Sakura Stand Trello and Discord Link [Wiki]

Are you eagerly seeking reliable information about the Roblox game Sakura Stand and its Trello details? In the following sections, we’ll delve into this intriguing Roblox title. Sakura Stand, developed by Sakura Pro Max, is a revamped game inspired by the popular anime and manga series JoJO’s Bizarre Adventure. It incorporates the stands mechanic, a common feature in Roblox games, blending elements of both fighting and farming simulation.

The developer continuously updates the game, and you can find many of these changes on platforms like Trello and Discord. But what exactly are Sakura Stand’s Trello and Discord links?

Roblox Sakura Stand Trello Link

Trello is a widely used digital platform that facilitates communication within companies, allowing for the efficient distribution of information, task assignments, and updates. Roblox developers, including Sakura Pro Max, utilize Trello to provide fans with updates and upcoming features for games like Sakura Stand.

By visiting the official Sakura Stand Trello, players can access essential information about the game, including details about stands, specifications, items, and more. Since the developer usually holds admin capabilities, you can trust the information available on Trello.

Sakura Stand Trello Link: Visit

Roblox Sakura Stand Discord Link

Discord is a popular social media tool frequently employed by gamers and gaming companies. It serves as a hub for community updates, patches, balancing information, and player communication, fostering a stronger sense of community among gamers. The Sakura Stand Discord is an excellent resource to enhance your overall gaming experience.

Sakura Stand Discord Link: Visit

What You’ll Find on the Sakura Stand Trello Link?

1. Trade System:

Sakura Stand features a straightforward trading system. Players can initiate a trade request by typing “!trade (user1)” and accept it by responding with “!trade (user2).” You can confirm or decline the request using “!confirm” and “!decline.”

2. Battle System:

The game’s battle system operates similarly to the trading system. Players can send a battle request with “!battle (user1)” and accept it with “!battle (user2).” Importantly, only one battle can occur simultaneously.

3. Available Stands: 

1. Unawakened Dio – A dark-colored stand with a mysterious voice.

2. Gold Experience Requiem – Primarily brown and ivory with a violent hue, this stand requires a Requiem Arrow on Gold Experience to equip.

3. Crazy Diamond – A muscled stand predominantly blue with pink stripes.

4. True Anubis – A powerful stand with exceptional abilities.

5. White Snake – Owned by Enrico Pucci, it features a black and white color scheme.

6. Emperor – Equipped with a silver-coated revolver and various gun parts.

7. Star Platinum – An iconic stand from the JoJo series, associated with Jotaro Kujo.

8. Anubis – A unique stand that can be equipped with a haunted sword.

9. Gold Experience – Obtainable from a special arrow resembling Giovanna, with the ability to generate life.

4. Emotes:

The game also includes various emotes like “/e crouch,” “/e pd,” “/e nod,” “/e bow,” and “/e cd” for added expression.

5. Sakura Stand Trello – Items List

1. Stand Arrow: This mysterious arrow can be obtained from a Box or Auddy’s Shop for $100. Using it grants you a random stand.

2. Rokakaka Fruit: Acquire this fruit from a Box or Auddy’s Shop for $75. Consuming it will reset your current stand/ability.

3. Stop Sign: Obtained from a Box or Auddy’s Shop for $750, using the Stop Sign grants you a Stop Sign Spec.

4. Stone Mask: Obtain this item from a Box or Auddy’s Shop for $1000. Using the Stone Mask grants you Vampirism.

5. Attachments: These include the Hamon Manual, which can be obtained for $1250, granting you a Hamon Spec, and the Spin Manual, also available for $1250, which grants a Spin Spec.

6. Haunted Sword: This powerful sword can be obtained from Hika’s Quest and grants you the Anubis Stand.

6. Bosses in Sakura Stand

1. Normal Opponents: Thugs and Bandits can be found in various town regions. Thugs yield random loot when defeated, while Bandits drop a single loot item upon defeat.

2. Bosses: Notable bosses include Jotaro Kujo, who possesses the power of Star Platinum and drops three premium loots, and Chariot Requiem, which loses power when damaged.

3. Limited Bosses: Midknight, a brave companion of the Farron knight, appears mostly at night and is skilled at manipulation using a special lantern.


In this exploration of Roblox’s Sakura Stand, we’ve uncovered valuable insights into the game’s mechanics and resources. With the Sakura Stand Trello and Discord links, players can access essential information, engage with the community, and make the most of their gaming experience.

From trade systems to unique stands and bosses, Sakura Stand offers a rich gaming universe for players to discover. So, whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, these resources will help you navigate the captivating world of Sakura Stand with confidence and excitement. 

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