main currencies. So buckle up and get ready to rev your engines!

How to Get Free Cash and Gold in MMX Racing?

There are multiple ways to get free cash and gold in MMX Racing, such as watching video advertisements, winning races, levelling up, and many more. So, let’s take a closer look at each of these methods,

1. Watch Advertisement Videos for Free Cash and Gold

The primary way to earn free cash and gold in MMX Racing is by watching advertisement videos available in the in-app purchase store. To access these videos, go to the currency shop and scroll all the way to the right in the bottom tab bar. There you will find buttons that allow you to watch advertisement videos for either 350 cash or one gold each. Take advantage of this opportunity and watch as many videos as you can. Once you run out, simply wait for more to become available and continue watching.

2. Level Up and Beat Prime Time Battle Bosses

In addition to watching videos, levelling up in MMX Racing can also reward you with free gold. As you gain experience and reach a new level, you will receive one gold as a reward. Keep racing, upgrading your truck, and dominating the tracks to level up faster and earn more gold.

Moreover, when you challenge and defeat the prime-time battle bosses, there is a chance of earning additional free gold. So put your racing skills to the test and show those bosses who’s boss!

3. Win Races to Earn Cash

Cash is the main currency in MMX Racing, and winning races is the key to earning it. Participate in races and strive to cross the finish line first. However, be aware that losing a race will only grant you a meagre amount of cash. The real rewards come from winning races and showcasing your skills.

Additionally, your performance during races can boost your cash earnings. Aim for greatness and awesomeness by executing perfect manoeuvres, jumps, and stunts. The more greats and awesome you achieve, the more cash you will receive as bonuses. So push your limits and unleash your racing prowess!

4. Decorate Your Truck for Extra Cash

Did you know that the vinyl and decorations on your trucks can also contribute to your cash earnings? The more decorations you have, and the more expensive they are, the greater your cash rewards will be. However, it’s essential to consider the cost of decorations and how much they earn you per race. Sometimes, the expenses may outweigh the benefits, so choose wisely when adorning your monstrous ride.

5. Pick Winnable Races for Optimal Cash Generation

To maximize your cash-earning potential, it’s crucial to select winnable races. Avoid diving into tougher difficulty races until you have upgraded your truck sufficiently. As you upgrade, you will notice the difficulty level drop on the main screen, indicating your readiness for more challenging races.

Stick to good old-fashioned exhibition races and ladders in the beginning. These races will provide you with enough cash to progress. And when you finally conquer the final ladder race, you’ll be rewarded with a free, huge bonus. So strategize your race choices and climb your way to the top!

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MMX Racing is an exhilarating monster truck racing game that offers a thrilling experience for iOS and Android gamers. As you strive to transform your old truck into a beastly hot rod, cash and gold are the lifeblood of your progress. By utilizing the methods mentioned above, such as watching advertisement videos, levelling up, winning races, decorating your truck, and choosing the right races, you can earn free cash and gold in MMX Racing. So get behind the wheel, master the tracks, and pave your way to victory!

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