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If you have played Elden Ring, it’s likely that you have engaged in combat with an NPC at some point, whether out of curiosity or mischief. However, we strongly advise against killing NPCs as it can have consequences for their questlines. This may hinder your progress in completing important quests, acquiring valuable experience, and obtaining valuable loot. But don’t worry, if you have accidentally killed an NPC or taken their gear, there is a solution. In today’s guide, we will focus on how to revive NPCs in Elden Ring. 

How to Revive NPCs in Elden Ring?

NPCs are an integral part of Elden Ring. Each NPC in the game possesses unique characteristics and can be attacked or killed. While some NPCs can be quite bothersome, giving them a swift slash might initially feel rewarding until you realize they were the ones who would offer future quest lines that you had intended to complete.

How to Revive NPCs in Elden Ring

Fortunately, FromSoftware seems to believe in second chances, as it is possible to revive NPCs in Elden Ring. If you have just killed an NPC in Elden Ring and instantly regret your decision, here is what you can do to revive them.

To start the reconciliation process, players need to find the Church of Vows. Once there, they can interact with the statue of Lady Rennala and use Celestial Dew to Request Absolution. This allows players to admit their mistakes and try to mend their relationship with the upset NPC. By following these steps, players can restore friendly relations with the NPCs they may have unintentionally upset.

To reach the Church of Vows in Elden Ring, players need to navigate through specific in-game locations. One popular route is by utilizing the teleporter located in the Raya Lucaria Academy. Alternatively, players can head Northwest from the Artist’s Shack in North Liurnia. Below, you will find detailed instructions on how to reach the Church of Vows, ensuring that you can easily find your way.

How to find Church of Vows?

To reach the Church of Vows in Elden Ring, there are multiple paths you can take, but we will focus on the most common route through the teleporter in the Raya Lucaria Academy. Alternatively, you can head Northwest from the Artist’s Shack in North Liurnia.

Church of Vows Location

Begin by progressing through the Red Wolf of Dragon boss fight in the Raya Lucaria Legacy Dungeon. Once you defeat the boss, you will reach the Debate Hall Site of Grace, where we will start our journey to the teleporter. Exit the Debate Hall and head to the right-hand side, where you’ll find a large winding staircase. Carefully navigate the beams connecting the stairs to the adjacent land while avoiding rolling boulders that may catch you off guard.

Once you ascend the stairs, you’ll find yourself in a room with two exits—one to the north and one to the east. Take the right-hand exit, which leads to a balcony where the teleporter is located. Activate the teleporter to be instantly transported to the Church of Vows. Keep in mind that there is no return teleporter at the Church of Vows, so you’ll need to fast travel back to the Debate Hall Site of Grace to continue your progress in the Legacy Dungeon.

In the Church of Vows in Elden Ring, players have the ability to revive all NPCs, including Boc the Seamster, thereby preventing his demise. To save Boc’s life, players must believe in him and offer encouraging wishes.

Once you arrive at the Church of Vows, rest at the Site of Grace and speak to Miriel, the giant tortoise in the Pasture, to gain insights about the location. After that, you will be ready to request absolution, provided you meet the necessary requirements. Detailed instructions on how to seek absolution in Elden Ring will be provided below.

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How to Seek Absolution in Elden Ring?

To request absolution at the Church of Vows in Elden Ring, there are certain requirements you need to fulfil. Firstly, you must possess Celestial Dew, which we will discuss later in the article. Secondly, you must have angered or killed an NPC in order to request absolution. If you haven’t done so, the prompt “You Don’t Need Absolution” will appear when attempting the procedure.

If you have committed severe crimes within the Lands Between, you will have the option to “Atonement,” which absolves you of any sins you may have committed. This action generally restores your relationships with NPCs who were previously aggravated with you, unless their resentment is directly connected to a specific questline or story. Furthermore, there is a possibility that certain NPCs you have killed, whether intentionally or accidentally, may be revived. However, it remains uncertain which NPCs can be brought back to life, although essential NPCs and shopkeepers are considered the most likely candidates.

In Elden Ring, Celestial Dew is a crucial material required for requesting absolution at the Church of Vows. Obtaining Celestial Dew can be essential in reconciling with upset NPCs and restoring balance in the game. Here are the locations where you can find Celestial Dew in Elden Ring.

How to Celestial Dew in the Elden Ring?

Celestial Dew, the crucial material required to Request Absolution at the Church of Vows in Elden Ring, can be obtained through various means. There are several different ways to acquire it, including purchasing it from specific vendors or discovering it as you explore the Lands Between. Below is a list of locations and vendors where you can find Celestial Dew.

Purchase Celestial Dew for Merchant:

Merchant Location Price Stock
Nomadic Merchant Ainsel River 7,500 Runes x1
Pidia, Carian Servant Caria Manor 5,000 Runes x1

Locations Where You Can Find Celestial Dew: 

Location Guide
Nokron, Eternal City To discover the Celestial Dew, venture to the depths of the ruins situated in Nokron, the Eternal City. Within a room’s corner, you will come across a lifeless body, upon which the precious Celestial Dew can be found.
Uhl Palace Ruins Atop the ledge that grants a view of the palace ruins, you will notice a lifeless body suspended from it. The desired item can be found resting on the corpse.
Nokstella, Eternal City While venturing through the Nokstella, the Eternal City, you will stumble upon a set of ruins concealing a lifeless body beneath them. Take a moment to thoroughly search the corpse and retrieve the desired item.
Night’s Sacred Ground While travelling up the long road in Night’s Sacred Ground, keep your eyes peeled for a corpse on the side of the road. Loot the corpse to obtain a vial of Celestial Dew.


In Elden Ring, it is crucial to refrain from killing NPCs in order to avoid undesirable repercussions. However, if you have made that unfortunate mistake, there is a solution at hand. Make your way to the Church of Vows, where you can utilize Celestial Dew to Request Absolution and mend your strained relationships with upset NPCs.

To acquire Celestial Dew, you can either purchase it from merchants or locate it in specific areas. By adhering to this approach, you can navigate the world of Elden Ring smoothly while maintaining positive relationships with NPCs.

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