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Fortnite developers have recently introduced a brand-new feature called Creative mode, granting users the ability to construct their very own maps. This addition has sparked a wave of excitement among creative gamers who invest their time and passion into designing maps for others to enjoy. By utilizing Creative Codes, players can now immerse themselves in a refreshing experience after the usual rounds of Save the World and Battle Royale game types.

What are Bed Wars Maps in Fortnite?

While not as widely recognized as other game modes, Fortnite Bed Wars promises an exhilarating and unique PvP (Player versus Player) experience, originally inspired by the popular game Minecraft.

In Bed Wars, players are assigned bases where they can gather items and weapons crucial to their survival. Each base is equipped with a bed that must be defended at all costs. The primary objective of this game mode is to outlast all opponents by strategically destroying their beds. As long as a player’s bed remains intact, they have the ability to respawn after being eliminated.

Best Fortnite Bed Wars Maps Codes

Embark on an adventure through our curated selection of the finest Fortnite Bed Wars Maps. To access these maps, simply enter the corresponding code in the ‘Island Code’ section of Fortnite. These maps are just a few clicks away, ready to test your skills and ignite your competitive spirit.

1. Bed Wars (4 Players): Island Code – 7551-8943-3391

Ideal for beginners, this classic solo Bed Wars mode accommodates four players, each spawning in one corner of the map. At the center lies a platform adorned with enticing loot. The player whose bed remains intact until the end emerges victorious.

2. Troll Bed Wars: Island Code – 9783-9810-3294

This particular Bed Wars map introduces a playful twist. Players can sneak beneath their opponents’ beds through ventilation ducts, allowing them to launch surprise attacks from below. Unlock power-ups, set alarms, hire guards, and deploy shields to fortify your own bed while opening supply drops to gain access to special items.

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3. Neon Bed Wars: Island Code – 2993-6716-9031

For those seeking a thrilling variation of the classic Bed Wars experience, Neon Bed Wars is a must-try. This glowing map accommodates up to 16 players who battle it out while striving to protect their respective beds from enemy onslaughts.

4. Bed Wars Klombo: Island Code – 4164-3090-6037

In this engaging 3v3 map, players are tasked with defending a charming Klobo statue instead of a bed. Obtain gold coins and building materials at the map’s center to enhance your arsenal. Utilize the gold to purchase weapons and gain an advantage over your opponents. You can even take to the skies in a helicopter and launch surprise attacks!


What is Bed Wars in Fortnite?

Bed Wars is a game mode in Fortnite that offers a unique PvP experience inspired by Minecraft. Players aim to protect their beds while strategically destroying their opponents’ beds to be the last one standing.

How do I access Bed Wars maps in Fortnite?

To access Bed Wars maps in Fortnite, you need to enter the corresponding Island Code in the ‘Island Code’ section of the game. This will teleport you to the selected map.

Can I play Bed Wars with my friends?

Absolutely! Bed Wars is an excellent game mode to play with friends. Coordinate strategies, form teams, and engage in exciting battles together to conquer the Bed Wars battlefield.

Are there other game modes available in Fortnite?

Yes, Fortnite offers a variety of game modes, including the popular Battle Royale and Save the World modes. Each mode provides a unique gameplay experience and caters to different preferences.

Closing Thoughts:

In conclusion, the introduction of the Creative mode feature in Fortnite has opened up a world of possibilities for gamers to showcase their creativity and design their own maps. Among the various game modes available, Bed Wars in Fortnite offers a unique and thrilling PvP experience, drawing inspiration from Minecraft. Players engage in intense battles to protect their beds while strategically aiming to destroy their opponents’ beds

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