Risk of Roadblocks Trello and Discord Link [Wiki]

If you’re on the lookout for details about Roblox’s popular game, Risk of Roadblocks, you’re in the right place. Dive into this article to uncover authentic information about the game.*

Risk of Roadblocks: A Popular Combat Game

Risk of Roadblocks is making waves as one of the most sought-after combat games on Roblox. Its popularity is easily understandable once you delve into its immersive gaming experience. What stands out are its stunning graphics, setting a high bar for battle games, and a diverse range of combat choices. Moreover, Risk of Roadblocks frequently receives updates to keep the gameplay fresh.

For newcomers to Risk of Roadblocks, the game may initially appear a bit daunting. Fortunately, information sites can come to your rescue. If you’re seeking the Trello links and Wiki links related to Risk of Roadblocks, read on to find what you need.

Roblox Risk of Roadblocks Trello Link

Trello serves as an open platform that allows users to organize and present information through cards. It has become a popular tool for gamers and game developers to share their insights about specific games. Below, you’ll find the Trello link for Risk of Roadblocks, where you can explore crucial in-game details that every player should stay updated on.

Risk of Roadblocks Trello Link: Visit

This shared Trello link will direct you to the game’s Public board, where you can find information about tools, weapons, shrines, and general game updates. If you plan on playing Risk of Roadblocks, it’s advisable to regularly check the Trello link, as developers often provide game-related updates there.

Roblox Risk of Roadblocks Discord

While Trello covers a lot of essential information, you might still crave more. In such cases, we recommend joining the official Risk of Roadblocks Discord Server. Once you’re verified there, you’ll gain access to over 20 channels, addressing everything from official announcements to fan discussions. By doing so, you’ll be among the first to receive updates, even before they appear on a Wiki.

Risk of Roadblocks Discord: Link

Risk of Roadblocks Guide & Wiki

If you’re looking for information about the game’s controls, movement, and weapons, you’re in luck. Here’s a breakdown of some key aspects:

1. Controls


  • Dash: Q
  • Dash Cancel: Q + M2
  • Run: W + W
  • Slide: W + W + CTRL
  • Slide Jump: Slide + Space


  • Light Attack: M1
  • Heavy Attack/Crit: M2

2. Risk of Roadblocks Weapons

The game boasts a variety of weapons, each with its unique attributes. Here are some examples:

1. Axetar

  • Description: A red axe combined with a guitar/bass.
  • M1 Damage: 7
  • CRIT: 18 Dmg, 3 Hit, Guardbreaks

2. Bob

  • Description: A Roblox dummy with a traffic cone on his head.
  • M1 Damage: 6
  • CRIT: 6 Dmg, 4 Hit, Guardbreaks

3. Demon Blood

  • Description: A sword made from demon blood from Kee-Oth.
  • Fast swing speed.
  • M1 Damage: 8
  • CRIT: 8 Dmg, 1 Hit, Guardbreaks

4. Divine Slasher

  • Description: A giant red long sword.
  • M1 Damage: 5 per M1
  • CRIT: 25 Dmg, 3 Hit, blockable

5. Excalibur

  • Description: A legendary sword wielded by Artoria Pendragon.
  • M1 Damage: 8
  • CRIT: 12 Dmg, 3 Hit, Guardbreaks

6. Grass Blade

  • Description: A sword made completely from grass.
  • M1 Damage: 9
  • CRIT: 7 Dmg, 1 Hit, Guardbreaks

7. Musashi Blade

  • Description: Smaller version of the Yamato no Kuni no Kunimune.
  • M1 Damage: 7
  • CRIT: Dash 3 times, Amounting to a total of 13 points of damage

8. Musashi Arm

  • Description: Wielded using a giant floating demon arm.
  • M1 Damage: 8
  • CRIT: 25 Dmg, 3 Hit, Guardbreaks, Transforms into the Musashi Blade.

3. Tokens

Tokens play a significant role in the game’s mechanics, allowing you to customize your loadout and roll for enchants. You earn tokens by winning matches, with the amount varying depending on the game mode:

  • Team Deathmatch (TDM): Earn 5 Tokens for the winning team and 1 Token for simply participating.
  • Free-For-All (FFA): Gain 5 Tokens for achieving 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place and 1 Token for participating.
  • King of the Hill (KOTH): Receive 10 Tokens for securing 1st place and no Tokens for simply participating.

4. Tips and Strategies

In most weapons (except Demon blood and Tanto), you can block buffer to parry the last M1, offering a way to punish opponents. Good parry timing is essential for your success, as it works on moves that block break, final M1s, and a few weapon crits.

Additionally, the air version of an M1 can serve as a combo extender, so consider using it instead of your final M1 to gain an extra Hit on your opponent.


In conclusion, Risk of Roadblocks offers an exhilarating gaming experience within the vast Roblox universe. Its captivating graphics, diverse combat options, and regular updates make it a standout choice for gamers. With the provided resources, including the Trello link, Discord community, and essential gameplay tips, you’re now well-prepared to embark on your adventure in this thrilling world.

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