Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls Links (July 2024)

Are you tired of running out of dice rolls in Monopoly Go just before you are about to make a big move? And you feel stuck, unable to progress in the game without spending real money on dice rolls? If you are facing a similar situation, then you are in the right place.

As a Monopoly Go player, I have also faced a similar situation. That’s why I have created this guide to help out genuine players like you; in Today’s guide, we are going to share the Latest Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls links. You can collect free rolls by redeeming these to keep progressing in the game.

Apart from the Free Rolls links, we are also going to show you can you redeem these links and some more ways to get even more free rolls inside the game without spending a dime. 

Latest Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls Links (July 2024)

Monopoly Go free dice links are shared by the game’s developers as a daily reward to thier loyal players. The developers share these links on their different social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Discord, and players can get free dice rolls by redeeming these links.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s look at the Free Rolls links first,

Today’s Monopoly Go Free Dice Links: 

  1. Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls – July 18 (New!)
  2. Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls – July 18 (New!)

Yesterday’s Monopoly Go Free Dice Links:

  1. Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls – July 17 (New!)

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links: 16th July

  1. Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls – July 16 (New!)

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links: 11th July

  1. Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls – July 11 
  2. Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls – July 11
  3. Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls – July 11

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links: 10th July

  1. Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls – July 10

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links: 9th July

  1. Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls – July 9
  2. Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls – July 9

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links: 8th July

  1. Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls – July 8

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links: 7th July

  1. Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls – July 7

How to Redeem Monopoly Go Free Dice Links?

In Monopoly Go, You need dice rolls to move around the board and collect rewards. That’s why dice rolls are really important to make progress in the game, and getting them can really help you progress faster in the game. If you don’t know how to redeem these free rolls link inside the game, then don’t worry; just follow the simple steps given below, 

Redeeming free dice roll links is really simple. Follow these steps to ensure you get your exciting rewards from each link:

1. Play Until Level 15: To redeem your rewards, you need to reach at least level 15 to unlock the album feature in Monopoly Go. You have to fulfill this condition to claim your rewards. 

2. Click on the Link: Once you have reached level 15 inside the game, just tap on any of the provided free dice links. After that, Your browser will open a new page asking if you want to open the link inside the Monopoly Go app.

3. Receive Your Dice: That’s it; now you will see a pop-up in the game showing how many free dice rolls you have received. 

There are tons of free dice roll links available for Monopoly GO, but these links are only available for a limited time. So, if you don’t want to miss out on any future rewards then we highly recommend you to bookmark this page as we will keep adding the free rolls links as soon as they become available so you don’t miss out on any rewards. 

How to Get More Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly Go?

If you want more dice rolls in the game, then there are many other ways to earn dice rolls in Monopoly Go. So, Let’s look at them,

1. Daily Login Rewards

Monopoly Go rewards their loyal player for playing thier game daily in the form of daily login rewards. These rewards include free dice rolls and many other exciting rewards. You can also get more exciting rewards more maintaining your daily login streak; the longer your streak, the better the rewards will be.

2. Complete Daily Challenges

In my opinion, completing daily challenges is the best way to get rewards in Monopoly Go. Complete the daily challenges and some easy tasks that appear as you play the game to win your exciting rewards.

3. Participate in Special Events

If you want to win big, then you should take part in special in-game events like Connect-A-THon, Roll Match, and many other exciting events. These events reward you for completing some specific tasks.

4. Complete Sticker Albums

One of the best ways to get tons of free rolls in Monopoly Go is by completing the sticker albums. You can get hundreds or even thousands of free rolls links by completing Albums. If you are struggling to collect the sticker, then you should engage with Monopoly Go communities on Discord, Reddit, and Facebook to trade stickers and complete the album faster.

5. Invite Friends

Every game becomes for fulfiling and when you play it with your friends. But, it is the cherry on the cake if the game rewards you for inviting your friends to play with you. The Monopoly Go rewards you for inviting your friends, and when they accept your invite.

6. Use of Multiplies

It is very important to use roll multipliers strategically during high-reward events, as it can increase your chances of earning extra dice rolls. It is recommended to save multipliers for some special events as they reward you for using multipliers.

7. Join Communities

Many Monopoly GO communities on platforms like Discord and Reddit organize events and giveaways where members can earn free dice rolls.

One of the best parts of joining these communities is you can engage with other players to trade stickers and complete albums. Completing these album collections can reward you with a huge number of dice rolls.

By using these methods, you can significantly boost your free dice rolls in Monopoly GO and improve your overall gameplay experience.

Why Dice Rolls Link is not working for you? 

Rewards link not working in Monopoly Go

I know how it feels when you try to redeem the free roll links, and you receive the message stating, “The rewards have already been claimed“. In Monopoly Go, you can only redeem the free dice roll once from every link, so when you get this message, it means you have already received the rewards from that particular link, and now you cannot redeem this link again.

But, if you receive the message “The Rewards cannot be claimed” or “The Rewards are expired“, it means that the link you are trying to redeem has already expired, and you cannot use it to receive the free rewards in Monopoly Go. The Free Rolls links are only available for a limited time, and they usually expire after one or two days, so it is recommended to redeem them as soon as possible to avoid this error.

In Monopoly Go, when you click on the, ideally, it should redirect you to the mobile app. But if it is not, then this could be happening due to your browser caching issue, or it might be related to the app not running in the browser. To fix this issue, try redeeming the link in a different browser and check if it is opening in the mobile app or not.

If this does not work, then close the Monopoly Go app restart the game to make sure the app is running in the background, and try to redeem the link again to check if it is working or not.

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Are Monopoly Go Free Dice Links Safe?

The Monopoly Go Dice Links shared in this article come directly from the game’s developer, Scopely. These links are collected from the game’s official social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Discord. So you can redeem them without any worry.

But, we recommend you to be aware of the sites that offer unlimited free rolls links or some other unrealistic rewards as, in reality, no such things exist from the game developer, and you might lose your important data trying to redeem these links.

By following the tips and strategies in this guide, you can maximize your dice rolls and progress faster in the game. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page and check back daily for updated links. You can also follow our Facebook page to get the latest updates and some exciting news regarding video games.

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