Is the Pool Fanatic Cue Reward still available for 8-ball pool?

If you’ve been a fan of 8ball pool for a long time, you may have missed out on the opportunity to grab the highly coveted Pool Fanatic Cue reward. Many players believe that if the reward were to come back, they wouldn’t miss it again. However, the truth is, the 8ball Pool Fanatic Cue reward link is unlikely to come back for free. The only way to obtain this cue is through special offers within the 8ball pool game, which can only be purchased using 8BP cash.

The 8ball Pool Fanatic Cue is one of the most sought-after rewards in the world of 8ball pool. This rare cue first made its appearance in 2017, during a period of rapid growth for the game. In an effort to further popularize the game, Miniclip introduced the Pool Fanatic Cue as a limited-time reward.

As expected, the Pool Fanatic Cue quickly became a hit among 8BP players, with many eager to add it to their collection. As a result, the cue reward links were available for only a short time, due to the high demand for claiming. Despite this, many players were still able to successfully obtain the cue, including me.

In 2018, the 8ball Pool Fanatic Cue made its return, but this time it was made available through 8BP offers. Many players took advantage of this opportunity to purchase the coveted cue. Since then, the cue has been regularly released as part of various offers within the 8ball pool game, always requiring players to buy it using 8BP cash.

It appears that the founder of 8ball pool, Miniclip, has decided against making the Pool Fanatic Cue available for free. This may come as a disappointment to some players, but it also adds to the value and rarity of the cue. For those who were able to obtain the cue through offers, it remains a cherished addition to their collection.

How to get Pool Fanatic Cue Reward in the 8-ball Pool?

The 8ball Pool Fanatic Cue is renowned for its impressive power and aim. It’s no wonder why so many players have fallen in love with this cue. However, due to its immense popularity, the Pool Fanatic Cue is unlikely to be made available for free again.

But fear not, there are still ways for players to obtain this coveted reward. The cue is regularly made available through 8BP offers within the 8ball pool game, which can be purchased using 8BP cash. While it’s not possible to get the cue for free, players can still add it to their collection through these offers.

If you have been holding out hope for the 8ball Pool Fanatic Cue to become available for free once again, it’s time to let go of that expectation. The chance of the cue being offered for free is highly unlikely. The most common way for players to obtain the cue is through 8BP offers, but these offers usually come with a high cost.

Get Pool Fanatic Cue Reward

However, there is another way to get your hands on the 8ball Pool Fanatic Cue at a lower price. When the cue was first released as a reward link, many players were able to claim it on multiple accounts. If you are interested in acquiring the cue, you can reach out to individuals who already have it in their possession. Some individuals may be willing to sell or trade the cue, but it is important to keep in mind that it cannot be transferred to your account. You would either need to create a new account or purchase the cue through 8ball pool’s official offers within your existing account.

You can also join an 8-ball pool-related Facebook group and inquire about the cue. The community of players within the group is vast, and it’s possible that one of the members may have the cue. If that is the case, you can reach out to them directly and potentially arrange for a trade or purchase.

Keep in mind that this is the only alternative option for obtaining the 8ball Pool Fanatic Cue at present. The cue is not expected to be released for free again, and the most common way for players to obtain it is through 8BP offers. So, if you are unable to find a member willing to part with the cue in the Facebook group, your best bet may be to wait for the next 8ball pool offer and purchase the cue through the game’s official channels.

It’s important to note that trading or purchasing accounts in the 8-ball pool are against the terms of service. Engaging in such activity is done at your own risk. This article is solely for educational purposes and does not endorse or encourage any such actions that violate the terms of service.

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In conclusion, while the 8ball Pool Fanatic Cue is a highly desired reward, it is unlikely to become available for free again. If you are interested in obtaining the cue, your best bet is to either purchase it through 8BP offers or reach out to individuals who already have it in their possession.

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