Best Mobile MMORPG Games You Need to Play in 2022

If you love playing MMORPG and RP Games on your PC and Laptops, then what if we tell you that you can get the same experience on your mobile devices? There are a ton of great Mobile MMORPG Games out there that will give you the same immersive gaming experience that you would get from playing on your PC or console.  

So, if you’re looking for the best mobile MMORPGs to play in 2022, then look no further. Check out the list we’ve prepared for you below.

7 Best Mobile MMORPG Games You Need to Play in 2022

There are many MMORPG Mobile games available in the market in 2022, some of the are great and others are not so good. We have hand-picked some of the best MMORPG Games for you. So, Let’s begin, 

1. RuneScape Mobile and Old School RuneScape

You may bring the world of Gielinor with you wherever you go, thanks to RuneScape’s mobile versions. Runescape is an MMORPG game, and it has 250 million players worldwide. It has been around since 2001 and is one of the longest-running MMORPGs in the world.

RuneScape Mobile

The mobile app is an extension of the original games, which allows gamers to carry on with their game sessions even when they aren’t in front of their computer. The mobile version of Runescape was released on 18 September 2018 and has already been downloaded over 5 million times.

It is a free-to-play game that offers in-game purchases for those who want to speed up their gameplay or get some special items.

The RuneScape 3 is the 2013 update to the game, while Old School RuneScape expands on the core gameplay with maintaining the original features. Both versions include excellent features, including character development based on skills, interesting adventures, and a ton of entertaining activities.

2. Albion Online

Albion Online is a medieval-themed MMORPG that offers a unique blend of open-world PvP battles and co-op challenges. The graphics of this mobile MMORPG are not particularly remarkable, but the gameplay is fantastic. Because it is a sandbox game, there are many things you can do. You can make your own clothing and weaponry, make an axe to chop down trees, collect raw materials like cotton, take leather or skin from some animals, go fishing, or trade resources in the game. 

Albion Online

The game also features extensive character customization, player housing, crafting, and an in-depth guild system. Albion Online also offers a variety of quests in the form of PvE or PvP challenges. It’s a game you can play even when you’re TV streaming or talking to your friends.

3. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular RPG game on mobile devices. It was released in September 2020. The game quickly became popular among MMORPG players due to its excellent graphics and exciting story. 

The game is set in the futuristic world of Yggdrasil, where the player must find their place in this new world. The gameplay includes exploration, combat, and crafting. 

Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game, but players can spend money to fast forward their progress. The game is a bit big, around 1.4 GB, compared to the other mobile games. So, if you are going to install the Geneshin Impact on your device, then make sure that you have sufficient space available. 

4. Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage 2 Revolution is an MMORPG developed by Netmarble Games. The game was released on 25 July 2017, for both iOS and Android.

Players can choose from three different classes: Dark Knight, Sorceress, and Warrior. Each class has its own unique set of skills and abilities to master. 

Lineage 2 Revolution

In Lineage 2, Players can freely explore the open world with seamless transitions between towns, fields, and dungeons for a more immersive experience. They will also be able to form clans with other players and join one already established for more socializing opportunities.

Players can also form guilds with other players to complete challenging quests that require teamwork and share resources and information with each other.

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5. Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is a new MMORPG game released on 8 December 2019. The game is a mobile MMORPG with the same world as the original Black Desert Online.

In Black Desert Mobile, players can create the character of their dream and customize it to their liking with different outfits and accessories. There are different classes available for players to choose from, which include Berserker, Ranger, Assassin, Wizard, Sorceress, and many more.

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile also includes an auto mode feature where the player can have the AI control the character while they are away from the game or busy doing something else.

The story of Black Desert Mobile takes place in a world called Drieghan, which is found in the center of the continent. In the Black Desert, the player will take control of an adventurer who is looking for treasure and glory.

6. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) launched by Netmarble INC on 27 May 2022. With amazing graphics and smooth gameplay, the game’s player base is growing drastically, and so is the competition to bet at the top.

Black Desert Mobile

In this game, players can customize their character, which will make them feel more connected to the world they are playing in. They can also explore different kingdoms and fight other players in PvP battles.

7. MU Origin

MU Origin is an MMORPG mobile game developed by a Korean company called Webzen. MU Origin is a game that is set in a fantasy world of martial arts. It has an anime-inspired art style and features a story-driven open world.

Mu Origin

MU Origin is an MMORPG with some features that are not found in many other games of this type. One of these features is the ability to create characters with custom appearances and names. Another feature of MU Origin is its emphasis on player-to-player trading, allowing players to trade items, pets, weapons, and more.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for something to play when you’re on the go, any of these mobile MMORPGs will offer you hours of gameplay. And if you’re a fan of the genre, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Choose your adventure and dive into the world of fantasy! While there are many other great mobile MMORPGs out there, these are some of the best ones available right now. So what are you waiting for? Pick one now and start playing!

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