Tatakai Remastered Trello and Discord Link [Wiki]

Are you looking for the official Trello and Discord links for Roblox’s famous game Tatakai: Remastered? You’re in the right place! In this post, we will guide you on how to access these valuable resources provided by the game developers to enhance your gaming experience.

Why are Trello and Discord links important in Tatakai Remastered?

In the Roblox gaming community, Trello boards have become essential tools for players to grasp the game’s intricacies. These boards are official platforms created by developers to provide comprehensive information, surpassing what a typical wiki can offer. Tatakai: Remastered is no exception, as it now boasts its very own Trello board, available to all players. This Trello board is a treasure trove of guides, tips, tier lists, and more to help you become a master in the game.

Additionally, the game’s developers also share important information, announcements, and engage with the community on their official Discord server. Joining the server gives you access to real-time updates, FAQs, and the chance to interact with fellow players. We’ve provided the links to both the Trello board and Discord server below for your convenience.

Tatakai Remastered Trello Link

To access the Trello board for Tatakai: Remastered, simply click the link below:

Tatakai Remastered Trello Link: Visit

Tatakai Remastered Trello V.2 Link: Visit (Official)

Visiting this Trello page will equip you with a wealth of information, including details on clans, talents, codes, weights, trainers, bosses, skills, basic controls, and much more.

Tatakai Remastered Discord Server Link

Discord is an excellent platform for sharing your thoughts and staying updated with the latest game information and announcements. Below is the link to the official Tatakai: Remastered Discord server, where you can explore more about the game and engage with the community:

Tatakai Remastered Discord Server Link: Visit

Roblox Tatakai Remastered Trello Guide

If you’re new to Tatakai: Remastered, or even if you’re a seasoned player, the Trello board has you covered. Let’s break down what you can find on this comprehensive Trello guide:

Introductory Sections:

The initial sections may seem basic, but don’t overlook them! They contain crucial information such as controls, GUI, stats, special trainers, employee levels, talents, codes, traits, grinding tips, training masks, body fatigue, and the rank system. Understanding these mechanics is essential before you dive into the game.

Classic Trello Categories:

Starting from the third section, you’ll find the classic categories that are common in all Roblox Trello boards. These categories include training, weights, locations, style trainers, clan trainers, sub-skill trainers, clan skills, Easter egg locations, book locations, bosses, clans, credits, testers, mods, contributors, admins, developers, and the owner. Each category offers valuable insights to help you navigate the game effectively.

We are genuinely impressed by how quickly and comprehensively this Trello Wiki has been put together. It serves as an invaluable resource for all Tatakai: Remastered players. We extend our gratitude to the @aTatakai Association team for their dedicated efforts in creating this resource.

While there’s currently no fandom page, if it gets incorporated in the future, we’ll provide you with the direct link at the beginning of this guide. Rest assured, the information you’ll find on the Trello board is extensive, up-to-date, and has the quality assurance of being official information, crafted by collaborators and reviewed by the Pixel Piece team. 


In your quest to conquer Tatakai: Remastered, having access to the official Trello and Discord links is like having a map in uncharted territory. These resources provide you with a treasure trove of knowledge, strategies, and a community of fellow players to share your journey with. Whether you’re just starting your adventure or aiming to master every aspect of the game, these links will be your trusted companions.

We hope this guide has been instrumental in helping you find your way in this thrilling Roblox universe. Now, it’s time to dive in, explore, and become the strongest warrior you can be in Tatakai: Remastered!

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